Profitable franchise opportunities to buy and own in 2021

Profitable franchise opportunities

Many of us suffer from a dilemma about whether to buy a franchise or to own a business.

Owning a business causes a lot of hazards and the road is not at all smooth. On the other hand, buying a franchise from a big, recognized brand can prove to be a lamp in the darkness especially during the present scenario when the dangerous virus Covid19 has distorted half of the face of the world and has caused wreckage in the entire global economy.

Why should you buy a franchise model business instead of owning one?

•    Low investment franchise with high profits can be earned only in this sector of income. With the support of big business owners, Small businesses start to become independent of their own.

•    A Start-up business does not have a higher rate of success than a franchise business which makes the most profit.

Some of the topmost profitable franchise business in India that you can buy and own in 2021


Founded in Gandhinagar, Gujarat, this low-cost profitable brand for franchising is the haven for south Indian mouth-watering cuisine with a rich tantalizing aroma that fills your nostrils with a sense of delight!

The budget for franchise opportunities is below 40 lakhs and the franchise will provide options for establishing the master and, multi-units of this brand.

Speed force

This is India’s fastest growing workshop for multiband two-wheelers providing the best two-wheeler service industry nowadays.

Founded in Vadodara, Gujarat, this profitable franchising brand of India has promised to its client to deliver a reliable, trustworthy, and affordable environment seeking newer vehicles that would provide them the ultimate comfort and longevity. 

With a franchise fee of 2 lakhs, the franchisor will provide the franchisee support assistance and recruitment and promotions to generate more profits. They have more than 100 outlets operational today. 

Urban Khichdi

Khichdi is the essence of every dish of India. it has a richness of the spices of the south, the raw materials of the north, the delicacies of the east, and the secret recipes of the west.

This mouth-watering irresistible creative dish is available in this restaurant founded in Ahmedabad, Gujarat n. With a franchise fee of 2 lakhs and a setup of about 40 lakhs, this franchisor brand offers untiring help and support to its franchisees in setting up the business and generating more profits than usual. 

Brown burger

This Indian brand of the burger is known for succulent varieties of burgers with a perfect Indian rich taste exploding in each of our taste buds.

Founded in Anand, Gujarat, this brand serves the healthiest burgers in the town and a variety of other Indian connoisseurs.

They are a brand that operates on a quick-service restaurant model (QSR) With a nominal franchise fee of 3.5 lakhs they offer profitable franchising opportunities to a potential franchisee 

Captain Egg

This is the ambrosia for egg lovers, a heavenly abode made especially for the reinventions of a variety of recipes made with eggs.

Founded in Surat, Gujarat, this restaurant is the camping site for foodie bloggers and Instagram picture takers.

This is a low franchise with a high-profit business model with a fee of 1.5lakhs rupees and royalties on 8% gross sales.  The cost to set up an outlet varies from 5lakhs rupees to 40 lakhs depending on the area and cost of investment.

Kulchas & More

Kulcha is a traditional Indian meal when accompanied by a dollop of chickpea curry and a cold lassi can transport one to a land of peace and delight!

Founded in Vadodara, Gujarat, this brand has created a friendly dining restaurant providing fresh Kulchas and other mouth-watering delicacies not only to Gujarat but also t Punjab.

This brand of franchise collects a nominal fee of 7lakhs rupees and provided all types of assistance to the buyers to earn a huge profit!

Purple Spa and hair pamper

This is a most premium brand of professional salon and spa founded in surat, Gujarat indulging in luxurious services for the best treatment of your hair, skin, nails, and makeup!

They provide the best massages to provide relief, the best makeup for your party and wedding, and the type of cut you need for your hair.

With a franchise fee of 5 lakhs and 15% gross sales royalty, they are known to assist their franchisee in opening their outlets.


This is a Gujarati street food centre famous for its mouth-watering menus and quick sales. Located in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, they offer the most profitable low-cost franchise to its potential buyers with a nominal fee of 3lakhs rupees. 

With top profitable franchise opportunities, you will come to terms with many Franchise products that are reputed internationally, and working with the same brand under the banner of the franchisor will make your business grow more reputation, brand image, and profits.

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