Puramate Prime Vegetable Cutter with Rotatable Drain Basket, a solution for all your chopping and cutting problems

Vegetable Cutter with Rotatable Drain Basket

Cooking is always pleasurable and happy but chopping is a typical task. Make your chopping also interesting with an Puramate Prime – New 9 in 1 Vegetable Cutter with Rotatable Drain Basket and Slicer, Veggie-Fruit Shredder, Multi-Functional, Grater and Slicer.

This cutter is a solution for all your problems of chopping and cutting. It facilitates easy and fast cutting with the help of a multi-style knife.

Puramate Prime Vegetable Cutter with Rotatable Drain Basket

The product is not only suitable for cutting but also for washing the vegetables in a convenient way. 

It can be controlled easily with one hand and sets your one hand free. The vegetable cutter is stable and does not skids while cutting.

It comes with double layer separation that is one basket for multiple use. The cutter is brilliant for chopping vegetables and fruits.

It is suitable for cutting potatoes for chips, shredding, grating, and slicing is now super fast and easy with the cutter. 

It does not let you cut your fingers. The amazing cutter is multi functional and a good helper in the kitchen.

The product is very helpful when you have so much to cut but no help around. It gives the desired shape and size for vegetables and fruits and creates no mess. The product is just perfect for a consistent chopping.

Benefits of Puramate Prime Vegetable Cutter

  • The product is a big kitchen helper, it cuts, washes and drains the vegetables.
  • You can use different knives for different requirements, that makes it more convenient to use.
  • It is comfortable and can be handled with a single hand, letting your second hand free.
  • Extra foot is provided for stability.
  • You can cut the vegetables and easily clean them using the drainage device.
  • The handguard protects your fingers and avoids any wastage.
  • A multi-functional vegetable cutter with a drain basket

Specifications of Puramate Prime Vegetable Cutter with Rotatable Drain Basket

  • Product dimensions are 10 x 6 x 4 Centimeters
  • Item weight is 350gm
  • It has a rotating buckle and an automatic rotation angle
  • The capacity of the product is 2 litres.
  • The 2mm filament is for cold salad, 3mm filament for medium silk, 4mm for thick slices, 2.5mm for flower shape cutting, and 1.5mm for thin slices.
  • The material used is plastic and is available in white color.


The knives are a bit tricky when it comes to cleaning. The product is to be handled with intense care and caution as the blades are very sharp.

Puramate Prime Vegetable Cutter Reviews

The product is regarded as safe from accidental cuts. It makes cutting, chopping an easy affair. The best thing about the cutter is that it is multi-functional.

It cuts veggies and fruits, it facilitates washing and can be used as a fruit basket. The product is stable and saves a lot of time.

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It is consistent and gives exact results every time. It eliminates the need of the chopping board. Reviewers say that the product is value for money.

It not only saves time but gives an excellent texture to their vegetables and makes the food presentable. It is a comfortable and a non slip choice. All reviews were positive and satisfying.

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