PVR Ltd plans social distancing inside cinema halls after lockdown

PVR Ltd plans social distancing inside cinema halls after lockdown

PVR Ltd, the Largest theatre chain in India plans social distancing inside cinema halls after lockdown.

Gautam Dutta, PVR Ltd Chief Executive Officer has said that PVR Cinemas, India’s largest multiplex operator is planning at seat distancing in its cinema halls to ensure audiences feel safe about returning to the movies after lockdown.

Gautam also said that We are planning many small and big things as one of the out of the box ways, PVR cinemas will sanitise all its theatres and train its staff to come up with a feature where we will do social distancing. PVR Ltd operates more than 800 screens in India.

if someone have booked two tickets, we will leave one seat and book the next one,” Data explained. This will be for a month or maybe a couple of weeks so our theatre audience feel comfortable again, he said.

Our stuff is giving audiences the assurance that cinema is as safe and being done to gain back confidence. We are planning a number of things, from staff training to theatre sanitisation, he added.
Gautam Dutta said that a lot of out of the box thinking is happening. we are talking to our food and beverage supplier Pepsi whether we can sell only cans.

The PVR group had taken a voluntary decision to close the cinemas even before the government’s notification, This is the first time that revenues have completely dried up. Never in our history have theatres closed down fully, Dutta added.

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Gautam Dutta expressed hope that cinemas will slowly get back to normal after the lockdown is lifted. PVR had decided to voluntarily take a pay cut to insulate the minimum wage staff, Technically, there have been no salary cuts.