Pytheos Health Systems, Bengaluru-based healthtech startup Launches Resolute Active Care

  • Health-tech firm, Pytheos Health Systems launches an integrated health and wellness subscription service for the whole family
  • Resolute Active Care is a virtual care system focused on preventive and proactive care for this modern age.

Bangalore, Karnataka, India: Jan 12, 2022: Health-tech firm, Pytheos Health Systems launches an integrated health and wellness subscription service for the whole family

Resolute Active Care is a virtual care system focused on preventive and proactive care for this modern age.

Pytheos Health Systems, health-tech startup, announces the launch of Resolute, an integrated digital health and wellness service offering continuous virtual care, precision wellness and doctor-led programs for the whole family.

The Initial launches include ActiveCare, a virtual care system built for the modern age with a focus on preventive and proactive care, which is holistic and engaging for the whole family.

The founding team of Resolute strongly believes in human empathy as well as the transformation of health and wellbeing through digital technologies.

Resolute’s main mission is to unlock the health potential for everyone. Resolute was created and launched with a team of medical consultants, physicians, engineers, machine learning experts, data scientists, and a virtual care team with an ethos of being data-driven, evidence-based and results-oriented.

ActiveCare is an always-on virtual primary care service designed for everyone in the family including adults, children and elders.

With an exceptional care team powered by smart technology, the most personalized care is provided.

The care team comprises of Specialist Nutritionists, Virtual Care Nurses, Physicians and Health Coaches, General Physicians under a state-of-the-art Virtual Care Command Center.

Resolute Active Care works with a ‘Whole of Me’ approach in the health journey of its members. Active care goes beyond diagnostic tests, drug prescriptions, and doctor visits.

Resolute will help its members optimize nutrition levels, personalize workouts, improve sleep and recovery, and manage stress.

In addition to pre-emptive follow-up, continuous health monitoring, annual health intelligence checks, and to unlock full health potential for its members.

The foundation of this model is to enhance and optimize the health and well-being of the whole individual with the levers of therapy, movement, nutrition, lifestyle, mindset, and skills.

Resolute strives to upgrade the present day virtual care, which is a schedule and transaction model without any monitoring or follow-up.

With its Care Cycle approach, ActiveCare focuses on a continuous, on-demand and enhanced consumer experience through a care concierge-led approach.

Resolute guides patients through each phase of the care cycle, including diagnosis, symptoms, recovery/rehabilitation, counseling, therapy/treatment, and prevention driven by longitudinal health records and tracking.

Sharing his thoughts on this joyous occasion, Srinivas Vivek – Co-Founder – Resolute said, “It is indeed a happy moment for us to launch Resolute.

ActiveCare Category-First Pre-Primary and Primary Virtual Care System. It is designed for proactive and preemptive care.

Connected care kits, virtual care command centers, care cycle construction, and above all a number of innovative components have gone into proactive care led by an exceptional care team.

Under the Active Care membership, Resolute members get unlimited care concierge, health intelligence checks for family members, nurse and GP visits, on-demand consultations with experts, and a connected home care kit. Each subscription supports multiple profiles for the whole family, including children, adults, and elders.

About Pytheos Health

Pytheos Health Systems is an evidence-based health-tech platform focused on wellbeing, prevention, and care for its diverse clients.

Pytheos operates the following brands – HumanFractal. Ai,, and Resolute.

Founded in 2016, Pytheos is headquartered in Bangalore and has a team of over 100 people including engineers, physicians, data scientists, medical experts, and practitioners.

About Resolute

Resolute is an integrated digital health and wellness service that provides precision wellness, continuous virtual care and digital therapeutics for families, corporates and payers.

Resolute provides hyper-personalized health and wellness journeys that are seamless, always on, holistic and results focused through a “Whole of Me” approach.

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