Quote on budget 2021 – Vaibhav Patil finance director of Ezee Technosys

ezee technosys

“This specific sector, which was battered by Covid-induced lockdowns, needed a lifeline.

By increasing their threshold for capitalization, now such companies will get certain relief and exemptions provided by the goverment.

The government will be able to route emergency credit to this sector. This will also benefit from the simplified scheme of arrangement between two small companies, which can now happen without requiring the approval of the Tribunal.

The finance minister also mentioned about minimum wages being applied to all categories of workers.

However, many businesses might not be able to make the pay-hike mandate work without laying off employees or not hiring them in the first place.

Effects of this will purely depend on how government implements this aggressively over a period of time.

On the other hand, allowing women to work in all categories will give them an opportunity to work for equal salaries and career progressions. “

By- Vaibhav Patil, eZee’s Director of Finance

eZee Technosys Company Profile

eZee Technosys is a tech based platform engineered for the Hospitality Industry to automate operations in a flawless and seamless manner.

In 2005, two friends Hitesh Patel (MD, Co-Founder) & Vipul Kapoor (Co-Founder)  established eZee Technosys with the intention to revolutionize the hospitality industry globally.

Their goal was to provide ingenious, sturdy, cutting edge solutions using the latest in technology to streamline solutions within the sector.

After over a decade of offering cutting edge tech solutions, today the name eZee has become an appropriate synonym for excellence.

eZee offers a complete range of software solutions that addresses every requirement of the hospitality industry. Each solution from eZee has been built keeping in mind the complexity and inter-connectivity of various functions within the dynamic hospitality sector.

Their services provide an integrated framework which includes – On Premise Hotel Softwares, Cloud PMS, Restaurant POS, Online Restaurant POS Systems, Hotel Booking Engine, Hotel Channel Manager, Hotel & Restaurant Website Builder Solution, Hotel Review Management Software,  Loyalty Management Systems, Hotel Guest Applications and much more.

Today, eZee is providing solutions to clientele across 170 countries globally along with retaining the highest market share within the sector in India.

Some of their global representation includes brands like – Zostel (India), Shahpura Hotels (India), Ric Carton Capsules (Malaysia), Palace of the Golden Horses (Malaysia), Capital Hotels (Iceland), Papillon Lagoon Reef Hotel (Kenya), ZEN Rooms (SEA), Muncaster Castle (UK), Emerald City Hotels (Australia), Quay Perth Hotel (Australia), Citihub Group (Indonesia), Mberesero Lodges (Tanzania), Regency Inn (USA), Bayon Era Hotel (Cambodia), Moya Safari Villa (South Africa) among many others.

eZee Technosys has empowered all its hotel and restaurant partners to impart best guest experiences, minimize operational expenses, grow brand reputation, amplify business growth, generate more conversion leads, streamlining daily operations and improving staff efficiency.

During the COVID – 19 Pandemic, when most leading companies within the sector started laying off people during the lockdown, eZee took a different route.

Instead of delving in the negative impacts of the pandemic, eZee saw an opportunity and started working on special projects to prepare themselves for when the markets would resume.

eZee tried to cut down on expenses through effective vendor management and operation optimizations.

The company invested in R&D and future-oriented planning, which resulted in many new and exciting initiatives, some of which include: 

  1. Open API 
  2. eZee Absolute 2.0 development
  3. Revised business plans and strategies
  4. Ran various campaigns for and with our customers
  5. Cultivated customer relationships
  6. OTA optimization and revenue management services
  7. eZee Panorama – Hotel Web Builder

Being one of the oldest pioneers within the tech based hospitality industry in India, eZee Technosys aims at revolutionising the sector globally with one of the best cloud based solutions available to help automate the future of the hotel industry with its best in class services and products.

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