Exclusive CEO interview: Mr. R.P. Singh, Seasia Group Leader & Successful Entrepreneur

RP Singh – CEO Seasia Infotech

Exclusive CEO interview by Seasia Group Leader, Mr. R.P. Singh to fill maximum gaps in the IT industry by giving adequate technology solutions.

Here is the exclusive interview of R.P. Singh – Entrepreneur, CEO, Seasia Infotech Pvt. Ltd. In this interview, R.P. Singh discussed and shared his insights on Software and IT industry. Let’s read his thoughts and success story.

At Sugermint Media, our aim is to bring to our entrepreneurs community some of the inspiring and motivational stories from the entrepreneurial ecosystem.

As part of this endeavour, we invited yet another passionate entrepreneur R.P. Singh, Entrepreneur and CEO, Seasia Infotech Pvt. Ltd interview with us.

What gap did you discover in the Software and IT industry which persuaded you to start Seasia Group of Companies?

R.P. Singh: Look, we all are familiar with the gaps in the IT industry. IT is not just supporting the business, but it itself is turning into a business.

We know every single asset of the organization today is either getting or accepting methods to get digital. It requires new ways or enforced ways of collecting data.

Whatever the case, the data is critical., but organizations need a move to the digital. IT plays a significant role in this, and that’s what I like about it.

And, there, it caught my mind, and I started Seasia Group of Companies, intending to cover every aspect.

I had a shoebox full of raw ideas in my mind by visualizing the insights of such IT industries when I had just started.

The idea was cemented years ago when I used to hear or read news of the big IT firms. Our bespoke software is enough to speak unique about our firm.  

I, with my team, have majorly included SaaS, PaaS, TaaS, MaaS, and AI/ML as a service. Many of them are yet to be performed, and still, we are figuring out what more we can do in this context.

Our Company lists include Seasia Infotech, Woosper Infotech, Cerebrum Infotech, Bugraptors, Moogle, UI/UX den.

Our researchers continuously research the possibility of the more targeted solutions as a product. It’ll serve as bridging the gap.

We know how business administrators or business consultants tend to leave loopholes when they are not dedicated to the service.

My team is making every attempt to create a dedicated product and fill a gap of personalization and empathy.

I’m tirelessly trying to bridge the gap between such instances and continuously striving to make Seasia a proud firm in delivering outstanding software development solutions.

How did you meet your initial team?

R.P. Singh: We just all met by chance while serving a project back then. We got introduced to each other and completed a vital task.

My colleague then and my friend, Colonel Khanna, have served lots of industries and delivered staff augmentation and outsourcing.

We all have the combined experience of 5 years. We met through a project for HP, and there we came to know about skills of each other.

Our problem-solving skills, industry-specific and domain-specific knowledge made us set up as a long-lasting team.

We were around seven and together worked as a unit, not just a company.

Tell us about your first success story?

R.P. Singh: As I told you earlier, the first project that I have done successfully in my life, along with my team, was for HP.

But even after the completion of the project, we continued as a team and established a young and experienced IT company among the multitude of IT companies, with a different aim of serving the market.

With the continual association of 7+years, we formed several subsidiaries and made an enchanted step in the digital transformation of the businesses.

What differentiates Seasia Group from its current competitors?

R.P. Singh: Our Seasia Group functions with a unique approach and differs from other companies in terms of empathy and understanding.

Our consistent enhancement among the processes and the weekly assessments of the strategies enable our team to stand out differently and bestow the services that can bring an unprecedented change in the industry and to the dedicated projects. 

What are the top priorities as the CEO of Seasia Group of Companies?

R.P. Singh: “Creating more & more leaders in the industry” is not just the priority but is also my duty.

Other than this, centered strategy over sustainability, cultivating team among the team, operating the team with a single purpose, I follow as a priority as is needless to say, a source of the competitive advantage.

You have a presence in multiple locations – how is the Seasia Group of Companies planning to set up a foothold in all the present countries?

R.P. Singh: Who doesn’t want to go the extra mile? Well, the first office we established was a sales office.

Abruptly, we increased our workflow and established the company and the units we always wanted to, I.e., Seasia Infotech as SaaS, Woosper Infotech as MaaS, and Cerebrum Infotech as PaaS in the US, Australia, Canada, and India.

So, we are planning! We already have our foothold in these countries and undergo different surveys to identify the places strategically.

What are the different technology solutions offered at Seasia Group of Companies?

R.P. Singh: Our projects entirely depend upon the sector we’re serving. We ensure all the requirements get fulfilled with our strategic ways of thinking. 

There are tremendous forms of services that you can receive from our different subsidiaries as we follow every possible technology solution to turn every impossibility into a possibility.

For the digital acceleration of the businesses, we cater to every basic need of the businesses. From the different services we provide, our focus remains on exceeding our services in AI/ML, big data, cloud computing services. The sector currently capturing our minds is the supply chain, fintech, and education. 

We attempt every try to help the companies achieve and maintain their competitive advantage in the industry.

What are the skill sets you look for leaders in Seasia while hiring or promoting?

 R.P. Singh: You know hiring leadership requires a person to be:

  • Empathic
  • Leading forefront skills
  • Anti-Boss culture narrator

Apart from this and not to forget, problem-solving are the most expected core responsibility of a leader.

What impact do you think big data & AI will have in the next 5 years?

R.P. Singh: Do you know AI only has one rule? Think simple! Big Data and AI will certainly bring a change to the world more than anything in the history of mankind.

We all have witnessed how it has helped the healthcare delivery and given their helping hand in fighting against deadly diseases.

It has detected the cluster of cases and made its reaction in the comeback of such viruses in the future. It has helped in fighting COVID-19 and other pandemics in the past.

This is 100% predicted and experimented with that AI is projected to potentially create a lasting impact on every industry. 

Tighten your seatbelts of technology, as we will continue to see its influence in the future too!

Please share words of wisdom for freshers and upcoming CEOs?

R.P. Singh: Trust your team, give everything to them, and they will give you back the best out of them.

While creating processes/policies, always remember that with time all your processes and policies require updation.

If you don’t update them timely, you’ll never gain anything new and will eventually lose everything you gained.

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