Exclusive Interview with Rahul Gupta, Founder & Chief Creative Officer of By Design (formerly IBD)

Rahul Gupta

In-Depth Interview with Rahul Gupta, Chief Creative Officer of By Design (formerly IBD)

Welcome to an exclusive interview with the visionary entrepreneur and creative mastermind, Rahul Gupta. As the Founder and Chief Creative Officer of By Design (formerly IBD), Rahul has been at the forefront of transforming the design industry with his innovative ideas and unparalleled creativity.

With a passion for crafting experiences that leave a lasting impact, Rahul’s journey is a testament to the power of entrepreneurship and the art of design.

In this interview, we delve deep into his remarkable story, gaining valuable insights into his motivations, challenges, and the driving force behind By Design’s success.

Can you share with us the inspiration behind founding By Design and how your journey as an entrepreneur-led you to establish this creative agency? 

Rahul Gupta: I always had the entrepreneurial bug ever since I started working. And as a young entrepreneur, you need to be a risk-taker because you need to invest in resources prior to looking out and getting business.

The inspiration behind founding By Design stemmed from my belief in the power of good creative communication for brands to flourish.

During my time at Trikaya Grey, a creatively renowned agency, I realized that only a handful of prominent agencies were delivering quality creative solutions.

This left smaller and challenger brands without the support they needed to thrive. Seeing this gap in the market, I decided to take the entrepreneurial plunge and establish By Design.

My vision was to offer superior creative communication solutions to these underserved brands, helping them build rapid brand value through innovative and impactful designs. 

Kindly brief us about your company, its specialization, and the services that it offers 

Rahul Gupta: By Design is a 360-degree communication agency grounded in the philosophy of design. Our specialization lies in providing comprehensive solutions for brands, covering a wide range of services.

These include branding, packaging, mass media campaigns, and digital campaigns. We cater to diverse product categories and business cultures, collaborating with a wide spectrum of clients, from multinational corporations to start-ups.

Our approach is deeply rooted in understanding our client’s business interests and the core concerns of their consumers, which allows us to create strategically creative and creatively strategic campaigns that leave a lasting impact. 

By Design is known for its exceptional creativity and innovative design solutions. Could you elaborate on the specific approach or philosophy that sets your agency apart from others in the industry? 

Rahul Gupta: What sets By Design apart from others in the industry is our approach to using superior creativity as a tool for building rapid brand value.

For us, who we are talking to and what we are trying to say is vital, but more important is how we communicate what we want to say.

That leaves a lasting impact on the consumer. We believe in approaching a brand’s communication needs from the ground up, by thoroughly understanding the dynamics of the brand’s business and delving into fresh insights about its consumers.

This in-depth understanding informs our 360-degree communication strategy, which we then translate into creatives of the highest effectiveness.

Our work spans traditional mass media platforms and cutting-edge digital, enabling us to engage consumers at every stage of their journey, from awareness to loyalty. 

As the Chief Creative Officer, what role do you play in shaping the creative direction and vision of By Design? How do you ensure that your team delivers unique and impactful designs to clients? 

Rahul Gupta: As the Chief Creative Officer, my primary role is creative strategy and maintaining the highest level of creative standards.

This could not have been possible without my strategy planners, art directors and creative directors who have been completely in sync with me on what kind of communication needs to go out.

I believe in fostering an environment that encourages and celebrates creativity, giving our team the freedom to ideate and innovate, which ultimately leads to unique and impactful creatives for our clients. 

By Design has worked with a wide range of clients across various industries. Could you highlight some notable projects or collaborations that have been particularly significant or memorable for the agency? 

Rahul Gupta: Over the years, By Design has had the privilege of collaborating with a diverse range of clients across various industries.

Some projects that have been particularly significant and memorable for us include the Today’s Pens and Binani Cement accounts, which were major breakthroughs for us as a young agency.

Another noteworthy achievement was securing the Panasonic business after partnering with Hakuhodo.

Our successful campaign featuring the then-upcoming star Ranbir Kapoor played a pivotal role in acquiring several big-ticket clients across the country.

Additionally, our work with Syska for the launch of LED lights and the creative campaigns featuring Irrfan Khan were remarkable successes that brought us recognition in the industry. 

By Design’s portfolio showcases a diverse range of design services, including branding, digital design, packaging, and more. Are there any specific areas or types of projects that you find most exciting or challenging to work on? 

Rahul Gupta: At By Design, we find excitement and challenge in working across all the diverse areas of our portfolio.

Each project brings its own set of unique considerations and requirements, which keeps our team motivated and engaged.

From branding projects that allow us to shape a brand’s identity from scratch to digital design campaigns that let us employ cutting-edge technologies and trends, every project offers a chance to showcase our creativity and strategic thinking. 

However, if I were to pick one area, I would have to say that building brands from the ground up and taking them from strength to strength as their 360-degree growth partners is a challenge we find particularly compelling. 

Design thinking and user-centred design have become crucial in creating successful products and experiences. How does By Design incorporate these principles into its design process, and can you share any examples where this approach has yielded exceptional results? 

Rahul Gupta: Design thinking and user-centred design are indeed crucial in today’s market, where consumers’ preferences and experiences drive brand success.

At By Design, we incorporate these principles into our design process from the very beginning. We deeply analyze our clients’ target audience, their needs, and pain points to gain insights that guide our creative strategy.

We believe in creating designs that resonate with consumers on a personal level, eliciting emotions and forging connections.  

One of the key aspects that set apart our packaging designs from the rest is our unique approach, which involves using a proprietary tool called PACKSKORESTM to assess each packaging design.

The PACKSKORESTM framework consists of six parameters that all packaging designs must possess; namely Brand Salience, Visual Appeal, Informative, Practical, Functional and Sustainable.

An example of this approach yielding exceptional results was our packaging design work for Patanjali. The brief was to modernise Patanjali’s existing packaging, for its international product range, without deviating too much from its familiar-to-customer branding.

We gave each product package a touch of finesse, reinterpreting the entire form, by simplifying and decluttering the previous design, without losing its core appeal.

Using new-age design and contemporary styling, we re-did the packaging range to sit well on modern trade shelves, amidst competition.

The new packaging was appreciated and well received by customers, proudly sharing shelf space in supermarkets and dedicated outlets, attracting a wider, younger audience.

By focusing on the consumer’s desire for natural, holistic solutions, we developed packaging that not only communicated the product benefits but also evoked a sense of calm and well-being, leading to increased consumer loyalty. 

What are your success tips for young and aspiring entrepreneurs? 

Rahul Gupta: For young and aspiring entrepreneurs, my success tips would be to be earnest and passionate about your business.

Embrace risk-taking but do so consciously, investing in necessary resources to lay a strong foundation for growth.

Always prioritize quality, as it is the hallmark of lasting success. Remember that the consumer matters the most, so understand their needs and create offerings that truly resonate.

Cultivate an environment of creativity and collaboration within your team, and surround yourself with individuals who share your vision.

Lastly, nurture long-term relationships with clients and customers through integrity, talent, and hard work, as trust and loyalty are the cornerstones of a successful entrepreneurial journey.

Our exclusive interview with Rahul Gupta, Founder & Chief Creative Officer of By Design (formerly IBD), has given us a profound glimpse into the mind of a visionary leader in the design industry.

His unwavering dedication to innovation, coupled with a keen eye for creativity, has paved the way for By Design’s immense success and influence.

Rahul’s story serves as an inspiration to aspiring entrepreneurs and designers, showcasing the impact of passion, determination, and the relentless pursuit of excellence.

As By Design continues to leave its mark on the world of design, Rahul Gupta’s legacy as a trailblazer and thought leader is destined to shape the industry for generations to come.

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