How Indian Entrepreneur Rahul Yadav setting up a ₹1500 crore from Zero

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A 27 year old young entrepreneur, credited for setting up a 1500 crore company. Yes, we are talking about Rahul Yadav, the founder of But who is this Rahul Yadav? Know the full story of Rahul Yadav touching the summit from zero…

Rahul Yadav is a successful Indian entrepreneur. He is known as the former CEO & co-founder of real estate search portal

He distributed all his personal equity of (200 crore rupees) to his 2251 employees.

Media gave attention to his dismissal as CEO of He announced his latest venture, intelligent Interfaces that would assist companies and organisations in automating processes.

Rahul Yadav’s Early life & entrepreneurial journey:

Rahul was born in 1989 in Alwar Rajasthan, India. His father Bhoop Singh Yadav has retired from merchant navy.

His mother’s name is Saroj Devi & his younger brother’s name is Khushal. He enrolled at Indian Institute of Technology Bombay for doing specialising in metallurgy in 2007.

There he served as secretory & representative of the university student association. He built an online question bank of old exam papers of IIT Bombay, for that IIT Bombay asked him to close.

Rahul dropped out of the college during his final year. For building, he learned programming.

That enabled him to design a series of Google applications subsequently. He along with his eleven classmates co-founded in 2012.

They got the idea of founding after suffering from difficult time finding accommodation in Mumbai. He got married with investment banker Karishma Khokhar.

Earlier was named as He started this start up in response to serve housing shortage in India.

Under the leadership of Yadav, had three branches in Powai, a suburb of Mumbai by mid of 2015. The main aim of site was to increase transparency in the real estate market.

The original line-up of includes map-based rental search, verified purchase of apartments, buildings and even land in villages and rural areas.

They also included ‘slice view’, it allows customers to take a virtual tour of chosen properties of big real estate companies.

They had successfully solicited major investors to back the site but Yadav retained only five per cent share in the business to which later he made it possible for investors to oust him.

Hottest tech start-up

In 2012, was named one of the hottest tech start-ups. SoftBank was one of its funding partners, and the fledgling company collaborated with Tata Housing and Tata Value Homes. sold eight million dollars’ worth of real estate in its first week according to Forbs India. In June 2015, the company board citing “his behaviour towards investors, ecosystem and the media” fired Rahul. 

Ghar Dhoondna Koi Inse Seekhe

The shares of his business that Yadav donated to his former employees were considered the equivalent to a year’s salary.

In an interview with the financial express he said, “I’m just 26 and it’s too early in life to get serious about money, etc.”

Intelligent Interfaces:

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Rahul announced his new venture Intelligent Interfaces in September 2015. It is reportedly a data analytics company and visualisation company catering to e-commerce companies.