Interview: Raj Singhal, Co-founder & CEO of Footprints Childcare

Raj Singhal

An interview with Raj Singhal, Co-founder & CEO of Footprints Childcare, India’s only Tech-enabled pre- school and Day care chain

Welcome to this insightful interview with Mr. Raj Singhal, the Co-founder and CEO of Footprints Childcare, a pioneering venture in India’s education sector. With a vision to revolutionize early childhood education, Footprints Childcare stands as the country’s sole tech-enabled preschool and daycare chain.

Mr. Singhal’s leadership has been instrumental in shaping Footprints into a beacon of innovation and excellence, redefining the standards of childcare services across the nation. Join us as we delve into Mr. Singhal’s journey, his insights into the childcare industry, and the future prospects of Footprints Childcare in this exclusive interview.

Can you tell us about your journey in establishing Footprints Childcare? What inspired you to venture into the childcare industry?

Raj Singhal: The story of Footprints Childcare began with a personal experience. When my co-founders and I were enjoying the essence of parenthood, we were greeted with a startling realization: the quality of childcare options in India paled compared to what we had witnessed in Western countries.

Daycares and preschools often lacked the structure, curriculum, and focus on early childhood development that we believed were essential.

This gap sparked a sense of motivation within us. Having successfully built and exited previous companies, we weren’t afraid of a challenge. We saw this disparity not as a burden but as a powerful opportunity to make a positive impact. 

We leveraged our entrepreneurial spirit and our desire to provide our own children, and countless others, with a nurturing and stimulating learning environment. This marked the genesis of Footprints Childcare – a mission-driven venture dedicated to elevating India’s early childhood education landscape.

How has technology enhanced the educational experience for children at Footprints? Can you provide examples of how it’s utilized in day-to-day activities?

Raj Singhal: As I mentioned, becoming parents ourselves opened our eyes to the limitations of childcare options in India. We realized many parents likely shared our concerns about quality and transparency. Having experienced this firsthand, we knew technology could be a powerful bridge.

We didn’t want it to be solely about monitoring but rather a way to keep our precious ones close, even when we weren’t physically present. We have tried to promote a sense of connection and peace of mind for parents while prioritizing a nurturing and stimulating environment for the children.

We have

  • Live CCTV Streaming
  • Mobile updates parents on what and when their child ate, slept, and did.
  • Self-service help – things like pausing the service, changing the center etc. are available at the click of a button.
  • Parents get photos growth updates on the app.
  • We have something called “read-o-stick,” which allows children to use the device and convert a book into a speaking smart book, thus creating significant engagement.

What sets Footprints Childcare apart from other childcare facilities? How do you ensure quality and excellence in your services?

Raj Singhal: We prioritize the safety of every child. Our staff is comprised entirely of women who undergo thorough background checks and medical checkups. Live CCTV streaming provides parents with real-time peace of mind, allowing them to peek into their child’s day. Additionally, our child-safe infrastructure ensures a secure and stimulating environment for play and learning.

We believe in encouraging a love of learning from a young age because 90% of the brain develops by age 6. We utilize the HighScope curriculum, the only research-based curriculum of its kind. This curriculum emphasizes active learning, where children are encouraged to explore, experiment, and make their own discoveries.

Combined with a world-class adult-child ratio, our teachers are able to provide personalized attention and support for each child’s unique needs.


  • All female staff with complete background and medical checkups
  • Live CCTV streaming.
  • World class adult-child ratio
  • Child-safe infra
  • HighScope curriculum – only research-based curriculum

How does Footprints prioritize safety and security for the children in its care? What measures are in place to address emergencies and ensure a safe environment?

Raj Singhal: We have an all-female staff who undergo thorough background checks to ensure their suitability for working with children. Additionally, regular medical checkups guarantee the health and well-being of those entrusted with your child’s care.

Our centers are designed with child safety in mind. We utilize child-safe flooring that absorbs impact and minimizes the risk of injuries during play. Our infrastructure itself is meticulously examined, with secure gates, age-appropriate equipment, and the elimination of any potential hazards. This creates a secure space for exploration and learning.

We take an extra step to ensure only authorized personnel can enter our facilities. Biometric access control utilizes unique physical or behavioral identifiers to grant entry, providing an additional layer of security for the children in our care.

How does Footprints address concerns regarding screen time and its potential impact on children’s development?

Raj Singhal: While technology has its place, we prioritize a screen-free environment in our centers. This means you won’t find televisions or tablets readily available. Our focus is on sparking children’s curiosity and creativity through hands-on activities, play-based learning, and social interaction.

However, we also understand the power of technology for an enhanced learning experience and that’s why we have something called “read-o-stick,” which allows children to use the device and convert a book into a speaking smart book, thus creating significant engagement.

Can you elaborate on any innovative uses of technology at Footprints, beyond traditional classroom activities, that contribute to the overall childcare experience?

Raj Singhal: Technology has revolutionized the educational experience for children at Footprints and our innovative “read-o-stick” device transforms traditional books into engaging smart books, generating curiosity and enhancing learning. Through meaningful interactive experiences, students explore, create, and learn.

What role do you see technology playing in the future of childcare, and how are Footprints preparing to adapt and innovate in this rapidly changing landscape?

Raj Singhal: The educational landscape is undergoing a significant transformation, and AI is at the forefront of this change. At Footprints Childcare, we recognize the immense potential of AI to enhance the learning experience for children.

One way we’re harnessing this technology is through AI-powered video analysis. This cutting-edge system can meticulously examine video feeds, verifying and confirming the presence of an adult within designated rooms in real-time.

Beyond just monitoring, this technology will also act as a deterrent to negative behavior among children. It can facilitate faster intervention if needed by triggering real-time alerts for abnormal situations, allowing our staff to respond swiftly and ensure optimal incident management.

On the educational front, AI will be used to analyze lesson plan delivery. This will allow us to tailor activities and learning experiences to each child’s unique needs and interests. By identifying areas where individual children might require more support or enrichment, the AI can dynamically adjust lesson plans on the fly, providing the right level of challenge for continuous development.

What are your success tips for young and aspiring entrepreneurs?

Raj Singhal: It’s a Marathon, not a sprint. It’s a long road full of ups and downs; you have to learn to enjoy the uncertainty that comes with being an entrepreneur.

In conclusion, our discussion with Mr. Raj Singhal, the driving force behind Footprints Childcare, has been enlightening and inspiring. Through his leadership, Footprints has not only transformed the landscape of early childhood education in India but has also set new benchmarks in leveraging technology to enhance childcare services.

Mr. Singhal’s unwavering dedication to providing quality care and education to children, coupled with his innovative approach, ensures that Footprints remains at the forefront of the industry.

As Footprints continues to expand its reach and impact, under Mr. Singhal’s visionary guidance, it is poised to shape the future of childcare in India and beyond. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to Mr. Raj Singhal for sharing his valuable insights with us today.

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