Rajiv Talreja, Founder of Quantum Leap Learning Solutions, Asia’s Largest MSME Business Coaching Company

Rajiv Talreja

Interview with Rajiv Talreja, Founder of Quantum Leap Learning Solutions, Asia’s Largest MSME Business Coaching Company

Rajiv Talreja, an accomplished entrepreneur, is the visionary behind Quantum Leap Learning Solutions Pvt Ltd, the largest MSME business coaching company in Asia.

He is widely recognized as the author of the bestselling book titled “Lead or Bleed,” a renowned investor, a captivating TedX speaker, and the mastermind behind DreamCraft Events and Entertainment Pvt Ltd, as well as DreamCatcher Investments Pvt Ltd.

At the tender age of 20, Rajiv embarked on his entrepreneurial voyage by establishing Quantum Leap. This marked the beginning of his remarkable journey as a business innovator.

In 2010, he went on to set up three more businesses in the field of Recruitment, Outsourcing, and Event Management. He got his first break in 2007, but after mere two years, Quantum Leap incurred heavy losses.

To keep the dream alive, Rajiv tested different waters in the hope of finding that one thing that works for the company.

By the time he turned 23, Rajiv made the difficult decision to close down two of his four businesses as a strategic move to minimize his losses.

This experience taught him valuable lessons about making sound business decisions and reinforced his determination to succeed.

Learning from this experience, he decided to re-educate himself by interviewing 300+ pioneer entrepreneurs of different fields, such as Kiran Mazumdar, Ashok Soota, C K Kumaravel and so forth.

From its humble beginnings in 2006 as a corporate training company, Rajiv’s first venture, Quantum Leap, has experienced tremendous growth and transformed into Asia’s largest MSME business coaching company.

This remarkable journey is a testament to Rajiv’s unwavering commitment and expertise in empowering and guiding small and medium-sized enterprises to achieve remarkable success.

With more than 1,00,000+ entrepreneurs as paid customers for the Business Trainings designed and delivered by Quantum Leap and a community of more than 1,700+ MSME’s who fall back on Quantum Leap’s Coaching Team for 1to1 handholding to reinvent their Business Models, set up their Marketing Strategies, Sales Process and Operations Systems, Quantum Leap today is actively contributing to Nation Building by enabling MSME’s to scale.

Rajiv reflected on his astonishing journey and decided to become a serial investor, giving start-ups with potential the much-needed break they desire.

One of his investments in a Logistics startup grew from a 20-member team to a 2,000-member team in a span of 4 years.

For Rajiv, being a catalyst to job creation, value creation and wealth creation is what drives his investment decisions.

Not only did he built himself an empire, but he also helped numerous businesses build one too. His insights into the handling of finances, both in personal and professional life, are the driving force behind his success as an investor.

His TEDx talk, “Perfect Mediocrity or Shabby Success,” is a true testimonial of the rollercoaster journey that is his life.

His recent interview with Raj Shamani has become viral for refreshing honesty about the Indian economy and start-up culture.

Rajiv is a firm believer in the ideology that “Your business is only one part of your life, it is not your life.”

Hence, along with his professional endeavors, he is an avid traveler, a hands-on husband and he also believes in giving back to society and funds causes related to education, animal care and healthcare.

Can you provide an overview of Quantum Leap Learning Solutions and its mission in the field of business coaching for MSMEs (Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises)?

Rajiv Talreja: I started Quantum Leap when I was 20. In the initial years of Quantum Leap, we focused more on performance coaching at workplaces, helping teams achieve goals in breakthrough timelines. So that’s how my journey as an entrepreneur started.

We at Quantum Leap Learning Solutions Pvt Ltd are now in the business of business growth! We are Asia’s leading business coaching and consulting firm that believes in helping small and medium business owners build profitable and scalable businesses.

We have been in the industry for the last 16+ years, carefully studying the needs of business owners and developing strategies that help them create businesses that are both profitable and scalable!

Our team of diverse, high-functioning business coaches have successfully handheld businesses from over 192+ industries across 5 countries, through our 1 to 1 coaching system. We believe that entrepreneurs are the backbone of our economy!

What inspired you to start Quantum Leap Learning Solutions? Could you share the story behind its establishment and the driving force behind becoming Asia’s largest MSME business coaching company?

Rajiv Talreja: My journey as an entrepreneur began in the year 2006, September. So during my college days, I built a youth organisation with my friends where we conducted workshops for fellow college students on career planning and emotional intelligence.

So that’s what exposed me to the space of training and coaching. And then after that, I was looking at taking up a job through campus recruitments and I did get a placement as well in one of the Big Fours.

But then my father, who is an entrepreneur, a retail business owner and an 8th Standard dropout, told me that he would love for me to pursue entrepreneurship and start a business rather than take up a job to a point that he didn’t give me an option.

He said you need to start a business. So because I had this exposure to training and coaching and I had done a few certifications in NLP and executive coaching, I decided to set up Quantum Leap in 2006 September.

Kindly brief us about your company, its specialization, and the services that it offers

Rajiv Talreja: Since 2016, Quantum Leap has worked with entrepreneurs in helping them create tangible results and growth by creating a method to set, track and achieve goals in all critical functions of their business using its indigenous management system called the P.A.C.E System.

  • While 3,30,322 MSME business owners have attended my business orientation programs,
  • 16,978 MSME business owners have learnt and adopted the P.A.C.E System to manage and accelerate their business performance.
  • Beyond this, 4,533 MSME business owners have taken the support of Quantum Leap’s coaching team who handhold these business owners through 1 to 1 coaching to set up strategies and systems for growth and profitability.

The mission to support and serve MSME business owners has gotten bigger for me and my business partner Karan Hasija.

The company, based out of Bangalore has 80+ employees which includes a high-performance business coaching team of 30+ business coaches.

What sets Quantum Leap Learning Solutions apart from other coaching providers in the market? What unique value do you bring to your clients?

Rajiv Talreja: In the business coaching and training industry today, there are independent business coaches across the country.

But Quantum Leap is Asia’s largest business coaching company that has over 35+ high-performing business coaches who coach to help businesses grow every day.

The USP is that there is no other company of business coaches on this scale that has handled businesses from across 192+ industries and 6 countries.

Could you tell us about the range of business coaching services offered by Quantum Leap Learning Solutions? How do these services cater specifically to the needs and challenges of MSMEs?

Rajiv Talreja: There are 3 levels of engagement that MSMEs can take up when it comes to Quantum Leap-

  1. Training programs
  2. 1 to 1 Coaching engagements
  3. Consulting engagement

What strategies or methodologies does Quantum Leap Learning Solutions employ to support MSMEs in achieving their business goals and driving growth?

Rajiv Talreja: Marketing, Business Model, Management, Sales, Operations and Leadership strategies

How does Quantum Leap Learning Solutions measure the success and impact of its coaching programs? Are there any specific metrics or success stories that highlight the effectiveness of your services?

Rajiv Talreja: Results are both tangible and intangible and depend on each business we work with. Tangible: Increase in profits, revenues, personal income, team size, geographical expansion etc.

Intangible: Alignment between family members in business, leaders, teams and the culture, development of 2nd line leaders, personal time for business owners freeing them from operations etc.

In the realm of MSMEs, what are some common challenges or pain points that entrepreneurs face? How does Quantum Leap Learning Solutions address these challenges through its coaching programs?

Rajiv Talreja: MSMEs aren’t able to build profitable and scalable businesses. Unable to free from operations and be more strategic. They don’t get stuck in what we call ‘self-employment’ where they end up doing everything.

What advice would you give to MSME entrepreneurs who are seeking business coaching?

Rajiv Talreja: Be coachable. Everyone has their next level. From starting up to taking a company to IPO and more there is always something to learn in each area of your business and never stop learning and invest with the right people and not people who just pose as business coaches. Check their track record of results they have produced before investing.

What is your success tips for young and aspiring entrepreneurs

Rajiv Talreja: Play long term. Don’t do it to raise funds or call yourself an entrepreneur. Do it to bring a change. Use the wrong reasons to become an entrepreneur!

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