Rakshit Mehta – Technopreneur – Founder of Nano Veda

Rakshit Mehta - Technopreneur - Founder of Nano Veda

Rakshit Mehta is an award winning technopreneur of Indian Origin, based out of Switzerland since the past 15 years.

He has lived and worked across continents in both developed and developing ecosystems. He specializes in technology scouting & commercialization in sectors including:

  • Fintech & IoT
  • Wireless charging
  • Blockchain tech/AI
  • Med Tech/Bio Tech & Nutra  
  • Renewable Energy- Water Prospecting

Educational Background of Rakshit Mehta: 

  • MBA (Finance & Entrepreneurship) from the prestigious Ecole National Des Ponts et Chaussées, Paris, France
  • MIB (Exchange), Tonji University, Shanghai, China 
  • B. Com (H), Delhi University, Delhi, India. 

Passionate about creating a paradigm shift in how businesses work to solve pressing global challenges with limited resources and implementing high impact solutions to address humanity’s grand challenges.

He is actively involved with top global Foundations in the field of disability, rehabilitation & education. Rakshit Mehta has been primarily in the technology space (med tech/fintech/ advanced mobile communications & Blockchain & IoT) with operations (R&D and manufacturing) in India, South Korea.

The group is headquartered out of Switzerland and known as Euro Alliance S.A. The group is present in Europe, Swiss, India, South Korea & the US.


Rakshit Mehta has been nominated as Chairman, FoMP (Friends of Madhya Pradesh- A Government of MP, India Global initiative) for its Switzerland Chapter.

He has been featured on the Top 40 under 40 EU-India Leaders List 2019, announced by the London based think tank- Europe India Centre for Business & Industry at the European Business Leaders Conference held at the European Parliament, Brussels on the 10th of April 2019.

He has also been featured as a “Game Changer” in the 12th edition of The Introducer Magazine – The Real Value of Health Tech- March 2019 edition.

NanoVeda is a brand of Euro Alliance S.A., Switzerland

Creation of NanoVeda

As an entrepreneur for 2 decades, I was looking for the next challenge in my career and wanted to create a brand legacy with ample disruption and impact.

With COVID-19, Nutra/health supplements was an obvious category to consider. Seeing the adoption rate of nutraceuticals/health supplements and the fact that people in general started to pay more attention towards their health and lifestyles made it a no brainer for foraying into space. 

Also because of my interaction with Dr. Amit Srivastava from NUTRIFY India, I was convinced that there was due credit to be given to Ayurveda and to the forgotten heroes of our country who have devoted their lifetime to develop unique Ayurveda based treatments but have not been able to commercialize the same due to lack of market access, lack of capital or health policies in international markets. 

Thus, NanoVeda was born in 2020 (under 11 months; from scouting, conceptualizing and commercializing) where we scouted the best of minds and scientific valour from the remotest part of India and came up with a unique solution of making daily nutrition fun, easy, trendy backed with lab tested, scientific evidence-based research methodology to commercialization. 

Popping in pills or taking syrups are such a passé, hence we have developed a very innovative rapid dissolve nano-oral strips in tasty natural fruit flavours that makes taking supplements fun, enjoyable and trendy and of course being more effective due to the higher body absorption rate.

This is an example of how we are able to use technology to enhance and experience a higher and better lifestyle. 

All our products are VEGAN, non-gluten, non-GMO, non-dairy, non-soya, nuts free making them perfectly suitable for all body types. 

NanoVeda Vision

NanoVeda’s brand vision is to create a series of sustainable and disruptive Nutra/health products in unique formats and make nutra supplementation fun, easy, trendy yet effective.

We have a very strong pipeline of products that we will launch over the next 12 to 18 months that will truly disrupt the Nutra space. Keep an eye out on our next announcements 

Website: https://nanoveda.ch

Future plans: 

NanoVeda will keep on innovating and disrupting the Nutra supplementation and health food segment.

We are currently present in the US, EU, India and over the next few months will foray into other international markets with our Nano rapid dissolve strips and other products. 

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Highlight: Nano Veda was shortlisted and featured by CNN Network TV18, CNBC Awaaz under the PM’s Atmanirbhar Bharat initiative.