Ranjith Tharayil, Founder and CEO of CertifyMe: The most Trusted SaaS Based Digital Credential Platform

Ranjith tharayil-Founder-CertifyMe

Ranjith Tharayil, Founder and CEO of CertifyMe: Most Trusted SaaS Based Digital Credential Platform

Businesses that are motivated by a purpose have had a significant and positive impact on our modern economy. 

Consumers are looking for solutions and businesses that correspond with their values and beliefs as they get more interested in social causes.

According to an IBM report, worldwide sustainable and environmentally conscious investment has increased by 68 percent since 2014 and now exceeds USD 30 trillion.

After being recognized “Mentor of Change” by the Government of India’s NITI Ayog, I set out to live up to its promise by bringing about change in societal structure and making a contribution to a better society by revolutionizing how credentials are issued and minimizing the environmental damage caused by the issuance of physical or paper documents.

To take it a step further, one of our main goals was to ensure that forgery of digital and physical papers, which has been a major problem in our post-digital world, was eliminated.

With just a handful of trusted people and a platform in its early stages of development, we started with the simple idea of researching and developing an interactive digital credential management solution for automating the issuance process.

Today, our SaaS-based Immutable Crypto Credential Platform is used by over 800 global brands across 70-plus countries.

CertifyMe has created an online B2B marketplace that will revolutionize Credential Management Platforms.

As we expand and help businesses, event organizers, and non-profits automate their credential issuing processes through our systems, CertifyMe’s goal is to use cutting-edge technologies such as quantum ledgers, blockchains, and digital signatures to create a cost-effective, user-friendly platform that can be used by even non-technical people.

We also feel that when our platform generates a verifiable certificate for you, it creates the prospect of an additional smile of credibility and reliability on this planet.

CertifyMe is a significant project that aims to provide consumers with a platform, accessibility, freedom, transparency, and the ease of managing their own credentials.

And our goal will always be to become the most trusted credential platform, resulting in the greatest amount of smiles by the end of 2024.

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