Interview with Ratan Sehgal, Managing Director of Hybon Elevators and Escalators

Ratan Sehgal

An exclusive interview with Ratan Sehgal, Managing Director of Hybon Elevators and Escalators, a globally recognized elevator manufacturer

In a world that is constantly on the move, elevators and escalators have emerged as the silent heroes of vertical mobility, facilitating our daily lives and shaping the urban landscapes we navigate. Today, we have the privilege of engaging in a compelling conversation with Mr. Ratan Sehgal, the Managing Director of Hybon Elevators and Escalators, a globally recognized elevator manufacturer.

With a career marked by innovation and a relentless pursuit of excellence, Mr. Sehgal’s leadership has positioned Hybon as an industry leader, setting benchmarks in safety, efficiency, and sustainability. As we delve into this discussion, we look forward to gaining insights from the visionary leader behind an organization that plays a pivotal role in redefining the way we move within our ever-expanding cities.

Hybon Elevators and Escalators is a renowned name in the elevator manufacturing industry. Can you provide an overview of the company’s history and its core mission and values?

Ratan Sehgal: Hybon Group is a company based in New Delhi that’s been in business for over 30 years. They began by making electrical products like radios and transistors, and as technology advanced, they shifted their focus to electronics.

Today, they are one of the biggest LED TV manufacturers in India. They sell these TVs to other companies, which then put their own brand names on them, showing their commitment to making quality electronic products.

In 2013, they started a new division called Hybon Elevators, where they make elevators and escalators. Over the past eight years, they’ve installed more than 3000 elevators in various places like hospitals, schools, hotels, malls, and homes.

Their main office is in Vikas Puri, New Delhi, and in 2019, they opened a modern factory in Noida, covering an area of 70,000 square feet. This factory is equipped with advanced machinery for manufacturing.

They have a team of skilled engineers who use computer programs to design the elevators. They also use special software to make sure the elevators are strong and safe.

Hybon’s main goal is to create elevators that work well and are safe for people to use. They’ve come a long way from their early days, and their commitment to quality and progress in both electronics and elevators is evident in their work.

Elevators and escalators play a crucial role in modern urban infrastructure. How has Hybon Elevators contributed to advancements in this field, and what sets your products apart from the competition?

Ratan Sehgal: Hybon Elevators recognized two key gaps in the elevator industry: the demand for designer lifts and round-the-clock service. To bridge these gaps, Hybon focuses on creating stylish elevators that blend seamlessly with architectural designs.

Moreover, they offer 24/7 customer service, ensuring reliability and support. These two aspects distinguish their products by combining aesthetics and accessibility for customers.

Safety is a top concern in the elevator industry. Can you share insights into the safety features and technologies incorporated into Hybon Elevators and Escalators’ products?

Ratan Sehgal: Safety is a top priority for Hybon Elevators and Escalators. We make sure our elevators meet strict safety standards set by organisations like BIS (Indian) and EN (European). Our products also have certifications from Lift Instituut Netherlands and the CE mark, showing they meet high safety requirements.

We follow all the safety laws in the places where our elevators are used. This ensures that our elevators are safe and comply with local safety rules.

Our elevators come with safety features like:

  • Automatic Rescue Device: This helps people get out safely during power cuts or emergencies.
  • Overload Sensor: It stops the elevator from carrying too much weight, keeping passengers safe.
  • Over Speed Governor: It controls the elevator’s speed to make sure it’s safe.
  • Overshoot and Undershoot Protection: This ensures the elevator stops perfectly level with each floor, making it safe to get in and out.
  • Always Connected – Emergency GSM Calling System: It lets people call for help during emergencies.
  • Remote Monitoring System: We can watch how the elevator is doing in real-time to make sure it’s safe and working well.
  • 24×7 Service: We’re available round-the-clock to help with any safety concerns.

These safety measures and features show our commitment to keeping people safe when using our elevators.

Sustainability is becoming increasingly important. What sustainable practices and technologies does your company employ in the design and production of elevators and escalators?

Ratan Sehgal: In our commitment to sustainability, Hybon Elevators focuses on efficient design and manufacturing processes. We utilize design software, SolidWorks, which incorporates 3D capabilities to enhance precision.

This software also allows us to simulate load parameters, ensuring the absence of weak elements in the design. Furthermore, all safety-critical components are crafted in accordance with rigorous safety standards.

Our manufacturing facilities boast advanced equipment such as CNC laser machines, CNC bending machines, and cutting-edge welding tools. We subject our design and manufacturing processes to rigorous FMEA (failure mode and effect analysis) to continually improve and enhance the sustainability and reliability of our elevators and escalators.

The global market for elevators and escalators is vast. How does Hybon Elevators tailor its products and services to meet the specific needs of different regions and markets?

Ratan Sehgal: While Hybon Elevators primarily serves the domestic market in India, our products are designed with a global perspective in mind. We ensure that our elevators and escalators comply with UN (European standards) and have received certification from the Lift Institute of Netherlands.

This approach allows us to maintain high-quality standards that meet international requirements, even as we focus on the Indian market. Our commitment to these global standards underscores our dedication to providing safe and reliable vertical transportation solutions that can be adapted to different regions and markets.

Technological advancements, such as IoT and smart building solutions, are impacting the elevator industry. How is Hybon Elevators embracing and integrating these technologies into its products?

Ratan Sehgal: Hybon Elevators is keeping up with the technological changes in the elevator industry. Elevators are becoming more advanced, just like cars and trains, with a focus on speed and safety. One way we are adapting is by using IoT technology, which makes elevators more efficient, safe, and user-friendly.

We’ve introduced smart features like “Always connected,” which ensures continuous communication, and a “Remote monitoring system” that allows us to keep an eye on elevator performance in real-time. These advancements in technology make our elevators more reliable and convenient for users while maintaining high safety standards.

Quality control and maintenance are critical for elevator safety and performance. Could you discuss the quality assurance and maintenance processes that Hybon Elevators employ to ensure long-term reliability?

Ratan Sehgal: Maintenance is a vital aspect of elevator safety and performance, impacting safety, reliability, and efficiency. Neglecting regular maintenance can lead to safety issues and shorten the elevator’s lifespan. To ensure quality and reliability, Hybon Elevators follow international standards like ISO 9000, which emphasises effective quality management and assurance through proper documentation.

We prioritise quality assurance through tools like design FMEA (failure mode and effect analysis). This process helps us identify potential issues and weaknesses in our designs, allowing us to address them proactively and enhance the overall quality and safety of our elevators.

By focusing on regular maintenance and rigorous quality control, we aim to provide elevators that are safe, reliable, and long-lasting for users.

For individuals aspiring to enter the elevator and escalator manufacturing field, what advice would you offer in terms of skills and knowledge they should develop?

Ratan Sehgal: For those looking to get into elevator and escalator manufacturing, my advice is to keep a few important things in mind. First, always put the customer’s needs and expectations at the forefront of your business. Second, stay updated on the latest technology in the field, as it’s continuously evolving. Third, prioritise the quality of your products – it’s the key to gaining trust and success.

Additionally, make sure you can deliver your products on time, meeting deadlines is crucial. Lastly, don’t underestimate the importance of providing excellent service – it’s a great way to build a solid reputation and retain customers.

In the early stages, it’s easy to get caught up in setting up the infrastructure, but remember that your core focus should be on meeting these key aspects to thrive in the elevator and escalator manufacturing industry.

As our interview with Mr. Ratan Sehgal, Managing Director of Hybon Elevators and Escalators, draws to a close, we are left with a profound appreciation for the impact of his leadership in the elevator and escalator manufacturing industry. Hybon’s commitment to quality, safety, and sustainability exemplifies the standards to which the global vertical transportation industry aspires.

Mr. Sehgal’s dedication to pushing the boundaries of innovation and his vision for elevators and escalators that not only move us but also elevate our quality of life are truly inspiring. We thank him for sharing his valuable insights and for guiding the way toward a more connected, efficient, and sustainable urban future.

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