Recycled Container Showroom designed by Veepul Kaushik for Honda Group

Recycled Container Honda Showroom

Container Designer Veepul Kaushik, the promoter of Prisha Container lines recently designed the movable Car showroom for Honda Group with the provision to display the Two Cars with the sale office and customer lounge.

The 40 ft recycled container is designed to accommodate all necessary spaces required for any fixed showroom.

The container showroom has a reception area to welcome the customer with separate spaces for the display of the cars and a customer lounge for interaction.

The entry gate of the container is in red color with a glass door that leads to the reception area with the massive logo of Honda on the red color wall that creates an impressive brand reputation in the minds of the customer.

The one side of the façade has transparent glass, which allows the company to show cars to the customer. 

The Signage of more than 32 ft long right on the top of the container attracts the eye of anyone and becomes the center of attraction. The extended part of the container can be folded with the help of hydraulics installed.

 The container has a separate section for the customer lounge and sales office to accommodate a team of 6-8 people.

A special section has been curated to display the accessories for Car is made on the wall of the container in wood and glass. The color theme of the container is as per the official logo color of Honda in red and white. The ceiling with LED lights gives the perfect aura of the corporate interiors.

The advantage of these movable showrooms is the easy movement from one place to another place as per the marketing plan of the company.

These designed containers are also used for the purpose of testing the market, which allows them to set up the showroom in the testing marketplace without spending expenses on the fixed infrastructure.  

The team of professionals who are experts in civil engineering, architecture, and interior designing designs the containers. All Electrical works, ceiling, flooring, plumbing, drainage & all other aspects are taken into consideration while curating these recycled containers.

“These days the companies are getting these showrooms made in containers, as it allows them to save a lot of money on rentals, construction, and designing cost of the showrooms.

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These showrooms can be used again and again at different locations and has a very low maintenance cost,” says Veepul