Inspiring Story of Reena Nagar, a woman entrepreneur as strong as her tractor

Reena Nagar

At Sugermint Media, our aim is to bring to our entrepreneurs community some of the motivational and inspiring stories from the entrepreneurial ecosystem. As part of this endeavor, we come up with another passionate woman entrepreneur Reena Nagar.

Reena Nagar is a successful Indian woman entrepreneur. Reena Nagar, a village girl who fought all odds. Today, a lady is the pride of her family and village. Let’s read more about her inspirational journey for our growing community!

Read inspiring story of Reena Nagar, a lady as strong as her tractor and pride of her family and village.

Girls are sons, not daughters. Reena Nagar proved this thing. After the death of her father, Reena did not go into shock, but completed her father’s work and stood up with courage.

Today, Reena Nagar of Bhopal not only does farming but also pays full attention to the family. Reena Nagar lives in Bhauri Bakanis village. The story of their struggle starts 7 years ago.

Reena was studying computer science, but suddenly there was a crisis in the family. Her father, died who did business of agricultural implements.

When Reena saw that the responsibility of mother, 3 brother and sister had fallen on her, Reena did not break with this but became stronger.

After the death of her father Jamna Prasad, people of village used to say that agriculture and farming business are not about girls, but she did not agree. Reena decided to take over her father’s farm equipment business.

There were some challanges in the farming business in the beginning. But she not only learned farming, but she did the work of plowing, sowing, harvesting by driving a tractor.

According to Reena, she reconnected the old workers with the contact numbers recorded in the father’s address book and took their help.

Sodar Bai, Reena’s mother said that my daughter is not only taking forward the father’s farming business with her strong intentions, but is also teaching the tricks of farming to her younger siblings.

Reena says that she will marry only after the marriage of younger siblings. Virendra, her brother is also helping her in her farm equipment business.

Her sisters and Brothers are being taught farming business so that they too can stand on their feet in the future and make the family stronger.

Today, Reena has 7 acres of her own land and she cultivates 7 acres on other’s land. She has repaid her father’s loan of Rs 30 lakh. She has diligently bought agricultural equipment including harvesters.

She shakes the hand of the mother. She teaches her brothers and sisters. Not only this, along with farming, Reena also does part time job, because it gives financial strength to the family.

Suger Mint salutes Reena Nagar for being a true hero and inspiring others to settle for nothing short of excellence!

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We hope you find the inspiring story of Reena Nagar useful and inspiring through your entrepreneurial journey and will keep you motivated.