Rejusure Launched Its Range Of Clinically-Proven And Dermatologically-Tested Skin care Products

Rejusure Skincare Products

~ Formulated by extensive research, the range includes AHA2% + BHA2% Face Wash, Hyaluronic Acid Serum, Plant-Derived Squalane Facial Oil & Retinol Moisturizer ~

July 2021: Rejusure, a clinically proven and dermatologically tested beauty brand launched its range of skincare products. With an aim to bring innovation in the field of beauty and health, the brand is set to create safe and effective beauty products.

Accessible to all consumers, Rejusure’s products are a unique blend of selected ingredients that takes care of your lifestyle. 

Rejusure’s newly launched range is formulated by extensive research and clinical studies. The range includes AHA2% + BHA2% Face Wash, Hyaluronic Acid Serum, Plant-Derived Squalane Facial Oil & Retinol Moisturizer.

All effective ingredients in the Rejusure formulation function synergistically to lighten skin colour through a process that is natural, reversible and completely safe.

Rejusure AHA 2% + BHA 2% Face Wash penetrates deep within to unclog pores, remove oil and surface build-up, without drying out the skin.

The face wash cleanses and exfoliates effectively without drying out the skin of its natural oils. While Rejusure Hyaluronic Acid Facial Serum with vitamin C and vitamin E, aloe vera gel offers effective hydration and anti-ageing benefits.

It protects your skin from free radicals, sun exposure, and environmental stresses. Rejusrure Manager, Doll Priya Sarliya says Rejusure Brand is known more for its Clean and Transparent beauty, Driving quality based products with nature ingredients it is Indian foremost top brand dermatologist approved and cruelty free”

Rejusure 100% Plant-Derived Pure Squalane Face Oil is a deeply hydrating facial oil that gives your skin the nourishing benefits of squalane.

This pure plant oil has a light texture and can be used as a moisturiser for all skin types. Lastly, Rejusure Retinol Moisturizer is formulated to provide all-day hydration and anti-ageing benefits to your skin, leaving your skin feeling rejuvenated.

Hurry! Join the journey of natural and effective skincare ritual with Rejusure

About Rejusure:

Rejasure is a unit of West Coast Pharma. The West Coast Pharmaceutical Works Ltd. is a renowned pharmaceutical brand that offers a wide range of quality healthcare products such as dietary supplements, disinfectant products and various skincare products that help you lead a healthy lifestyle.

Its wide range of beauty and wellness products highlights the USP of the brand. This personal care brand from humble beginnings has a simple mission to create natural and effective skincare products for the modern consumer who is equipped with the knowledge and resources to make better choices in their everyday life.

Rejusure takes pride in its consumers, which ultimately drives them to create products they deserve, that make a difference in their skin.

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