Transforming Lives: Remarkable work of Sarvoham in rescuing and rehabilitating dogs

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By Haris Ali ,Founder of Sarvoham: Animal welfare has become a growing concern in recent years, especially in developing countries like India, where millions of street dogs struggle to survive on a daily basis.

In cities like Bengaluru, street dogs are a common sight, often living amidst chaotic traffic and urban development.

These dogs are frequently treated cruelly and abusively because they are frequently viewed as annoyances.

Fortunately, there are organisations like the Sarvoham Animal Foundation that are striving to make a difference in the lives of these street dogs.

Sarvoham Animal Foundation is a charitable organisation based in Bengaluru that rescues, treats, rehabilitates, and rehomes dogs from the streets.

Founded in April 2017 by Haris Ali and Madhusmita Sahu, Sarvoham has quickly become one of the leading animal welfare organisations in the city.

Haris Ali, the co-founder of Sarvoham, found his true calling at a young age when he saw a puppy dying tragically on the street.

This experience deeply affected him and sparked a passion to rescue animals in distress. As he grew older, he realised there was a severe shortage of animal aid for street dogs in Bengaluru.

This inspired Haris to found Sarvoham, an organisation that promotes peaceful coexistence and envisions a world free of animal suffering.

Over the past six years, Sarvoham has grown from a small rescue mission to a charitable animal welfare organisation that has rescued more than 2500 street animals and become a loving home for more than 200 dogs.

The organisation has an excellent team of 22 people consisting of experienced veterinary doctors, caretakers, and support staff who are saving 1000–2000 dogs every year.

Sarvoham’s animal shelter is equipped with modern surgical and diagnostic equipment, and it provides ambulance services in case of emergencies.

The organisation also runs a comprehensive adoption program to find suitable homes for the dogs it rescues.

The adoption process includes a thorough screening process to ensure that the dog is placed in a secure and caring environment.

Despite their valiant efforts, Sarvoham is facing several challenges, including a lack of funding and space.

The organisation is unable to accommodate all the requests it receives due to these limitations. Hence, Haris intends to increase the capacity to house more than 600 animals at a time to accommodate the ever-increasing number of calls for help.

Sarvoham envisions a world where animals are not subject to suffering and believes in compassion beyond all boundaries.

Every penny donated to Sarvoham is utilised for the well-being and care of animals. The organisation is in urgent need of support, goodwill, and funds from the general public and corporations that can support the cause.

Sarvoham Animal Foundation is doing an exceptional job rescuing, treating, and rehoming street dogs in Bengaluru.

The organisation’s tireless efforts have saved countless lives and given many dogs a second chance at a happy and healthy life. As a society, it is our responsibility to support the cause of animal welfare, and the Sarvoham Animal Foundation is an excellent place to start.

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