Resourceful guide to apply for Canadian student visa

Canadian student visa

Canada requires no introduction because it continues to lead as the best place to study among most of the international students.

Every year lakhs of students apply to visit Canada for study purposes. However, only a few of them got the approval of studying in Canada without any hassle.

Do you know why? The possible answer for this is that some have strong profiles that highly convince the minds of the embassy.

However, some lack in making their profile strong that becomes one of prime reasons behind their shattered dreams. 

However, to fulfil the dream of studying in Canada one must apply for a Canadian student visa. The application procedure is not that simple as it sounds.

For getting the letter of approval you have to follow every possible thing in a proper manner that can help you study at the prominent universities and colleges of Canada.

Do you have fear of facing rejection for the Student visa to Canada? If yes, then in such a case you can easily link with the best study visa consultant.

Leave all your worries aside and understand that they are present in the industry to help you achieve magnificent success in a limited duration of time. 

Find out what all documents are needed to file the Canada visa application? 

Myriads of students apply for the Canada student visa for getting the acceptance letter of any type of prominent college and university.

The student should note that the visa process will start around June if planning to apply in the September intake.

Read the below-mentioned list of documents for taking the first step towards your student visa to Canada. 

Validity of the passport:

A passport is quite essential when it comes to applying for a study visa to Canada. The aspiration filled student should note that their passport should cover the intended date to stay in Canada.

Never miss out on the details filled in the passport because the authority present in Canada watches your passport and then provides you entry.

This is the basic requirement which all the students should keep in mind before filing the study permit application.

Are you stressing your mind out because you are not getting approval to study in Canada? If yes, then connecting with the best Canada visa consultant will be the right option for you. 

Acceptance proof:

For kick-starting the processing of student visas the students are required an acceptance letter for the authentic university planning to attend.

If you apply for the designated university. Then you have to show proof of approval to the Canadian authority. 

Evidence of funds:

The Canadian authority always checks whether you have sufficient funds to support your education in Canada or not.

You have to apply for the GIC also. The term GIC basically signifies the fact that it is the saved money that you have to show to the authorities that you will not find any difficulty of money to study in Canada.

As per the current strands, the students are required to prove that they will surely have enough funds to pay their accommodation and tuition fee in Canada.

According to Canadian immigration, the student should have $10,000 for every year of the stay.

Always keep in mind that if you follow every pointer in a proper manner. Then only you will get a chance to convert your dreams into reality.

If you find difficulty in understanding what GIC is? Then we would advise you to link with the best immigration consultants in Jalandhar .

Availability of the passport size photograph:

If you are filing your Canada visa application form offline. Then you need to submit two passport size photos matching all the standards passed by the Canadian authority.

However, for the online application, the student should note that they should have a digital copy of the photograph with a 4 MB file size.

The authority usually passes some guidance that the candidates should have a plain background, normal facial expression and no additional accessories.

The size of the image should be of at least 35 mm x 45 mm. Moreover, the photograph should not be older than 6 months.

If you concentrate and follow all the rules in a correct manner. Then only you can easily surpass the process of visa documentation remarkably. 

Great proficiency in the English language:

There is no denying the fact that if you lack in acquiring optimistic marks in the IELTS exam. Then your application for a student visa and all your dreams will surely go in vain.

Before applying for a student visa to Canada. Students should plan properly and start taking classes to achieve 7+ bands in the upcoming IELTS exam.

As there are two prominent languages used in Canada that are English and French. So, most of the universities usually demand the students to have a great proficiency in English to stay and converse comfortably in English.

If you think that you want deep information about all the documents required to Canada. Then book your counselling session with the best study visa consultant 

Summing up

With that said, your application to Canada will surely be acknowledged. If you follow all the above mentioned statements in a proper manner.

Studying on an international level is a big deal. So try to link with a prominent source that can easily help you move forwards without any hindrance. 

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