Resources to Look To When Hiring For Your Construction Project

Resources to Look To When Hiring For Your Construction Project

Hiring for construction jobs, be it laborers or subcontractors, is vital for getting your construction project off the ground.

You do not want to rush this process because the individuals you hire can directly impact the quality and stability of your project for better or worse.

Subpar work is guaranteed to leave you with a building that’s not up to code and will likely break down long before it should start showing signs of age.

Hiring inexperienced or sloppy workers can impact your project’s completion and expose your business to liabilities when it comes to health and building codes, not to mention leave your construction business with a bad reputation for poor work.

Below is a list of steps to follow when deciding who to allow onto your team when fulfilling a project or who to reach out to for specific jobs you need to be done.

Screen All Subcontractors

Before you choose a subcontractor, scrutinize the candidates who’ve already applied. It’s important that you do a proper background check on construction laborers applying to work at your business, as it’s always important to know who you’re working with.

A decent background check would include asking for and analyzing things that include their IDs, work credentials, expertise, references, and a criminal background check. Anything and everything to prove they are who they say they are and capable of what they say they can do.

You want to take a deep dive into their history to see if there have been lawsuits, bankruptcies, or other issues in the past.

You also want to be sure that they can complete the job within the specified timeframe. All of this is to protect yourself and your project in the long run.

Only Work with Contractors That Are Bonded and Insured

If you need a bond, ensure that they are also bonded when hiring construction jobs subcontractors. This way, you know that the work will be done right and all workers and suppliers will be paid.

Your subcontractors should have the right insurance coverage. They should have worker’s compensation and general liability. This should include covering work-related injuries, property damage, and bodily injuries.

It’s possible your company offers some form of insurance, but if they don’t it’s still important that you hire workers who have some form of insurance.

Check and Recheck Your Contract

Before signing anything, especially a contract, with a subcontractor, create a draft that lays out what your expectations are.

This should include things like the materials and services the subcontractor is expected to provide and do for your project.

This also should have warranties for defective products or parts, a work payment schedule, clauses to protect you against subpar work, and what you require for cleanup and insurance.

Take Steps to Limit Risk and Keep Workers Safe

Every year, hundreds of construction workers lose their lives in some form of accident. Among them, inexperienced workers have a higher chance of getting hurt on the job.

It’s estimated that close to 50% of construction claims happen when a person has been working for less than one year.

This only goes to show exactly why it’s important that you carefully vet all subcontractors and laborers before allowing them to work on your project.

If you can’t hire all experienced workers, then it’s important you have those with more experience in charge over those with less.

It’s important for everyone to gain experience, but it should be done so safely and with minimal risk to you or them.

As an employer, you have the responsibility and obligation to keep your workplace safe for everyone who works there.

This means putting policies in place and adjusting those policies to minimize employee work risk. For example, a drug-free policy can reduce workplace accidents and injuries through intoxication or actions taken while under any sort of influence. The same would go for a no drinking while on the job policy.

Hiring Construction Workers

Hiring workers for construction jobs can be a challenge. Many companies benefit from working closely with recruiters who understand construction needs and have the employees to fill those needs.

Working with a recruiter means that you are not spending valuable time weeding through a ton of applicants who aren’t right for your job.

Recruiters do the grunt work and deliver qualified candidates so that you can quickly and easily interview and hire the personnel you need for your construction job.

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Your business has your name attached to it. You owe it to yourself and your customers to ensure that everyone who works with you is experienced and has the proper insurance. This way, you will keep your customers happy and save yourself a lot of headaches.