Interview: Rhea Shroff Ekhlas, Nutrition & Fitness Expert, and Founder of BubbleFig

Rhea Shroff Ekhlas

An interview with Rhea Shroff Ekhlas, Nutrition & Fitness Expert, and Founder of BubbleFig, Premium Activewear For Women

Meet Rhea Shroff Ekhlas, a distinguished figure in the realm of nutrition, fitness, and entrepreneurship. With a passion for promoting holistic wellness, she serves as the Founder of BubbleFig, a trailblazing brand offering premium activewear tailored for women.

Rhea’s expertise extends beyond fashion, as she combines her background in nutrition with her commitment to fitness to empower individuals towards healthier lifestyles.

What inspired you to pursue a career in nutrition and fitness?

Rhea Shroff Ekhlas: The inspiration to pursue a career in nutrition and fitness stemmed from a lifelong passion for physical activity. Having been active from a young age, engaging in tennis and running distances like 1500 meters and 3000 meters, there was a natural progression towards fitness.

Participating in various events, particularly in Delhi state, underscored my talent and enthusiasm for this path. Realizing that working out was only part of the equation, it became evident that nutrition played an equally crucial role.

This holistic understanding of health and fitness, combining both physical activity and nutrition, spurred the decision to delve deeper into this field. 

How do you approach designing personalized nutrition and fitness plans for your clients?

Rhea Shroff Ekhlas: When designing personalized nutrition and fitness plans, it’s crucial to gather comprehensive information from clients. This includes their goals, preferences, lifestyle, and other relevant factors.

The aim is to create a sustainable plan that fits seamlessly into their daily lives. Although currently too busy to take on personal clients, the approach remains rooted in understanding the unique needs of each individual to craft a tailored and effective plan.

What role do you believe technology plays in promoting health and wellness, particularly in your line of work?

Rhea Shroff Ekhlas: Technology plays an important role in promoting health and wellness. With two YouTube channels dedicated to home workout videos, the accessibility of fitness and nutrition information has significantly increased. Anyone with internet access can now perform workouts at home, follow nutrition advice, and benefit from fitness programs.

Technology has made fitness more accessible and cost-effective, allowing people to work out and access nutritional guidance from virtually anywhere. This democratization of health and wellness resources has had a transformative impact.

In your experience, what are some common misconceptions people have about nutrition and fitness?

Rhea Shroff Ekhlas: Several misconceptions about nutrition and fitness persist. One major misconception is the all-or-nothing mindset, where people believe they must be either completely dedicated or not involved at all.

However, fitness and nutrition should be a part of daily life. Another common myth is that weight training will cause women to bulk up excessively, which is not true. Additionally, many people think that exercising allows them to eat anything, ignoring the importance of nutrient-dense foods and understanding that diet and exercise matter for overall health is crucial.

Can you share your journey from being a health enthusiast to becoming an entrepreneur?

Rhea Shroff Ekhlas: With a business administration and social entrepreneurship background from the University of Southern California, the journey to becoming an entrepreneur was a blend of passion and education. Initially, the focus was on personal fitness and sharing workout routines online.

The need for quality activewear that matched personal style and performance requirements led to the creation of BubbleFig. This transition from a health enthusiast to an entrepreneur was a natural progression, combining business acumen with a passion for fitness and health, culminating in the launch of a premium activewear brand.

What is BubbleFig? Can you share the story behind the name “BubbleFig”?

Rhea Shroff Ekhlas: BubbleFig is a premium activewear brand launched to provide stylish and comfortable workout clothing. The name “BubbleFig” has an interesting origin, initially considered as “Body Fit Clothing” to complement two YouTube channels, Body Fit  TV and Body Fit  TV (Hindi).

The decision to change the name was driven by the desire for uniqueness, retaining the initials B and F, resulting in the distinctive brand name, BubbleFig.

What was your vision for the brand when you first started, and how has it evolved over time?

Rhea Shroff Ekhlas: The vision for BubbleFig started as an extension of the YouTube channels, aimed at providing quality activewear that matched my personal style and performance needs.

Although still a very new brand, it has evolved rapidly, gaining its own identity and expanding beyond its initial scope. The brand is continuously evolving,, with a commitment to bring products of quality and style to the market.

What sets BubbleFig’s products apart from other premium activewear brands?

Rhea Shroff Ekhlas: BubbleFig distinguishes itself through a focus on both quality and style.  The activewear is aimed to be both visually appealing and highly functional. The priority is on comfort and performance. It is about ensuring that our  activewear not only looks good , but also feels good! We try to combine both function and fashion!

Can you talk about the materials and technology used in your products?

Rhea Shroff Ekhlas: Most of BubbleFig’s products are made using a blend of nylon and spandex. These materials provide the necessary stretch and durability for activewear. The focus is on selecting fabrics that are soft to the touch and of premium quality, which ensures that the products meet high standards of performance and comfort.

How do you maintain a balance between functionality and style in your collections?

Rhea Shroff Ekhlas: Maintaining a balance between functionality and style is achieved through carefully curated selection. The aim is to use soft, durable fabrics that feel comfortable. We also try to ensure that the activewear does not dig into the skin, moves with the body and does not feel excessively restrictive. Once we are certain that the activewear is comfortable, we focus on the style element!

How important is sustainability to BubbleFig, and what steps are you taking to ensure your products are eco-friendly?

Rhea Shroff Ekhlas: Sustainability is an important consideration for any business. In the case of activewear, one of the ways sustainability can be achieved is by developing products from recycled fabrics. We are continuously exploring ways to make our collections not just comfortable and stylish, but sustainable too. 

How do you gather and incorporate customer feedback into your product development?

Rhea Shroff Ekhlas: Customer feedback is integral to BubbleFig. Positive feedback is used to identify successful products, while negative feedback guides improvements and adjustments. This customer-centric approach ensures that the products meet the evolving needs and preferences of the consumers.

How do you leverage social media and influencer partnerships to promote BubbleFig?

Rhea Shroff Ekhlas: Social media is a vital tool for promoting BubbleFig. The brand maintains an active presence on platforms like Instagram, We showcase our products through posts and videos on the platform. 

How do you envision the activewear industry evolving in the next few years, and where does BubbleFig fit into that vision?

Rhea Shroff Ekhlas: The activewear industry is expected to continue evolving towards a blend of comfort and style. In the coming years, products will need to be both functional and fashionable. BubbleFig aims to be at the forefront of this trend, offering activewear that meets the highest standards of quality and style. 

As an entrepreneur, what advice would you give to someone looking to start their own brand?

Rhea Shroff Ekhlas: The key advice for aspiring entrepreneurs is to believe in their vision and take the first step towards realizing it. It’s important to pursue what you are passionate about and see where it leads, despite potential skepticism or lack of support from others.

Starting a brand requires dedication and resilience, and while success is not guaranteed, the journey itself is invaluable. Avoiding the regret of not trying is crucial, and the experience gained from taking the plunge is immensely rewarding.

In the realm of wellness and fashion, Rhea Shroff Ekhlas stands as an inspirational figure, blending her expertise in nutrition and fitness with her entrepreneurial spirit. Through BubbleFig, she not only delivers top-quality activewear but also fosters a community dedicated to holistic well-being.

Rhea’s journey serves as a testament to the transformative power of passion, dedication, and a holistic approach to health.

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