Entrepreneurship Journey of Rhythm Aggarwal Founder of XOXO Cherry!

Rhythm Aggarwal Founder of XOXO Cherry

Bridging the Gap of Exclusivity!

Rhythm Aggarwal at a young age has made her footprint in the concept of ‘inclusive fashion’. Her brand XOXO Cherry has been getting rave recognition for coming up with reasonably priced styles that cater right from extra small to the plus size females.

Being a plus size woman herself she is aware of the challenges in terms of fit and dearth of smart styles for people like her.

Unraveling her entrepreneurship journey, Rhythm a Pearl Academy graduate voices “It always bothered me to see a gap in the straight size market and the plus size.

The plus brands were very limiting in terms of styles and fits. The idea behind XOXO Cherry was to bridge the gap between the 2 markets.Bring more updated fashion to plus size while not excluding the other sector.

Back in 2018, when I had an opportunity to start my own label, it was never a conscious decision to make an inclusive brand, it organically started as a brand that had sizes from uk 8 to uk 28 making it size inclusive.

The only conscious decision was to sample in size 20. As it helped me more in testing the styles 1st hand, understanding the issues in fits and styles; also new clothes for me all the time.”

Rhythm has laid the mission of her brand XOXO Cherry clearly “The mission of the brand is to provide trendy clothing across sizes alike.

When asked what is the broad nature of her brand’s business? Rhythm says “Our business is a multi directional clothing brand which aims at making a social reform of inclusivity in the fashion industry by working across sizes.

Apart from the extensive range of sizes we also provide alterations to people who fall in-between sizes.”

Rhythm has laid out a 5 year plan beginning this year wherein she aspires to increase her reach in the market and work on brand growth this year.

She voices “In the next 5 years we aspire to become a 1 stop shop for all fashion and lifestyle solutions, we aim at including categories like swimwear, lingerie, accessories, home decor etc.”

It is interesting to see that Rhythm’s observation was not at smearing and antagonizing the regular size sector, rather she was disappointed that the plus size sector brands did not make a sincere effort to improve on aspects like design, elaborate western category trends etc.

In short they stuck to the safe zone of loose clothing and basic kurtas which Indian plus size women were bored of wearing.

Rhythm adds “At XOXO Cherry, We bring trendy and updated fashion to all the sizes alike bridging the gap of exclusivity.”

Concluding on what advice she would give to aspiring entrepreneurs Rhythm voices and pens down “What I learned in my entrepreneurial journey is understanding what you stand for or your brand stands for is important. To know where you are going always makes it easier to build a path to that goal.”

Kudos to Rhythm and her team at XOXO cherry given the huge demand of inclusive clothing in a growing broad country like India they are sure to succeed.

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