Sisters 4 Ever! inspirational entrepreneur – Richa Vashishth and Elizabet Karkkeselyan

Richa Vashishth and Elizabet Karkkeselyan

Young and confident inspirational entrepreneurs Richa Vashishth and Elizabet Karkkeselyan have succeeded in setting a firm footprint for others to follow through their first venture BeLuxe World.

Their first baby venture has succeeded in bringing offerings of International Loungewear and Nightwear options for young Indian girls and women at reasonable prices.

Richa and Elizabet, both sister in-laws both seem to have caught on to the perfect blend for each other in making BeLuxe World a continual success.

Richa Vashishth educated in management and coming from a business background, had had more than a decade of corporate exposure and was waiting for just the right moment to dive into her first entrepreneurial experience.

Well she found her business mate in Elizabet Karkkeselyan whose attitude and background perfectly gelled into what was needed and both made a dynamic founding team of BeLuxe World.   

Both being young globally raised entrepreneurs with more than a decade of corporate world experience as well as know how of manufacturing and trading of luxury fashion goods knew how to set up and scale the business right from its launch on 11th November 2020

Together with their detailed observatory skills and a futuristic attitude they have brought forth only the best for what was lacking in this category in India.

Richa and Elizabet both voiced that “Earlier in India, home options for Loungewear and nightwear was a category with limited designs and styles; one which had restricted accessibility due to its steep price points, and fewer brands. 

BeLuxe World has succeeded in breaking this ceiling by bringing forth International Loungewear and Nightwear options for young girls and women in a democratic and seamless manner.

Though our launch had been during the lockdown, after the initial tepid response we feel we are perfectly positioned to offer our best to our target customer.

At BeLuxe World, one can find products made from stretchable fabrics like Cotton, Micro Modal, Viscose and Satin.

Our outfits made from Cotton-elastane fabric uses 100% high quality cotton which with its stretchable characteristic makes it suitable for summers, winters and transitional seasons.“

On being asked on what is the plan for this year and the next five years, Richa quips “

· To do research work and identify markets for marketing and expansion.

· To grow sales volume and establish a brand of repute for quality but in a cost effective manner during the next 5 years.

Alongside, on being asked what she would advise budding Indian designers, Elizabet says to never compromise on quality and always look at what would add a layer of personality to the wearer?

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Conclusively! Contrary to the notion of sister in laws being at odds with each other, here it’s the complete opposite with both fusing their talents for their baby BeLuxe World!

Kudos and more power to you both Sisters!