Interview: Riddhi Bhagat, the maestro behind Binge on Baked (BOB)

Riddhi Bhagat

An exclusive interview with Riddhi Bhagat, the maestro behind Binge on Baked (BOB) by the ninth generation of Bhagat Halwai

Stepping into the world of entrepreneurship with a blend of passion and expertise, Riddhi Bhagat emerges as a visionary force behind Binge on Baked (BOB). Trained as a Corporate Legal Consultant, her entrepreneurial spirit led her to delve into the realm of culinary excellence.

With a profound understanding of business dynamics and a relentless pursuit of quality, Riddhi embarked on a journey to revolutionize the snacking experience in India.

Grounded in her husband’s legacy business, Bhagat Halwai, Riddhi envisioned BOB as a platform to offer delectable yet health-conscious snacks, catering to the discerning tastes of modern consumers. Through her steadfast commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction, Riddhi has not only expanded the portfolio of Bhagat Halwai but has also carved a niche for BOB in the competitive market landscape.

Can you share with us the inspiration behind the creation of Binge on Baked (BOB) and how it ties back to the rich legacy of Bhagat Halwai?

Riddhi Bhagat: At BOB, our foray into the snacks market was inspired by a collective aspiration to revolutionize the snacking experience. Witnessing a prevailing issue where many snacks fell short in taste and nutritional value, our mission was clear – to redefine snacking by crafting treats that not only delighted the taste buds but also prioritized overall well-being.

In a landscape inundated with deceptive advertising and unhealthy options, we aimed to fill a void by offering consumers a genuine, delectable, and nutritious alternative, addressing the shortcomings we identified in the industry.

The connection to the rich legacy of Bhagat Halwai, our parent brand, plays a pivotal role in shaping our approach. With a history spanning over 200 years, Bhagat Halwai has become synonymous with tradition, quality, and innovation.

Our commitment to authentic practices and the seamless integration of evolving trends while preserving our integral values has been vital to maintaining the quintessence of our taste. Just as Bhagat Halwai has stood the test of time by consistently delivering exceptional products and staying attuned to the preferences of epicureans, we at BOB, strive to navigate the ever-changing market dynamics while remaining a cherished part of generations to come.

What sets BOB apart from other players in the food and snacks sector, especially considering its unique blend of classic recipes and modern flavours?

Riddhi Bhagat: At BOB, our distinction in the food and snacks sector lies in our unwavering dedication to authenticity. We are deeply committed to transparency in our products, emphasizing the fusion of classic recipes and modern flavours.

Our unique approach involves crafting snacks with premium ingredients, such as organic flour in our cookies, to maintain a harmonious balance. We prioritize preserving the timeless essence of traditional recipes while infusing them with contemporary twists.

This commitment ensures that our customers enjoy a delightful and genuine snacking experience that sets BOB apart from other players in the industry, showcasing our unparalleled blend of classic and modern culinary expertise.

How do you maintain the quality and purity standards that the BhagatHalwai name has been synonymous with for over two centuries, especially in the context of baked snacks which often face challenges in preserving freshness and taste?

Riddhi Bhagat: BOB diligently upholds the esteemed quality and purity standards of the Bhagat Halwai, our parental brand, for over two centuries. Employing rigorous quality control measures, BOB ensures that its baked snacks maintain the freshness and taste integral to the brand’s legacy.

Through meticulous sourcing of premium ingredients, advanced production techniques, and stringent quality checks, BOB remains committed to delivering baked snacks that consistently meet the high standards synonymous with the revered Bhagat Halwai.

In what ways do you see BOB contributing to the evolution of India’s snacking culture, particularly in terms of health consciousness and taste preferences?

Riddhi Bhagat: BOB is set to transform India’s snacking culture by prioritizing health and diverse tastes. Committed to providing nutritious and innovative options with high-quality ingredients and regional flavours, BOB aims to reshape traditional snacking habits.

Our brand aligns taste preferences with healthier choices, which signifies a thoughtful approach, fostering a positive shift in India’s snacking landscape. BOB contributes by striking a balance between taste and nutrition.

Could you walk us through the process of developing new flavours and products at BOB, balancing tradition with innovation?

Riddhi Bhagat: At BOB, developing new flavours and products involves balancing tradition and fostering innovation. The team combines time-tested recipes with cutting-edge techniques, ensuring a harmonious blend that resonates with the brand’s heritage and contemporary tastes.

How does BOB leverage technology and modern production techniques to scale while maintaining the artisanal quality that customers associate with the Bhagat Halwai name?

Riddhi Bhagat: BOB utilizes advanced technology and modern production methods to scale its operations efficiently. By seamlessly integrating these innovations, we ensure a consistent and high-quality artisanal experience, meeting the expectations that customers associate with their beloved brand.

As a co-founder, what challenges have you faced in establishing BOB in the market, and how have you overcome them?

Riddhi Bhagat: As a co-founder of BOB, I encountered various challenges in establishing our presence in the market. Navigating initial scepticism about our innovative approach and breaking through the crowded, competitive landscape were formidable hurdles.

However, through relentless dedication, strategic partnerships, and continuous adaptation to market dynamics, we have overcome such challenges and gained widespread acceptance in the market.

What are BOB’s plans and aspirations, both in terms of expanding its product range and reaching a wider audience within India and potentially beyond?

Riddhi Bhagat: BOB is poised to introduce a new line of savoury products, aiming to diversify its offerings and meet the diverse preferences of its valued customers. With a focus on innovation and growth, BOB envisions reaching a wider audience in India and beyond, promising delightful surprises to come.

What are your success tips for women entrepreneurs

Riddhi Bhagat: One of the success tips I would like to share with women entrepreneurs is to embrace challenges as opportunities for growth, stay true to your vision, and surround yourself with a supportive network. Forge partnerships that amplify your strengths, prioritize continuous learning, and cultivate a resilient mindset to navigate the entrepreneurial journey with confidence and determination.

In conclusion, Riddhi Bhagat’s entrepreneurial journey exemplifies the fusion of passion, innovation, and relentless dedication. From her humble beginnings as a Corporate Legal Consultant to becoming the driving force behind BOB, Riddhi’s journey is a testament to the power of perseverance and vision.

Her ability to blend tradition with modernity, coupled with her unwavering commitment to quality, has elevated both Bhagat Halwai and BOB to unprecedented heights. As she continues to captivate the hearts and taste buds of consumers across India, Riddhi Bhagat remains a true maestro, reshaping the culinary landscape one bite at a time.

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