Ritika Jindal: India’s Youngest IAS Officer

Ritika Jindal

Ritika Jindal, a young woman from the 2019 batch, has made history as India’s youngest IAS officer. At the tender age of 22, she cleared the UPSC exam with an exceptional All India Rank of 88. Her academic achievements, coupled with her determination to serve her community, have placed her on a remarkable path.

Early Life and Adversities

Ritika’s humble beginnings in Moga, Punjab, were marked by challenges that tested her resilience. Despite the prevailing societal norms that favored boys’ education over girls’, her parents nurtured her aspirations. However, financial constraints and her father’s chronic health issues posed significant obstacles.

The Aspiration of a District Collector

Drawing inspiration from her surroundings, Ritika realized the lack of opportunities in Moga. She resolved to stay and uplift her community. The position of District Collector emerged as her ultimate goal, empowering her to effect meaningful change.

Academic Excellence and CBSE Topper

Ritika’s unwavering focus on academics paid dividends when she emerged as the Northern India CBSE topper in her 12th grade, scoring an impressive 98.6% in commerce. This achievement caught the attention of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who honored her during the Republic Day Parade in 2015.

Overcoming Hardships

Her academic journey was not without its trials. During her 12th board exams, Ritika’s father’s health deteriorated, requiring hospitalization. Amidst her own health issues, she remained steadfast, achieving remarkable success.

Choosing Commerce and Joining Shriram College of Commerce

Breaking societal expectations, Ritika opted for commerce over non-medical studies. She believed her calling lay in civil services, and pursuing a non-medical degree would delay her goal. Her teachers supported her unconventional choice, and her admission to Shriram College of Commerce, Asia’s premier commerce college, provided her with a stimulating academic environment.

Balancing College and IAS Preparation

Ritika effortlessly juggled academic excellence and IAS preparation, securing 95% aggregate marks in commerce and ranking third in her class. This success further fueled her determination to succeed in the civil services exam.

Success in the IAS Exam

At the age of 22, Ritika made history as the youngest IAS officer in India. Her failure in her first attempt only ignited her resolve, and she returned with renewed determination to achieve her goal.

Service as SDM Mandi

After completing her training, Ritika was posted as SDM Mandi in Himachal Pradesh. Among her notable initiatives was the disposal of over 800 court cases, some dating back to 1990. She also launched a “Let’s Go to Village” program, connecting with remote panchayats and addressing their needs. If you want to prepare for a difficult exam like UPSC then Sanskriti IAS can be a better option for you.

Open Door Policy and Women’s Empowerment

Ritika has implemented an open door policy, making herself accessible to the public without intermediaries. Her commitment to women’s empowerment shines through the “Women Leadership Summit” she organized to promote their participation in decision-making.

Importance of Good Governance

As an IAS officer, Ritika recognizes the crucial role they play in serving the people of India. She emphasizes the importance of integrity, dedication, and putting the public’s needs first.

Advice for UPSC Aspirants


Ritika advises aspirants to focus on understanding core concepts and developing logical reasoning skills. Analyzing issues and drawing logical conclusions is key.


For the Mains exam, aspirants must present their knowledge clearly and concisely. Practicing answer writing and participating in test series will enhance their presentation abilities.


The interview assesses personality and overall knowledge. Candidates should prepare to discuss their interests, experiences, and perspectives on current affairs.

General Tips

  • Understand the importance of each subject and develop a comprehensive knowledge of relevant topics.
  • Integrate knowledge across subjects to gain a holistic understanding.
  • Practice answer writing and test series to improve presentation skills.
  • Maintain a positive mindset and believe in oneself.
  • Choose an optional subject that aligns with interests and strengths.
  • Consider seeking guidance from mentors or coaching institutes if needed.


Ritika Jindal’s journey is a testament to the transformative power of dreams. She encourages fellow Indians to embrace their aspirations, overcome obstacles, and make a meaningful contribution to society.

Whether one aspires to become an IAS officer, a doctor, an engineer, or anything else, every profession holds its own significance. By working together, Indians can build a better nation where all can contribute to its progress and well-being.

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