Interview: Mr. Ritvik Bansal, Founder of Rezoni, Premium quality and customized tech-accessories for iPhone Supplier

Ritvik Bansal- Founder-Rezoni

Interview with Mr. Ritvik Bansal, Founder of Rezoni, Premium quality and customized tech-accessories for iPhone Supplier

Ritvik is the Founder of Rezoni. Ritvik graduated with BA in Financial Mathematics from University of Virginia and became a USA Stock Broker/Investment Banker – DMG Securities, Yukon Capital.

Ritvik founder Rezoni during March 2020, he came back to India and continued to work remotely in Finance due to Coronavirus.

He observed a paradigm change happening in India’s internet retail business at that time. People in India no longer felt awkward making an internet purchase since the epidemic had forced them to.

He could tell that in the upcoming months and years, Indian consumers’ purchasing habits would change substantially.

Ritvik was searching for an online business to take advantage of this chance. While he had never personally used a phone cover, he stumbled across an Indian brand’s advertisement for one while browsing Instagram.

He found an important gaps in the area after conducting additional investigation. Ritvik has always been intrigued by artistic endeavours, and I thought I could develop a variety of goods far better than what was already on the market. This was the start of the voyage.

Can you tell us a little about your background and what inspired you to create Rezoni?

Ritvik Bansal: The University of Virginia in Charlottesville, USA, is where I completed my bachelor’s degree in financial mathematics. I worked as an investment banker and stock broker in finance for a brief period after graduating.

I travelled back to India to be with my family when the pandemic came in action in 2020. My job as an investment banker was still going strong.

I anticipated that the epidemic would drastically impact consumer purchasing habits, particularly in India, and that a paradigm shift towards online shopping would soon occur.

It was at this point that I realised just how overlooked the tech accessories market was in India, particularly the premium category.

In India, the majority of businesses in this sector sold only low-quality, unaltered goods. The people are entitled to far better.

I’ve always had a creative streak, so I thought this was the ideal endeavour for me. I assembled a group of like-minded individuals over the course of several weeks and months and set out to create a line of products that were both of the highest calibre and extremely fashionable.

Please tell us a little about your entrepreneurial journey

Ritvik Bansal: I’ve always wanted to work in finance since I was young. When I worked as an investment banker, I frequently presented client companies to potential investors.

I was able to connect with several business owners from various backgrounds as a result. I learned about their problems, ideas, and tales, and this truly motivated me to start my own project. On paper, I already knew what creates a great company, but I was aware it wasn’t enough.

I was motivated to create a business that provides customers with a variety of items that are both aesthetically pleasing and quality after realising that the premium tech accessory sector in India was significantly underserved.

It took me and my team `more than a year developing our idea before launching it. To fully grasp what is lacking and how we may best serve our modern consumer, this entailed comprehensive due diligence, product testing, and market research.

I’ll be the first to acknowledge that every stage of the procedure was agonisingly difficult and much more challenging than I had anticipated. I thought about giving up and returning to my finance work on occasion.

There was simply an endless amount of information to learn. But what kept us going was the ambition to produce something completely original and novel for the Indian markets.

Throughout this time, I gained practical experience and knowledge in a variety of fields, including things I had never dabbled in before, like industrial printing, 3D visualisation, and international logistics. In November 2022, Rezoni was finally launched in the Indian markets by my team and I after months of labour.

Kindly brief us about Rezoni and its specialization, and the products that it offers

Ritvik Bansal: Rezoni was founded to squash the myth that a phone cover serves only as a protective covering for your phone. For us, it represents much more than that; it is a form of self-expression.

We aimed to make a case for every mood, and I think we succeeded in doing so. We want our clients to be able to design a phone case that is truly individual to them. We presently produce iPhone and AirPods cases for phones.

 Regarding our products, I can say with certainty that they are the best available in the Indian market for tech accessories in terms of both quality and design.

Rezoni’s whole design process is original, unlike the majority of Indian businesses that merely market poor imitations of other global brands.

Each item has been carefully chosen and thoughtfully created to give the customer the impression that there is something for everyone.

Our design team is made up of brilliant illustrators from several nations, including Armenia, Bulgaria, the USA, India, and the UK. We are able to offer a variety of prints that are distinctive and diversified since we work with artists from other nations and cultures.

The fact that we literally put our customers before everything else sets us apart from our competition. Not only do we have a return/exchange policy, we also uphold it.

Although it may not seem essential, you’d be surprised at how few businesses follow through on their commitments.

Rezoni makes it incredibly simple for customers to return items for refunds if they are dissatisfied with their purchases.

What is your biggest USP

Ritvik Bansal: Our major USP is the ability to release a new phone cover design virtually every day. This is because we don’t outsource our designing, which gives us full control over the process in terms of both turnaround time and quality.

This has made it possible for us to accumulate an extensive collection of designs that are practically endlessly adaptable to new phone cases. I should point out that each print is created after considerable thinking and study, despite the wide variety.

Can you describe the design process for creating a new Rezoni case?

Ritvik Bansal: Procedure is not that simple. Inspiration, which can literally come from anywhere, is usually where it all begins.

You name it: from a movie, a book cover, a postage stamp, a person’s attire, nail art, etc. Although it may seem paradoxical, everything and nothing inspires us.

We choose which of our team’s illustrators will be most suited to design that certain print or series once we have an inspiration in mind because each artist has an own style. 

Here, I prefer to give the artist total creative freedom so that we can come up with something novel and unique.

It can be tricky to create something that will look marvellous as a painting on a wall or printed on a T-shirt but not so great as a phone case. We create specifically with the phone case in mind because of this.

After the design is finished, we print it several times to check that the colours are vivid, the elements are properly spaced, and the design functions as a whole.

We truly hope that our consumers will be able to switch up their phone cases just like they do their wardrobes.

Therefore, we consider a variety of factors, such as: Can they match it with particular types of outfits? What kind of feeling does the design convey overall? Can you take it to the gym or out for a casual night?

What materials are used in creating Rezoni cases and how do you ensure they are of high quality?

Ritvik Bansal: We only utilise materials of the finest calibre that have undergone extensive testing to identify any flaws or imperfections. We create multiple prototypes before our products are put into production.

To make sure the product is both resilient and protective, each prototype is put through countless hours of testing in the lab.

We give certain prototypes to friends and family for feedback when the lab testing is complete. We launch a product only once the last test has been successful.

If any flaws or user annoyances are found during the testing phase, we attempt to correct them or totally redesign the items.

How do you decide on the different moods and styles for each case and how do you stay on top of current trends?

Ritvik Bansal: Curating a collection of prints that are on-trend and that also work with various moods and styles requires a lot of thought.

Our design staff is relatively youthful, and they are continuously aware of the changes happening in the design and fashion worlds, which I believe is one of the main reasons why we are able to stay on point.

They don’t hesitate to try out new looks, which allows them to eventually produce unique, trendy prints that our consumers would adore pairing with their clothing.

What advice would you give to aspiring entrepreneurs looking to start their own business?

Ritvik Bansal: You can accomplish anything you can envision. Establish a clear strategy, have faith in your thoughts, and keep going forward. There will be many obstacles and hazards, but if you put in the effort and remain focused, things will come together. 

What is your success tips for young and aspiring entrepreneurs

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