RJ Khushee announces release of “Bindas chhu hu” Gujarati song

Aishwarya Majmudar and Jatin Sadhu
Aishwarya Majmudar and Jatin Sadhu

RJ Khushee – An expression of happiness

Upcoming one character Gujarati movie RJ Khushee has officially announced the release of its first Gujarati song ” Bindas Chhu Hu” by Jatin Sadhu which will soon be available to listen on various digital music platforms.

While Jatin Sadhu has written the screenplay, leading Bollywood singers Aishwarya Majmudar and Jatin Sadhu sing the song.

Jatin Sadhu has also composed the music and written the lyrics of this beautiful song.

” Bindas Chhu Hu” song really justifies the title “ RJ Khushee – An expression of happiness” as it beautifully depicts and captures the essence of a liberated young woman.

The film revolves around the life of young Khushi, the ups and downs she goes through and how she overcomes them, how she helps other girls, “You are a woman, that is your superpower” quote Displays and resonates.

The multi-talented artist Jatin Sadhu beautifully captures the various emotions of a woman through RJ Khushee Gujarati movie.

Other important team members include Concept – Himanshu Vyas, Co-Producer – Guru – The Arts Hub, Producer – Vinay Rai, Rai Anant Media, Executive Producer – Ami Desai, Story Writers – Jatin Sadhu and Himanshu Vyas, Social Media Partner – Doxhawks and Online Partner – SugerMint.

Talking about his latest release of this Gujarati song, writer and singer-composer Jatin Sadhu said, ” Bindas chhu hu is my favorite modern Gujarati song ever composed as it depicts women struggling to get freedom in this dominated world.

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It will certainly widen the reach of our work on a global scale and we certainly look forward to that.” Aishwarya Majmudar also enjoyed a lot while singing this song.