Interview with Robin Chhabra: Founder and CEO of Dextrus Workspace

Robin Chhabra

An exclusive interview with Robin Chhabra: Founder and CEO of Dextrus Workspace

Welcome to an exclusive interview with Mr. Robin Chhabra, the visionary Founder and CEO of Dextrus Workspace. With a reputation for innovative leadership and a track record of transforming traditional workspace paradigms, Mr. Chhabra has been at the forefront of the evolving landscape of modern work environments.

As the driving force behind Dextrus Workspace, he has successfully blended cutting-edge technology, sustainability, and human-centric design to create a new era of workspaces that cater to the needs of today’s dynamic workforce.

Join us as we delve into Mr. Chhabra’s insights, experiences, and the future he envisions for the workspace industry.

Can you provide an overview of Dextrus-Workspace and its mission? What inspired you to start this venture?

Dextrus Workspace is situated right in the heart of Mumbai’s corporate hub. It is our constant endeavor to innovate the way we work. Our focus on design helps us prioritize efficiency, flexibility and value for money.

Our mission is clear, we are a real estate company looking to innovate at every level of what we have to offer. Be it creating shared workspaces where people enjoy coming to work or creating a built-to-suit office space that echoes the brand values and work culture.

My inspiration has always been to be a part of an impactful creation. I myself am a trained architect and so the idea with Dextrus was to experiment with two contrasting yet collaborative elements, i.e, marrying functionalities of coworking with aspects of creativity and design.

Inspired by the forms that function, we are continuing to design collaborative spaces that enhance flexibility and cater to the growing needs of professionals and businesses.

How are co-working spaces evolving and transforming the traditional office culture?

An aesthetically and efficiently designed office space gives individuals and companies, irrespective of their size, the freedom and flexibility to find ways to connect with their team while focussing on important tasks at hand.

From the cafe to the private offices, our spaces are curated to provide privacy like the phone booths or meeting rooms. Open layouts with breakout spaces also allow for individuals to work and thrive with clients while connecting with their peers.

Design plays a vital role and allows modern flex spaces to accommodate different client requirements as well as help appeal and retain the best and most engaged human capital. Co-working spaces unite freelancers, startups, remote workers, and established firms, promoting creativity and idea-sharing not found in traditional offices. It’s not just a space; it’s an exchange of ideas, experiences, and resources.

Many coworking spaces are conveniently and strategically located in commercial hubs to provide a prominent and reputable address and ensure accessibility with brand presence. Coworking spaces provide a cost-effective solution for businesses wishing to grow into new markets to create a presence without the commitment and expense of a traditional office lease.

Mumbai is a dynamic and competitive business environment. How do you tailor your workspace solutions to cater to the diverse needs of your clients?

The coworking space market is quite competitive and dynamic in Mumbai. Major businesses and startups are rising here in three folds. The rise of entrepreneurial and startup culture has created a need for flexible and hybrid work models.

In addition larger companies and enterprises are also looking at redefining the way they design their work culture and as a result it has a direct impact on the decisions they make with regards to their workspaces.

Offering the freedom to scale as well as operate from different geographical locations with minimal capex and reduced opex is a demand that traditional leasing has not been able to cater to.

Within this competitive environment Dextrus gains an advantage through innovative design, customized solutions and its strategic locations.

Dextrus offices host both boutique consultancies  and large organizations that employ anywhere from 50 to 200 employees. Whether you need a creative studio with excellent acoustics or a corporate setup with managers’ cabins and a private server room, we have the flexibility to meet your requirements.

Further, with our design expertise, we provide companies the ability to create unique office spaces tailored to their specific needs through customization, flexibility, and outstanding aesthetics. Our versatile meeting rooms are designed to function as professional conference spaces during the day and as centers for employee engagement activities in the evenings.

We specialize in handling the entire process, be it the design, the build and the end to end operations that are critical to ensure smooth flow of businesses.

How has the COVID-19 pandemic impacted the co-working industry, and how did Dextrus-Workspace adapt to these challenges?

A matter of fact is the demand for flexible workspaces among large enterprises has surged significantly due to the growing acceptance of the hybrid work model, which emerged after the COVID-19 pandemic.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, we made members’ health and safety our top priority. We implemented strict protocols, including enhanced cleaning, social distancing, and mask mandates, to create a safe working environment.

We also adapted to the changing needs of businesses in the new normal. We offered tailored office layouts, amenities, and services to meet specific company requirements, focusing on customization.

Flexibility is a key factor for many businesses today. How does Dextrus-Workspace accommodate the changing needs of its clients, particularly in terms of workspace size and configuration?

Flexibility is in our DNA. Our workspaces are designed to cater to the dynamic needs of various business sizes. From our meeting rooms to our managed office spaces, the layouts have been created keeping customisation at its core.

A 40 seater conference room can be easily converted into a 5 seater meeting room or an event space. Similarly our office spaces offer numerous options be it an open desk layout, a two seater office space or a 50 seater custom designed workspace.

Security and data privacy are critical in today’s digital age. How does Dextrus-Workspace ensure the safety and confidentiality of its members’ information and assets?

We invest in robust technical infrastructure with strict protocols. Having in-house technical expertise allows us to offer network infrastructure with firewalls, encryption, and regular security audits. Robust on ground technical support ensures clients are able to function seamlessly in a secure environment.

Our spaces are equipped with CCTV, advanced access controls systems that ensure 24/7 secured access.

With the rise of remote work, how do you see the future of coworking spaces evolving, and how is Dextrus-Workspace positioned to adapt to these changes?

As companies seek tailored solutions to fit their unique needs, Dextrus-Workspace excels in customization. We provide customizable office layouts, amenities, and services to meet specific company requirements in the evolving remote work landscape.

To support remote and hybrid work, we invest in technology infrastructure, ensuring seamless connectivity, virtual events, and digital communication tools to enhance the remote work experience.

Mental well-being and work-life balance are crucial in remote work scenarios. Dextrus-Workspace places a strong emphasis on member well-being, offering wellness programs and resources to support our members’ physical and mental health.

Even in a remote work environment, fostering a sense of community remains essential. Dextrus-Workspace organizes virtual networking events, workshops, and forums to facilitate connections and collaboration among our members.

Could you share any upcoming projects, expansions, or innovations that we can expect to see from Dextrus-Workspace in the near future?

With both our centers running efficiently with full occupancy, Dextrus is set to expand. We are excited to announce that we are increasing our space in our Lower Parel Centre with a clear focus to offer customized solutions to our clients. We are able to offer multiple layout options to our clients and the flexibility also enables clients to move in faster.

 Another feather in our cap is BUILD – By Dextrus – which is an end to end design and build solution for companies. With bringing innovation in the way we design and construct, we are exploring the possibilities of how design can impact businesses and vice-a-versa.

What is your success tips for young and aspiring entrepreneurs

Create, Create and Create. We need new ideas for the world ahead which are more resilient, more innovative and conscious.

It’s important to be passionate about your work and ensure it aligns with your values.

Stay committed to learning and be prepared to fail. Learn to Prioritize and manage your time effectively. Believing in collaborative efforts and investing in human capital pays dividends in the long run.

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