Bad Monkey Beer’s Rohan Khare: A Passion For Bear Made Him Millionaire

Rohan Khare

Rohan Khare: Founder, Bad Monkey Beer

Rohan Khare is a successful Indian entrepreneur and businessperson who was always passionate about beverages, especially A Beer.

He wants to produce beer with an Indian drinking style. After completing graduation from Delhi University, Rohan Khare moves towards his interest and passion.

He completed his course at Wine and Spirit Education Trust (WSET). And get ready to set his goal. After completing his course of wine, he worked with a liquor brand Rock and storm for three years as a product Head.

After working for three years, he found that there is some lack in a strong bear market, with consistency and taste.

According to the survey, it comes In front that Indians prefer strong bear that to light one (with alcohol more than 5 per cent) checked by wheat beer, stout & Porters, Ale, Sahiti, and others.

Rohan Khare strongly wants to bring his brand and taste to market, as around 140 brands are already in the beer segment. The competition is tough but he decided to fight in the market with his brand.

He Launched BAD MONKEY BEER in July 2018 as other brands like United Breweries, Budweiser, Carlsberg, Bira19 etc. Tough competition was there but he decided to swim in this beer sea.

How Labels the Name: Bad Monkey Beer

There is an interesting story behind the name of Bad Monkey. As the name is unusual, we asked Rohan.

How the brand name comes to your mind? He says at starting of the days in 2018, they are busy launching.

Rohan Khare was with a person outside his Delhi office. Several monkeys were harassing the whole area.

A person was irritated and said Bad Monkey! This blare in his mind, and that’s how the name came in his mind. He gave the name “Bad Monkey to his beer brand.

Rohan says the company gives consistency and quality. He refuses to hand over the details of the ratio but says that the company has a qualified team for brewers.

He says that every batch of product is properly tested in the company’s in-house laboratory. He further informed that the same consistency reproduces in every batch. The company is following all the instruction needed.

The company launched the beer product in 650 ml bottle, 500 ml Can, and also served in 330 ml pints.

The Delhi product BAD MONKEY bottle price is Rs. 135, the can is priced at Rs.100. After facing many challenges, the company sold over 9 lakh cases of beer.

Rohan Khare Says that “selling beer in India is the same as selling it in 29 different countries”. He unfolds that every state has a different law, excise duty, policies, and import-export rules that make things difficult. These states have their packing rules that make things more challenging.

The task is not that much easy. Manufacturing and trading in the Indian market is not plain sailing.

Rohan says that the biggest challenge he has faced as a ‘beerpreneur’. The government and state government regulates the market by controlling the consumption, pricing pattern and increasing the liquor taxes, especially the excise duties. These are the big challenges facing the company.

Rohan Khare says this was all back-breaking as volumes were low but the channel partners faith kept going all in a smooth way.

He says they organize a testing session with their channel partners, retailers and get positive feedback and acceptance. This feedback puts our feet up.

The Journey of Bad Monkey Beer started by selling first in Delhi. Delhiite’s likes the taste that feels up. After Delhi and Utter Pradesh, it also sells in Chhattisgarh and Uttarakhand.

The Bad Monkey is also exported to Australia. Rohan says outside India, the market is more facile, and rules and regulations are not that much complicated.

In India, Alchohol or Tobacco companies cannot do marketing. Rohan says because of restriction in advertising, they took the social media path and it works because most of all age group from 20 to 80 years are in Social media.

In Punjab, West Bengal, Odisha and Jharkhand are some states where the government allows some relaxation. The company started online order for Bad Monkey, but its response was low.

The Business Report says that per capita beer consumption in India is less as compared to Asian-Pacific Countries.

He says the consumption was less of beverages in a pandemic, So, it will take a year more to recover the industry.

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Rohan Khare is planning to launch his brand in other states like Telangana. The Bad Monkeys planning is to enter Africa next year.