Rohit AK, Head of Corporate Business at MAXHUB

Rohit AK

Interview with Rohit AK, Head of Corporate Business at MAXHUB

A passionate cricketer at heart and a sales professional by trade, he thrive on challenges and find immense satisfaction in conquering them.

Throughout his career, he has delved into the telecommunications, unified collaborations, and AV industry, working with a wide range of consumer durable products such as DTH, as well as telecom infrastructure products like PRI’s, ILP’s, and MPLS.

Additionally, he has gained expertise in unified collaboration solutions, including audio, video, web conferencing, and webcasting services.

His xperience also extends to boardroom and smart classroom solutions like interactive flat panel displays, video walls, and digital signage, among others.

As a dedicated sportsman, he deeply understand the value of teamwork and possess an unwavering “never say die” attitude.

These qualities have been ingrained in his character and has aided him in overcoming numerous obstacles throughout his professional journey.

Tell us a little about yourself

Rohit AK: I am from Bangalore. I completed my Bachelor of Engineering and have an overall work experience of 12 years working in the Communications and collaboration domain.

I am Married and I have a daughter. I have worked in the telecommunications, Unified collaborations, and AV Industries in my career so far, dealing with Consumer durable products such as DTH, telecom infrastructure products like PRIs, ILP, and MPLS, Unified collaboration products such as audio, video, web conferencing and Webcasting services, boardroom, and smart classroom solutions like interactive flat panel displays, video walls, digital signage, so on and so forth.

Currently, I am employed with MAXHUB, a brand of CVTE, and handling MAXHUB’s Corporate Sales for India as the Head of their Corporate Sales vertical.

Can you tell us more about the inspiration behind this revolutionary product and how it sets MAXHUB apart from its competitors?

Rohit AK: Revolutionary products are often born out of identifying a gap or unmet need in the market. MAXHUB invests time and resources in researching customer requirements and pain points.

By understanding the challenges faced by their target audience, they can develop products that provide unique and effective solutions.

Adding to that, MAXHUB unlike any other provider in the market has the unique distinction of being an organization that has built its products from scratch and in-house, we are a part of the CVTE group which is the world’s largest manufacturer of interactive displays and components for these displays.

Being in the space since our inception we have the experience of manufacturing equipment that is very much in line with the market trend, hence we normally are a step ahead w.r.t to the trend in the market. Hence, I can confidently state that MAXHUB is the true trendsetter in the interactive display space.

We are the pioneers in this domain and the market look forward to the next-generation innovation that comes out from MAXHUB.

Kindly brief us about your company, its specialization, and the services that it offers

Rohit AK: MAXHUB is a leading provider of smart display solutions that enhance collaboration and productivity in various professional Environment. MAXHUB specializes in designing and manufacturing interactive displays with advanced features and functionalities.

Our Products which include large-format displays, touchscreens, and intuitive software help our customers to create engaging and interactive environments for teamwork, presentations, and meetings.

Here are some key aspects of MAXHUB’s specialization and the services they offer:

Smart Displays: MAXHUB focuses on developing high-quality smart displays with ultra-high definition (UHD) resolutions.

These displays range from 55 inches to 98 inches in size and are equipped with advanced touchscreen capabilities, providing users with a seamless and immersive interactive experience.

Collaborative Features: MAXHUB’s displays come with a range of collaborative features designed to facilitate effective communication and teamwork.

These features include wireless screen sharing, real-time annotation, multi-touch capabilities, and interactive whiteboarding. They enable users to share content, brainstorm ideas, and work together efficiently.

Video Conferencing Solutions: MAXHUB offers integrated video conferencing solutions that enable seamless communication and collaboration among remote teams.

Their displays are equipped with high-quality cameras, microphones, and speakers, providing a complete audiovisual experience for remote meetings and presentations.

Software Integration: MAXHUB provides software solutions that integrate with their smart displays, enhancing their functionality and usability.

The software includes intuitive interfaces for controlling the display, managing content, and accessing collaboration tools.

It allows users to organize and share files, annotate documents, and interact with digital content effortlessly.

How does the Smart Resolution Display technology in the V6 Series enhance the user experience and productivity in comparison to traditional interactive flat panels?

Rohit AK: A traditional interactive flat panel display is only a part of the overall meeting room solution, Whereas the V6 Series display is a solution in itself.

V6 Series displays help a customer to get rid of 7 peripherals in their meeting room – A camera, microphone, Speaker, computer, display, Wireless mirroring device, and its Multiscaler.

If the customer chooses to go for a traditional Interactive flat panel, then he will have to use all these peripherals and create a solution for himself, hence MAXHUB V6 display is a SOLUTION IN A BOX.

How does MAXHUB leverage artificial intelligence in its interactive flat panels beyond the Smart Resolution Display?

Rohit AK: AI-powered computer vision algorithms can identify and recognize objects or shapes drawn or placed on the interactive flat panel.

This recognition capability can be used to facilitate various applications, such as automatically converting hand-drawn shapes into digital, editable versions, or recognizing specific objects for interactive and collaborative purposes.

In our case, MAXHUB’s V6 Series displays cameras use AI to effectively track the voice of the user and frame that user in a video meeting, hence ensuring a very effective active speaker tracking functionality and it also uses AI effectively to provide a crystal-clear image to a remote user by using the white balancing technology.

We also have the best-in-class microphones that are inbuilt into the bezel of our V6 Series display, giving the user a voice pickup from up to 8 meters (24 Feet).

The microphones have noise cancellation and echo cancellation built in which would give the user a seamless and crisp audio output to the users.

Could you share some insights into the research and development process behind the V6 Series?

Rohit AK: V6, as the name suggests, is our 6th generation Corporate Series displays and this is a product that has been developed after a thorough understanding of the market requirement.

As an example, with the excessive usage of Software-based video conferencing in organizations, users are increasingly wanting to have an option where they want to mirror the content on their laptop onto the screen.

This mirrored screen should be visible both to the users locally present in the room as well as to the remote users who would have joined through one of the meeting software.

I can confidently say MAXHUB is currently a pioneer in this use case and delivers the best-in-class hybrid meetings to its users.

The above-mentioned use case was met after a thorough understanding and research into user behaviour, where we had to change the way, the machines were built from scratch. MAXHUB has the capability to adapt to the changing market requirements.

In terms of connectivity and compatibility, how does MAXHUB ensure that the V6 Series integrates well with existing software and hardware solutions that organizations may already be using?

Rohit AK: MAXHUB’s endeavour is to optimize customers’ investments. All our V6 Series displays are built on the Windows platform thereby ensuring the users have the capability to run all the software that they run on their laptops on our V6 Series displays’

At the same time if a user is on Ubuntu or MAC platforms the user can mirror his laptop onto our screen either using a Type C cable, a HDMI cable, or our wireless mirroring Dongles.

Looking ahead, what can we expect from MAXHUB in terms of future innovations or product developments?

Rohit AK: MAXHUB may further leverage artificial intelligence (AI) to enhance their products. This could involve AI-powered features such as intelligent content recognition and organization, automated transcription and translation, voice control and natural language processing, and personalized user experiences through AI-driven interfaces.

Currently, we are working on displays with a 21:9 aspect ratio which is going to be the future of meeting rooms and is the space where all the Soft VC providers are heading towards.

We are also working on a range of cameras that will help our users to convert any room into a video-enabled room, for example – 360 Degree cameras, etc.

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