Role of Mobile Learning Solutions in the Education Industry

Mobile Learning Solutions

The concept of mobile is not limited to only telecommunication. Even the education industry uses the same, and the very fresh example is the ‘learning during the lockdown’.

According to one study in 2019, mobile learning (mLearning) is 90% effective. That is why the mobile learning solutions market size was $27.32 billion in 2019.

Seeing its popular growth and good future, companies either develop mLearning solutions on their own or collaborate with the mobile learning services provider.

Remember that mobile learning is a part of eLearning that has grown up to 900% in the last 20 years.

The major question you will also ask is how mLearning courses played a significant role in the education industry?  Well, keep reading this post to get the answer!

The Significant Impact of Mobile Learning Solutions

Day by day mLearning sector is increasing and adding several elements to enhance the interactive learning content. Want to know what impact they have on the education sector? Stay tuned.

· Positive impact during lockdown

Amid this pandemic crisis, almost 85% of organizations suffered the learning crisis. Everyone has the same question about how to lessen the learning gap!

Thanks to mobile learning, which facilitated interactive learning through smartphones. Remember that from K12 to corporates, learners across all domains and industries used mLearning courses.

More facts? Well, according to one study published, 50% of organizations reported a positive impact on their business after using mLearning solutions.

Why so? Wider accessibility, flexible learning and many other benefits it provides scroll down to explore more about them!

· Flexibility in learning

What is so special about downloadable documents, micro learning videos and other genre content? Well, it is all about flexibility and compatibility. 

You can access them anytime and anywhere! And not only on phones, but PCs and laptops to support them.

So, whether you are commuting or doing daily chores, these flexible learning solutions are easy to access anytime and anywhere.

That is why companies, who have the limitation in conventional learning, leverage mobile learning courses to streamline education.

Podcasts, mLearning apps and mobile LMS (Learning Management System) are a few ways that strengthen the mobile learning strategy even in uncertain times.

· Accessibility

Amid this pandemic crisis, one major concern that we everyone face is the learning crisis. The report shows almost 1 billion learners were not able to acquire knowledge during the lockdown.

Thus, mobile learning solutions helped in imparting knowledge to most of them. Smartphones were not only limited to the calling purpose but even for the learning too!

Almost 91% of smartphone learners spent 5 to 6 hours daily to acquire knowledge. Online videos, live sessions and customized mobile apps helped institutions to administer learning content according to the requirement.

After all, if we conclude by saying that mLearning is an effective custom learning solution, then it is not wrong!

· Collaborative learning

Socializing online has become a new learning phenomena. Discussion forums, live chats and learning community pages are a few of the mediums for the social media learning.

And the good part about them is, they are easy to integrate into mobile apps as well. It means learning modules are available at a few clicks, which collaborates learners from different cultures and backgrounds.

This is the beauty of mLearning courses are there. In the current scenario, there are plenty of mLearning courses are available with the social media integration.

It means you can share your learning reports on social media platforms or connect with educators as well for the knowledge transfer.

This methodology is so effective that 59% of educational institutions and 80% of organizations use it.

And another report is 52% of grade 6 to 9 learners have tablets and smartphones for collaborative learning.

· Multi device support

It is understood that smartphones and tablets are gaining more popularity over PCs and laptops! But no one can deny one fact, and that is still 30% of mobile learners prefer learning on workstations or laptops.

And no eLearning module like mLearning courses is accessible on different devices. That is why of the total eLearning market, mLearning registers 21.45%.

Videos, PDFS, gamification courses and many other mLearning modules are compatible across all digital platforms.

You can either store them into pen drives or on cloud storage; mLearning courses work in every device and storage system.

· Productivity

No doubt mobile users like you are more productive than computer ones. The reason is straightforward that engagement levels in smartphone devices are much higher than in computers.

According to facts, mobile users are 43% more productive compared to computer users. That is why 70% of the organization in the USA adopted BYOD (Bring Your Own Device).

It does not mean that computer learning carries no value. But the fact is students demand flexibility in learning and mobiles are easy to carry. So, whether it is daytime or midnight, learning is not at all stopped!

· The information available at fingertips

In this technological era, no one has time to visit libraries and research. In fact, the digital library has become a rising star!

So, mLearning apps have a digital library with all learning resources compilation. All modules are available at your fingertips.

One fact shows mobile learning has a 40% more completion rate than conventional learning methods. Besides, it takes 50% less time than conventional learning methods.

Final Words

After reading so much significant information, one thing is for sure! MLearning courses are here to stay! The total market size of this domain is expected to be $63450 million by 2026. 

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And more new trends and learning module variants are going to join in upcoming years. So, if you haven’t used mLearning so far, use them now!