Role of UX-Prototype for Software/Product Market

Role of UX-Prototype for Software-Product Market

The primary role of a prototype is the functionality test in the beta phase, before developing the bigger and final version along with high-level end functionalities. If you test your UX with a prototype you could fix bugs in advance and then focus on UI design.

This helps you save time, energy, and of course the money. It is always better to test the design at the UX stage with prototypes than redesigning the complete UI at a later stage.

Use Prototyping Smartly to Create Meaningful UX Design

The dynamism of consumer behavior keeps everyone in guessing mode. The digitalization of consumer space witnessed a dramatic change in user behavior. In this era of information bombardment, it is very challenging to get the desired consumer attention and engage the user for fruitful results. This happens only when your users experience value in the engagement. 

Role of behavioral flow

Your UX designer makes sure that your product is in sync with consumer behavior to grab attention and create a meaningful experience. An effective UX designer will design the entire process from start to finish by integrating the elements of branding, usability, and functionality.

The UX design process starts with answering the primary question of users’ motivation behind the product engagement. Next in the process is how to enhance the experience through functionalities. Once done, the focus shifts to designing functionalities to make it user-friendly. The flow should be simple and smooth for a fluid experience.  

Want to See Idea in Action?

This visualization of flow and functionality is the idea behind ‘prototype’. It is nothing but the sample model of the product to see what shape your idea will take. A prototype is definitely not the replica of the final product. The main idea behind the prototype is to help visualize the appropriateness of design solutions.

Importance of simple visual flow

The simplicity and ease in explaining the functionalities make prototyping an absolute must in the web or app development process. Your design schemes and wireframe is necessary, but with prototypes, you can make your development process highly efficient as there won’t be any room for human errors creep in.

A prototype is of great value in making your UX design process successful. Don’t confuse prototypes with “UI in action” as this is most effective as the step between UX design and UI design.

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Take away, in simple terms- The success of your product or service depends on how fruitful is the user experience (UX).