Young Indian entrepreneur – Roman Saini, the unspoken journey of Unacademy

Roman Saini - Founder of Unacademy
Roman Saini - Founder of Unacademy

Entrepreneurial journey of Roman Saini, Young Indian entrepreneur & Unacademy Founder

There was a time when distance education was not so popular in India, because here in India, distance  learning was not very much prevalent and people still preferred offline classes more than online classes.

And  now, today, I am going to discuss about an Indian entrepreneur, who changed the scenario completely. He  literally brought a revolution in the mobile learning and online education industry.

At a time, when people had to travel a lot of distance just to reach the coaching classes, the idea of having an online platform to teach and impart education was still in its nascent form. Lets see, how it became into the way we see it  today.  

The journey began, when a guy from a very middle class background started dreaming to change this  industry from a very young age.

Inspired to become an entrepreneur, he quitted his highly reputed job, as a  deputy collector in Jabalpur, Madhya Pradesh, from the post of an IAS officer.

He was a very sincere  student since his childhood, clearing his medical entrance exam for AIIMS college Delhi, at the age of 16. 

He went to AIIMS to study MBBS and after becoming a doctor, he became the youngest civil servant of his  batch, to clear the prestigious exam of UPSC civil services, and became an IAS officer at the age of 22.

Yes!  You have guessed the name correct. He is none other than Roman Saini, the famous Indian entrepreneur. 

The journey of Unacademy was started in the year 2010, when Unacademy was a free Youtube channel, offering online live lectures to someone who wishes to learn.

But it was only after 2015, when it got  officially registered as an enterprise, and hence officially it became a company. Roman Saini established its headquarter in the startup capital of India, Bengaluru, Karnataka.  

He started with extreme passion, to bring education to each and every person, who were not able to afford to  go and stay in a place where good coaching was offered.

Back then, good coaching was usually offered at  some big cities like Delhi, Lucknow for government job exams, similarly Hyderabad and Kota for engineering and medical entrances, Bombay for CA entrance and so on.

So this concept of coaching in a  particular geographical domain was challenged by Roman Saini, and he significantly started investing into digi  education or Edu-tech industry.

He started a concept of e –learning. Within 6 years, Unacademy became the  biggest online platform and its net worth reached 2 Billion.

It started to acquire other small online platforms  to expand its business, such as code chef (famous for online coding classes), wifi study (famous for bank,  railway and SSC preparations) prep ladder (famous of online learning classes) and a many more.  

It is a story that simply proves that if a person dreams to achieve something big, then there is nothing called  as impossible to achieve.

Countless times, history has proved it by giving us examples in form of people like  him, or people like Dhirubhai Ambani, and it clearly says that, no matter what background you belong to, no  matter what is your net worth now, no matter how much you have talents within you, it’s never a factor in  achieving your dream and becoming successful.  

Roman Saini, in his free time, likes to listen to music and play guitar. He is passionate about music, and  follows that also.

In one of his interview, Roman Saini said to the media, that he has followed all things which he was  passionate about in his life.

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He left no stones unturned in achieving desired result. Forbes named him in the  list of 30 Under 30. He can be referred as the “Indian Steve Jobs” from an entrepreneurial perspective.