Roshni Kapoor continues her winning streak by excelling in dual careers as an actor and a brand endorser.

Roshni Kapoor Image

Her commitment towards achieving the top position has gained her enough recognition around the creative realm.

A few are able enough to carve their own distinct niche and Roshni Kapoor is one of them as she has managed to grab wide appreciation as a brand endorser which has even won her the ‘Top Brand Endorser’ award, which has added to her existing long list of achievements.

This extremely talented individual also happens to be a fine actor who has featured in the movie “The Rage-Over Injustice”.

The levels of success she has been able to accomplish is phenomenal and people are highly intrigued by the way she has pushed her career graph skywards, achieving further milestones in her professional career from time to time.

Roshni says that the creative streak in her, which existed long before she discovered it herself, has helped her cross many boundaries, achieving the impossible, resulting in her churning out some incredible work which has impressed those around her.

“I always believed in giving my best in whatever path I chose and this has been my graph right since my educational years till I stepped into the professional sphere.

There can be many factors which resists you in achieving goals but all you have to do is to accept and learn and overcome them. Sometimes it can be language, culture or relocation but everything becomes easy when you become tough.”

“Anything that is growing and positive, inspires me. I love to meet new people and explore new projects learning what best I can perceive from them to transform my own self.

If you contribute, you inspire me,” says the now popular Endorser’ who has worked on various projects successfully, which has even got her the right recognition in the form of awards.

Before she stepped into this creative realm, She not just inspires a lot of girls and women with her ideas but also puts in her time and effort in understanding what’s trending through her deep interests in online marketing and social media.

This is not all. She also grooms and judges fashion shows. Her tryst with social media began there as she started playing around with this extremely engaging medium, and before she knew she had become a popular figure.

Roshni is a known name when it comes to endorsements as she has till date worked with more than 500 brands, helping them gain prominence over the digital sphere through her exemplary skills.

Winning numerous awards during her journey has been a big confidence booster for her which has ignited the fire in her to do much better in her forthcoming projects.

Apart from managing her career as an ‘Endorser’, Roshni is also pursuing her acting career and has been a part of the movie and a few web series and music songs which are lined up to hit the floors.

She has indeed come a long way and attained professional success to a great extent which is evident by the kind of prominence she has gained by conquering different realms with ease.

You can follow her on Instagram , Facebook , LinkedIn & Twitter.

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