Rouble Nagi Art Foundation contributes towards the second wave of the pandemic

Rouble Nagi Art Foundation

Rouble Nagi Art Foundation (RNAF),  a Mumbai-based NGO working towards education, women empowerment, and employment, is known for conducting regular workshops for sanitation and hygiene.

The foundation has contributed significantly towards the Covid-19 medical relief for children in the slums and the villages of India.

During the first wave of the 2020 pandemic, RNAF reached out to over 3 lakh families across India and is now actively stepping forward to contribute and make a difference in the second wave of Covid-19.

Organising relief camps in the localities, conducting regular tests and temperature checks and ensuring that the children in the slums get proper medical care, RNAF is doing its bit for society.

Nurturing and protecting children, the RNAF team lays special focus on forming relief squads and sending help wherever required.

RNAF’s skill centre has been producing and distributing over 40,000 masks in the neighbouring villages and slums while educating people about the significance of staying protected, especially now more than ever.

They are regularly distributing sanitary napkins to women in slum dying lockdown as it is very crucial at this stage.

Stepping up as a responsible leader, Rouble Nagi, Founder, RNAF, said, “We, at RNAF, generally take care of education and employment on a larger scale. 

But given the country’s current state concerning the pandemic– we are monitoring the areas where we are working in the slums and the villages, ensuring they are covid-free and nobody is affected.

If we observe that people are affected and need medical help, then we provide them medical assistance immediately.

Covid is not just spreading amongst elders but also amongst children, and since we have a lot of children learning with us, we are making sure that they are healthy, and so far, all the children who are learning with us are absolutely doing well!”

About Rouble Nagi Art Foundation (RNAF)

Rouble Nagi Art Foundation is a Mumbai-based NGO, registered under Bombay Public Trust Act, 1950.

Currently, the foundation runs project focusing mainly on “Learn to Earn”, Women Empowerment, and children welfare which focuses on Education.

The art foundation is also running educational courses for Government schools all across Maharashtra state. 

RNAF also supports the Government’s initiative of Swachh Bharat Abhiyaan and has been taking it forward in their trademark style of painting and pleasant living spaces.

Their vision is to make sure that all children get an education that helps them responsible, become caring,  and productive citizens. 

Rouble Nagi Art Foundation has various educational projects, which aim at providing quality education for underprivileged.

The main aim of Rouble Nagi Art Foundation is to bring a positive change in their mindset and connect to people through Art.

Educating through art about the importance of creating Job opportunities for Youth, Children’s Education, Sanitation, empowering Women, Cleanliness, Hygiene, Waste Management- say No to Plastic & Children health in Slums & Villages.

They have painted and repaired more than 150 plus homes to date and are currently working in over 163 slums and villages across India.

Rouble Nagi Art Foundation’s initiative ‘Misaal Mumbai’ is the first slum transformation initiative in India via Art.

The Misaal Initiatives is the long term vision to provide support/training and help create more village entrepreneurs.

Their centres are currently operational in villages in Rajasthan, Maharashtra, Uttarakhand and they will be starting a centre in Rural Kashmir by February 2021. 

The Mahila Saksham Yojna is an initiative to empower unskilled women from villages and slums to make Handicrafts and Khadi Fabric Products.

The initiative has played a key role in empowering women from rural India, who is now confident of their skill and have become financially independent. The Aim is to make women self-reliant and give them financial independence.  

About  Ms. Rouble Nagi :

Rouble Nagi, an award-winning artist is the Founder of Rouble Nagi Art Foundation & Rouble Nagi Design Studio.

She is is one of the pioneers to start Mumbai beautification with ‘Art Installations’ around the city and a member of the India Design Council (IDC).

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Rouble Nagi is also the first Woman Artist to be invited to exhibit at the Rashtrapati Bhavan Museum Gallery New Delhi,  An Artist and Social worker who promotes young and talented artists from India and abroad.