Interview: Ruby Vishwanath, Founder of Purple Flaunt, a designer maternity wear brand

Ruby Vishwanath

An interview with Ruby Vishwanath, Founder of Purple Flaunt, a designer maternity wear brand

Join us for an insightful interview with Ruby Vishwanath, the creative mind behind Purple Flaunt, a pioneering designer maternity wear brand. With a keen eye for style and a passion for empowering expectant mothers, Vishwanath has revolutionized the maternity fashion landscape.

In this discussion, we delve into her journey, inspirations, and the ethos driving Purple Flaunt’s mission to redefine maternity wear.

What inspired you to start Purple Flaunt, your maternity wear brand? Was there a personal experience or gap in the market that drove this decision?

Ruby Vishwanath: The inspiration to launch a maternity brand has stemmed from a blend of personal experiences, market insights, and a fervent drive to craft stylish and practical clothing for expectant mothers.

As a new mom during my pregnancy, I encountered numerous challenges in finding the right attire that aligned with my preferences and requirements, particularly during the third trimester and post-delivery period. It was my first venture into maternity wear, and I struggled to find options that were both fashionable, comfortable, and importantly, affordable.

Drawing from my professional background as a sourcing expert with a global retailer, I observed that maternity clothing remained an underserved category, failing to evolve to adequately meet the needs of expecting mothers.

Ultimately, this longing has led to the creation of a brand dedicated to empowering pregnant women and celebrating motherhood. Our aim is to provide apparel that instills confidence and beauty throughout pregnancy and beyond.

Maternity wear is a niche market. How did you identify the needs and preferences of your target audience when developing your brand and products?

Ruby Vishwanath: Understanding the audience is crucial for developing any product. We formulated our approach by initiating comprehensive market research, followed by engaging with several mothers from diverse regions worldwide to listen to their maternity journeys. We then gathered and processed this information to inform the product development process.

Creating a successful fashion brand requires a keen understanding of trends and consumer preferences. How do you stay informed and ahead of the curve in the maternity wear industry?

Ruby Vishwanath: Having worked in the fashion industry, trends, product craftsmanship, and quality have always been at the top of our agenda. Before launching the brand, we understood that it targets a niche market with limited breadth.

Consequently, it cannot be analyzed solely based on historical sales or trends data. We were bold enough to experiment with new designs and concepts that aligned with the parameters of trendiness, quality, and affordability.

Our primary goal has been to develop products suitable for wearing both before and after delivery, allowing even regular moms to flaunt them.”

Design plays a crucial role in fashion. How do you approach the design process for Purple Flaunt to ensure both style and functionality for expectant mothers?

Ruby Vishwanath: We consistently align our work with current trends to ensure optimal color and pattern selection in our CAD development. However, it’s important to note that not every trend or fashion is conducive to expecting mothers.

Therefore, we meticulously scrutinize every detail, with quality and comfort ranking as our utmost priorities, while thoughtfully incorporating innovations in trends and designs.

Sustainability is increasingly important in the fashion industry. How does Purple Flaunt incorporate eco-friendly practices into its manufacturing processes and product offerings?

Ruby Vishwanath: We utilize sustainable fabrics with lower environmental impacts compared to conventional materials. Our approach to packaging minimization involves using the minimum amount necessary and avoiding unnecessary packaging whenever possible.

This strategy helps to reduce waste and environmental impact throughout the supply chain. Our primary focus is on crafting high-quality garments built to last, encouraging consumers to invest in timeless pieces rather than fleeting fashion trends.

Collectively, we strive to minimize waste and environmental footprint, contributing to a more sustainable future for the fashion industry.

Building a brand requires effective marketing and branding strategies. What tactics has Purple Flaunt employed to raise awareness and attract customers to its maternity wear line?

Ruby Vishwanath: We uphold a robust online presence through our website and social media platforms. This entails consistently updating our website and social media accounts with new products and content pertaining to maternity and women’s fashion.

As a brand, we actively engage with our customers on platforms such as Instagram and Facebook by sharing photos, stories, and styling tips to highlight our products and engage with potential customers. Nevertheless, we firmly believe that a superior product speaks volumes, and there is no platform more influential than word of mouth.

Balancing entrepreneurship with personal life, especially as a mother, can be challenging. How do you manage your time and priorities while running Purple Flaunt?

Ruby Vishwanath: Setting priorities plays a significant role. However, understanding oneself and effectively delegating tasks within both professional and personal spheres can prevent quick burnout.

Having support from one’s spouse and friends makes balancing entrepreneurship with motherhood more manageable and enjoyable.

What advice would you give to aspiring entrepreneurs looking to enter the fashion industry, particularly in the maternity wear sector?

Ruby Vishwanath: Creating a thriving business in the fashion industry, or any field, demands time, dedication, and resilience.

Maintain your passion for your vision, stay unwaveringly focused on your objectives, and refuse to be disheartened by setbacks or obstacles encountered on the journey.

Finally, can you share a sneak peek of any upcoming collections or initiatives that Purple Flaunt  has in store for its customers?

Ruby Vishwanath: We’re thrilled about our upcoming collections and initiatives, but we want to keep them under wraps until we can unveil them in all their glory.

However, We can assure you that we’re constantly working to bring fresh and exciting offerings to our customers. Keep an eye on our website ( and social media channels for announcements and updates. We promise it’ll be worth the wait!

Our interview with Ruby Vishwanath, Founder of Purple Flaunt, illuminates the fusion of fashion and functionality in maternity wear. Vishwanath’s dedication to empowering women through stylish and comfortable attire exemplifies the brand’s commitment to celebrating the beauty of motherhood.

As we bid adieu, we anticipate witnessing the continued success and impact of Purple Flaunt on expectant mothers worldwide.

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