Usha Chaumar and Asha Jha, Rural entrepreneurs honored with BRICS CCI V Rural Women Empowerment Awards

Rural Entrepreneurship Award

Mrs. Usha Chaumar, President, Sulabh International Social Service Organization and Smt. Asha Jha, Madhubani Painting Artist and Rural Entrepreneur were awarded BRICS CCI WE Rural Women Empowerment Awards at BRICS CCI WE Women at AtmaNirbhar Bharat Summit held in the capital today.

Shri Sasmit Patra, Honorable MP, Rajya Sabha, Shri Ram Mohan Mishra, Secretary, Ministry of Women and Child Development and Smt. Sonal Goyal, Special Resident Commissioner, Tripura Bhavan, Achieves Women’s Achievement in BRICS CCI V Women at AtmaNirbhar Bharat Summit.

Shri Ram Mohan Mishra, Secretary, Ministry of Women and Child Development, Shri Sasmit Patra, Honorable MP, Rajya Sabha, and Smt. Sonal Goyal, Special Resident Commissioner, Tripura Bhavan and Smt. Sangeeta Gupta, retired. Commissioner of Income Tax, Govt. India has represented Shri BBL Madhukar, Director General, BRICS CCI, Shri Vishwas Tripathi, BRICS CCI, Shri Sampay Shastri, BRICS CCI, Vice Chairman, Mr. Shabana Naseem, President, BRICS CCI WE, Ms. Ruby Sinha, Convener, BRICS CCI WE, Ms. Shurmisha Ghosh, Honey. Director, Business Advisor, BRICS CCI and other distinguished personalities.

In 2021, India has presided over BRICS for the third time. BRICS is based on equality, mutual understanding, trust and respect. It provides inclusive and innovative solutions to many long-term challenges.

Rural entrepreneurs Usha Chaumar and Asha Jha are being felicitated by Sonal Goyal (IAS), Sasmit Patra, MP, Rajya Sabha and BRICS CCI vice-president of BRICS CCI.

In other key focus areas, while BRICS president, India will work towards the Women’s Business Alliance. The event was presented by eminent personalities who shared their views and opinions on women entrepreneurs and professionals, which was central to India’s growth story in the post-COVID era.

According to Smt. Sonal Goyal said, “When you empower a woman, you empower the whole family and the whole society around them. Atamanibhar India calls for women to truly empower and encourage local talent and to promote the country’s indigenous trade. “

In his address, Sh. Sasmit Patra stated, “Mission Shakti (2002) is the strongest example of women empowerment.” 80 lakh women received funding from the government for women entrepreneurship. Therefore, it proves that women can be both bread-makers and bread-winners, giving them a sense of self-worth. “

Mr. Ram Mohan Mishra said, ‘When we talk of women empowerment, it is a pre-requisite to provide opportunities to work together on socio-cultural, political and economic aspects. Apart from this, it is also essential for the achievement of sustainable development. “


Mr. Vishwas Tripathi said, “The role of women is going to be important to AtmaNirbhar’s vision. India. Therefore, to include women, it is imperative to understand the current circumstances and the challenges and appropriate actions facing women. “

Dr. BBL Madhukar said, “Women’s empowerment is definitely the need of the hour. This gives them equal status compared to men which creates a frictionless environment for women. Secondly, it makes women financially independent which is very important in this era. This can help them fight for their rights. BRICS CCI has also strived for gender equality in all positions of work. “

Mr. Sipe Shastri said, “Women empowerment is the key to a self-reliant India. Access to capital and access to skills are two major areas where women need to be encouraged. We at BRICS CCI have always celebrated the status of women and achievements in advancing gender equality around the world. “

The summit was organized in collaboration with the BRICS CCI WE in the Four Schools of Management and SheAtWork, a one-stop knowledge hub for women entrepreneurs. Eminent panelists focused on topics such as women leadership of today, women leaders of tomorrow and the creation of a more inclusive workplace for women.

Ms. Shabana Naseem said, “Atmain India India focuses on improving the lives of women through various initiatives of women empowerment and at the AtmaNirbhar Bharat Summit to celebrate the achievements of women in advancing the status of women and around the world Is a step towards promoting gender division in India. “

The eminent list of panelists included Ms. Anisha Singh, founding partner Xi Capital, Sqn. Ldr. Prerna Chaturvedi (Veteran), Director & CEO, Evolate India, Mr. Harshvendra Soin, Global Chief People Officer and Head Marketing, Tech Mahindra, Ms. Anna Ribas, Advisor to CEO, SEB Bank, Mr. Avi Mittal, Co-founder Golden Ace Ventures, Ms. Shammi Pant, Co-Founder,, Mr. Sanjeev Shivesh, Founder & CEO, The Entrepreneurship School, Ms. Sriparna Basu – Professor, For School of Management, Mr. Ravi Sinha, Former Director, Former Director South Asia, Mercer Consulting & Trustees, Akhand Jyoti Eye Hospital and National Public Relations Coordinator, Association of African Students in India, delivered their speech at the women’s panel discussion for Atmanihar Bharat.