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Here is a list of sustainable, non-toxic and chemical free baby products!

A baby is always considered a blessing to a family and for the new parents, there is a whole new sense of purpose when it comes to ensuring the safety of this newborn.

Very new to the world, babies are sensitive to everything around them, which is why it is extremely important to choose products that are safe and comfortable for them.

But, how can you make sure that your baby is safe if the products you are choosing are not toxin- free, safe and overall the best for the little one?

This is where Meolaa comes in… To save you time and help you get your hands on vibrant brands without any worries, Meolaa, a purpose-driven, inclusive platform has curated a perfect list of products that meet your baby’s needs.

These carefully picked products will ensure that your baby is comfortable and safe across all seasons while being eco-friendly at the same time. All the brands below have done their part in making products that every parent must have.

Love You Mom Babywear Set

This is an ethically made babywear set that uses the finest organic cotton, chemical free dyes, non- toxic labels and lead & nickel free fastenings.

Made locally with the utmost care, this babywear set not only keeps the toddlers comfy yet trendy but also translates into a safer choice for our environment. Parents are always looking to give their babies the best and it is clear that this babywear set tops the list.

Baby activity gym-Ribbon theme

This activity gym helps your baby achieve early milestones right in front of you. As you see your baby roll on their sides as they try to hold on to the attached hanging toys, you will see how this baby gym helps in developing your baby’s sensory skills, grasping and holding skills, fine motor skills while improving hand eye coordination.

An ideal gifting option for a new born kid or a new mom, this baby gym is also eco- friendly and more durable than any plastic counterpart. 

Learning Tower – 2

Learning tower is an ideal option for your baby to help access height. Unlike the regular stools available in the market, the learning tower is safe allowing you to leave your baby unattended for a few moments wherein you may be engaged.

Consciously designed using natural material and non toxic elements, this tower helps parents explore the abilities and test movements of their little ones.

Ergonomically designed with uninterrupted desk space and comfortable back rest, the learning tower ensures safety of your little one as they find new ways to play and learn.

Polka Hues – Nano AIO with 2 organic cotton inserts

This all- in- one cloth diaper includes special snap-able organic cotton inserts that are perfect for your toddler and last up to 3 hours during the daytime.

The organic cotton diaper is lined with soft fleece material keeping your baby’s bum dry. Designed carefully using the choicest materials, the diaper is easy to use and can be altered according to your baby’s preference.

For nighttime use, swim use, or a heavy wetter baby, extra absorbency can be added or removed easily in just a snap!

Miniware Little Foodie All-in-one Feeding Set Vanilla/ Key Lime

This All-in-one Feeding Set is ideal to kickstart the habit of self- feeding for your kids. Made from durable materials, with detachable suction-foot, silicone accessories and unique “easy-scoop” angles, it is created to help kids learn essential skills while reducing accidents and spills.

The waterproof lid seals help in making it ideal for transporting messy foods or storing leftovers. It is also a perfect gifting option for little ones, made with 100% natural plant based ingredients.

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