Saffola Total: Heart Conscious Edible Oil, A Perfect Combination of Two Healthy Oils

Saffola Total - A Perfect Combination of Two Healthy Oils
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Saffola Total, Pro Heart Conscious Edible Oil – Superior protection for your heart

For us Indians, food is also a religion. From fried ‘Chole Bhature’ tasty ‘Bhajiyas’ and from morning ‘Puri Sabji’ evening ‘Malpuas,’ we can eat anything and everything. But one thing we are likely to ignore behind the taste is our health.

All the fried food brings fat and high calories as the usage of oil is way higher. Thus, you must be sure about choosing the right oil, which protects you from various heart problems, so that you can freely walk towards a healthy, guilt-free life.

Saffola Total Cooking Oil is one of the best solutions when you do not want to compromise between health and taste.

Saffola total is a blend of two major healthy oils as it includes 70% portion of refined rice bran oil and 30% portion of sunflower oil, which prevents inflammation.

Ingredients of Saffola Total Cooking Oil

Saffola Total has a perfect combination of physically refined brand oil and refined sunflower seed oil.

Here are some extraordinary benefits extracted from both oils, which makes Saffola Total as a key solution to stay away from all the heart problems.

Benefits Extracts from Rice Bran Oil in Saffola Total

  • Rice bran oil has vitamins and other nutrients with slightly nutty flavors that complement dishes like seafood, meats, and vegetables.
  • Also, rice bran oil can destroy cancer cells and detoxify cancer-causing agents.
  • Rice bran oil has a low viscosity, which leads you towards low absorption and enhances the color and texture of your fried food.

Benefits Extract from Safflower Oil in Saffola Total

  • Safflower oil improves the power of fighting against coronary heart disease and diabetes.
  • Due to its high Omega 3 fats, it helps in eliminating excess fats from your body and leads you towards weight loss.
  • Safflower oil has a high amount of vitamin E, which helps in flawless blood circulation and lowers the problem of respiratory.

Key Features of Saffola Total Pro Heart Conscious Edible Oil

#1 With the combination of two edible oils, Saffola Total offers various heart health care benefits because it works on eight heart health’s biomarkers, which reduces inflammation.

#2 It has five advanced antioxidants power – oryzanol, vitamin E, tocotrienols, phytosterol, and squalene. These antioxidants prevent the formation of free radicals.

#3 It brings the benefits of two major healthy oils, i.e. 70% refined rice bran oil and 30% refined safflower seed oil. It also has a generous ratio of MUFA/PUFA that enables you to maintain HDL, LDL, and cholesterol levels in your body.

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#4 With its LOSORB technology, it absorbs 31% less oil in your fried dishes and also enhances the texture, flavor, and color of your food and gives you the experience of non-oily food.

#5 It supports strong bones with its infusion of vitamins A and D that protects you from night blindness and keep your bones strong.

Pricing Policy of Saffola Total

Saffola Total costs Rs. 200 to 250 for one litre jar in the market, and for the large family usage, it comes in a packaging of 2 litre and 5 ltr jars. It is not too much for your healthy heart and healthy life as well.

Nutritional Value of Saffola Total

Rice bran oil and safflower oil contains Omega 6 fats and reduce Omega 3 fats, so it is recommended that one should consume Saffola Total with a good source of Omega 3 fats.

Serving Size- 10gm
Calories- 90000
Fat- 10gm
Carbs- 0
Protein- 0

In Final Words

Saffola Total is a total solution to get rid of your heart and immune diseases to improve your healthy lifestyle.

You should include it in your daily meals and make sure you store it in an airtight container as it should be kept in cool and dry places only. So don’t compromise with your health, prefer Saffola Total for overall health enhancement.

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