How couple turns co-founders to build their dream project – ‘Mubaarak’ 

Sagar-Dhwani Vipani

Sagar & Dhwani Vipani are the co-founder of Mubaarak by The Brand Owl Studio

Entrepreneur Duo Sagar & Dhwani Vipani are the co-founder of Mubaarak by The Brand Owl Studio. For them success at Mubaarak is indescribable in words, it’s an emotion we celebrate through the smiles they see when they deliver their work.

Mubaarak began its journey in 2021, today they celebrate 50+ clients who chose them to announce their wedding day & make it feel just the way they dreamt!

While wedding stationery takes most of their share of work, with involvement in the way occasions are celebrated today. This industry has grown manifold & what makes them create their space is the design element.

A couple of initial months were just about spreading the word through their work in Mumbai but to their astonishment inquiries started pouring in for destination weddings from event planners across the country. These tiny steps were truly overwhelming!

While celebrating 1 year of inception, they take pride to have built a clientele in India & the US for stationary designing for weddings, baby shower celebrations, gender reveal parties, and pet parties.

This project was meant to contribute to the happiness of their clients on their wedding day and they believe making them happy is where their success lies!

It has been a gratifying journey for them and has given them a purpose to fulfill with their skillsets as co-founders at Mubaarak.

Being married to each other, they have always shared their dreams and the thought processes behind wanting to achieve them.

Every trip that they plan together to explore leaves them either inspired or unfolds their creative ideas.
In 2021, they took a city tour to the City Palace of Jaipur.

The beauty of the reception hall renowned as ‘Mubaarak Mahal’, mesmerized them and they couldn’t hold themselves back to carry the roots of this beauty to Mumbai.

That’s when the thought of Mubaarak struck! It was founded by Dhwani Vipani a year back, Sagar have always been the pillar of support she needed but his corporate job had its responsibilities to be taken care of while on the other hand, he had Mubaarak with all the potential to make it BIG!

He chose the latter and today he takes the opportunity to call himself, the co-founder of Mubaarak and the couple who turned co-founders to build their dream project – Mubaarak.

Bonds are beloved and they intricately portray their essence in their stationary designing services bifurcated into four categories – NYOTA, KHATIRDAARI, BHENT, and LAAD.

Each category though speaking for itself is meant to craft the essence of celebrations through emotions and thoughtful expressions.

Today, their vision is to mark globally and letting the world know how aesthetically beautiful Indian culture is!

Starting a new journey as Entrepreneur, this is what Sagar has to say – “Though he had never let failure be the term to describe tough days for him. There have been times when he was sticking to something that people around him expected him to do or be in but gradually, he started giving time to the things that made him happy and gave meaning to his existence..

That’s when the purpose of his life shifted slowly, just the way taking up the role of co-founder happened from a 9-5 corporate job. .

Again, from being a complete introvert to gaining confidence to fight the battles within him, it wasn’t a cakewalk but neither impossible but a bit of introspection made him who he is today. Face your fears, they’ll build you!

As of Sagar, his wife Dhwani Vipani, and her aspirations and ambitions have encouraged him to look at the challenging yet exciting side of entrepreneurship and how it molds you as an individual every day.

Being an entrepreneur is about the possibility to build great things with your ability to execute and create meaningful opportunities for people.

Sagar says to young and aspiring entrepreneurs and startups, that ”Find your passion, have a clear vision, believe in yourself and the people you work with, take the risk and foremost thing, challenge yourself and you are halfway there to achieving your aspirations!”


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