Interview with Sanjeev Kumar Jain, CEO and Founder of Nema Eldercare

Sanjeev Kumar Jain

An exclusive interview with Sanjeev Kumar Jain, CEO and Founder of Nema Eldercare

In the world of senior care and assisted living, few individuals possess the level of expertise and passion that Sanjeev Kumar Jain does. As the visionary CEO and Founder of Nema Eldercare, an organization dedicated to providing exceptional care for seniors, including specialized services for dementia care and assisted living, Mr. Jain has not only transformed the landscape of elderly care but has also touched the lives of countless families.

With a commitment to delivering compassionate and dignified care to our aging population, Sanjeev Kumar Jain has become a driving force in redefining the concept of old age homes. In this exclusive interview, we delve into his inspiring journey, vision for Nema Eldercare, and the profound impact he’s making on the lives of the elderly and their families.

Sanjeev Kumar Jain is a respected entrepreneur, architect, and expert in the field of eldercare, with a remarkable journey that spans across multiple countries and disciplines. An alumnus of prestigious institutions like IIT-Kharagpur and IIM-Calcutta, Sanjeev’s expertise in design and construction forms the foundation of Nema Eldercare’s innovative approach to creating specialized elder homes and retirement housing.

His dedication to reshaping senior living experiences is evident in the comprehensive, person-centric care that Nema Eldercare provides, embracing elements of comfort, care, and conviviality. Sanjeev provides strategic directions to the group companies & eldercare platform.

In addition, Sanjeev loves to teach & travel. In the past, he has been a professor and development & design head for various international companies.

Can you please provide an overview of NEMA Eldercare and its mission? What inspired you to start this organization?

Sanjeev Kumar Jain: NEMA Eldercare is an assisted living home based in Delhi NCR. Our offerings include comprehensive Hospitality and Healthcare services for elderly citizens, either at our luxuriously designed NEMA Care Home or in the cozy comfort of their own homes.

Our mission is to develop multiple categories of healthcare-focused elder homes & retirement housing (senior living communities) that shall provide comprehensive care & associated services to seniors. NEMA was first established in 2019, at a time when there limited to no proper facilities available for seniors in India. Understanding the miserable condition of the industry back then was what first inspired me to start this organization. 

What specific services and care options does NEMA Eldercare offer to seniors, especially those with dementia and other complex care needs?

Sanjeev Kumar Jain: We offer a variety of care options to choose from. This includes Assisted Living, Independent Living, and Home Care. Our care is adapted specifically for individuals that suffer from chronic illnesses or neurodegenerative disorders like Dementia or Alzheimer’s.

Our facility is also suited to Post-Operative care needs. Our services include from healthcare, meals, laundry, housekeeping, concierge services and 24/7 nursing care.

Could you describe the philosophy and approach that NEMA Eldercare adopts when it comes to providing assisted living and dementia care for the elderly?

Sanjeev Kumar Jain: We believe that every elderly citizen deserves to live their golden years in comfort. When it comes to providing for our seniors, our staff has been trained to always say “yes”. Adjustments are made according to the need afterwards.

What sets NEMA Eldercare apart from other senior care facilities and assisted living providers in the market?

Sanjeev Kumar Jain: At NEMA eldercare, we’re more than just a healthcare platform – we’re a warm embrace for cherished elders in the golden years of their life.  Our home caters to a senior’s personal preferences, changing needs, and medical conditions while prioritizing their dignity, privacy, independence & safety. We are India’s first Continued Care Retirement Home/ Housing (CCRH) with customized care plans.

The eldercare industry is evolving rapidly. How does NEMA Eldercare stay up-to-date with the latest trends and best practices in senior care and dementia care?

Sanjeev Kumar Jain: We constantly stay up-to-date on happenings in the senior care industry. Most recently, we have started integrating digital technologies in our practices. Based on the market demand, we are also planning to launch retirement housing soon.

What qualifications and training does the staff at NEMA Eldercare have, and how do you ensure they are equipped to provide high-quality care for seniors?

Sanjeev Kumar Jain: The staff at NEMA eldercare consists of professionally trained attendants or nurses, doctors and physiotherapists. They come with appropriate educational credentials for the same. A good majority of them also have prior experience in dementia or critical care.

How do you address the emotional and social needs of residents at Nema Eldercare, recognizing the importance of companionship and mental well-being in later life?

Sanjeev Kumar Jain: At NEMA eldercare, we work as a community; any senior under our care is a part of our family. We ensure that our residents are fit physically and mentally, constantly engaging them in activities designed for that purpose. We also understand a senior’s need for companionship for this time period and our friendly staff is there to fulfill this need.

Financial planning and affordability are often significant concerns for families seeking eldercare services. How does Nema Eldercare address these concerns and provide accessible care options?

Sanjeev Kumar Jain: We understand that healthcare services like the ones offered at NEMA don’t come cheap, so we limit our expenditure to make our care home more accessible to the general public. We also offer a variety of care options to choose from and the prices can range extensively for the same.

In your experience, what advice would you offer to families who are beginning the search for assisted living or dementia care for their loved ones?

Sanjeev Kumar Jain: In India, sending seniors to aged care homes or acquiring help is believed to be a taboo as a result of rash portrayal in media and a feeling of “abandonment” in society.

Our advice to these families would be to get dispel such thoughts from their mind; Modern eldercares like NEMA offer clean, comfortable environments and proper healthcare services, so they can rest assured that their elderly loved ones are in good hands.

What are some of the most significant challenges you’ve faced in running Nema Eldercare, and how have you overcome them?

Sanjeev Kumar Jain: When we first entered this segment, we had no knowledge of geriatric care or eldercares in general. It took a long time to understand what people needed and how we as a potential care provider, could give that to them.

After months of research, thinking and planning, we finally executed our care plan and are now one of the top old age care and home care providers in all of India.

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