Interview: Anushi Patel, Rangoli Kute, co-founders of Sanktum

Rangoli Kute - Anushi Patel

An interview with Anushi Patel, Rangoli Kute, co-founders of Sanktum, India’s first and only membership & subscription-based luxury handbag rental platform

Step into the world of luxury with Anushi Patel and Rangoli Kute, the visionary co-founders of Sanktum, India’s pioneering membership and subscription-based luxury handbag rental platform. Their innovative concept revolutionizes the accessibility of high-end fashion, offering an unparalleled experience of luxury without the hefty price tag.

Can you share the inspiration behind the founding of Sanktum?

Sanktum, the idea came to life at a Christmas party in December 2022. By then  Anushi, the Co-Founder was already a successful founder of a plant based Vegan  Cheese company, Soft Spot and Rangoli had just founded an online Thrift Page,  The Next Wardrobe.

The conversation instantly went to consumption and  sustainability, then got into a deep discussion about the fashion industry and the  unsustainable path it was racing down. Then the idea of a luxury handbag  membership evolved and Sanktum was born. At its core, Sanktum is about  introducing the Indian audience to a sustainable and conscious way of  consuming luxury fashion.

What motivated you to create India’s first membership & subscription-based luxury  handbag rental platform?

Sanktum (original word is spelled as Sanctum) means a sacred or private space.  It refers to the private space we hope to create for our members and all luxury  handbag lovers who care about sustainable consumption habits.

Privacy is of  importance because there is still a stigma around “renting” luxury. We feel the  experience is more important than ownership because it allows you to enjoy the  craftsmanship of over a hundred different beautiful bags without owning a single  one.

What sets Sanktum apart from other luxury handbag rental services in the market?

We are the first luxury handbag membership in India, based out of Bombay.  There is no one doing what we’re doing with a collection as valuable as ours. We  have an inventory of the most well known foreign brands Hermes, Chanel, Dior,  Prada and have cast a wider net to local designers and cult brands like Telfar,  Sabyasachi, Loewe, Coperni. 

We also have a plan to host member events for the community to bond and  share their experiences and thoughts around luxury rentals.

Apart from that we’ve spent a lot of time and money on creating a very strong  tech platform, this entire process is carried out online through our website with  zero need for human interaction. 

How does Sanktum ensure the authenticity and quality of the luxury handbags  available for rent?

Sanktum ensures 100% authenticity and quality. All of the designer handbags  have been personally sourced from the Boutiques in Paris, USA and India. Every handbag is gently cleaned after it’s returned to the warehouse, so each  time the handbag goes to the next member it’s as good as new. 

Could you walk us through the subscription models offered by Sanktum and the  benefits they provide to your customers?

Membership can be taken for one month, three months, or annually Retreat membership – 10,000/- a month for bags up to 3 lakhs.  Sanctuary membership – 15,999/- a month for all bags 

Inner Sanktum – 19,999/- a month for all bags and you can take two bags at the  same time. 

All the handbags are picked up and dropped off at the registered address  provided by the members in the application form. There is no additional charge  for multiple exchanges in a month. The member can keep the handbag for a  maximum of 30 days or even just a day. 

For every member who’s been with us for over 3 months, we also send them a  welcome kit with a Dior Lip tint, a little book on fashion and some more goodies  with a metallic membership card.

What challenges did you face in establishing Sanktum, particularly in a market like  India? How did you overcome them?

Some of the challenges in a market like India are

1. Trust factor- building the initial trust factor with our potential members,  many had a hard time believing we had authentic and original handbags  in our collection. We’d have to constantly reiterate to our customers that  all handbags have the authenticity cards and boutique bills. Having the  Founders faces on the website and Instagram also helped gain a level of  trust.

2. Payment Gateway – due to constant online scams happening in India, the  RBI made it extremely difficult for us to get on-boarded by a payment  gateway. The approval process became very tedious and long.

As the founders, what are your future plans and visions for Sanktum? Any  upcoming developments or expansions you can share with us?

We envision a strong community of members that enjoy fashion, design and  sustainability. We want to break the stigma around “renting” Fashion trends  change so quickly, this is a way for members to enjoy various styles and have a  bag for every occasion without straining their finances.

Anushi Patel and Rangoli Kute’s dedication to redefining luxury through Sanktum showcases their entrepreneurial spirit and commitment to democratizing fashion. With their unique business model, they not only elevate the concept of sustainable luxury but also empower fashion enthusiasts across India to indulge in opulence responsibly.

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