Saruappamma’s Success Story from Being Poor to Able to Buy Flat for Her Family

Saruappamma mobile seed bank

Mobile seed bank’s Saruappamma’s Success Story

Saruappamma’s mobile seed bank in India that has been providing seeds to farmers in need since 2014. The seed bank’s mission is to “empower the marginalized and impoverished rural population of Tamil Nadu through the provision of safe, quality and affordable seeds, through the distribution of agricultural technology products and advisory services”.

Here, you will learn about Saruappamma’s success story and how it has helped empower rural farmers in Tamil Nadu.

Majority of the Indian farmers are poor and couldn’t afford a meal  for a day, same was the case with Saruppamma who was born and brought up in a poor family and was further married to a poor farmer in Andhra Pradesh , there was a time when she had only 1 saari to cover her body, then what suddenly happened to her that she now has lots of cloths for her now she is also able to pay her own bills, booked a flat for her family in the town and also pays insurance policies for her better future.

What happened was Saruppamma joined has with other women in her locality to form “mobile seed bank”, the women coloured the bullock carts, pots and other equipments with paints, flowers and other things in order to form tier mobile seed bank , the bullock carts or the “mobile seed banks” started their journey from their village to other villages in order to cover the area of 30 to 80km to cover 70 villages to provide the knowledge onn plantation and seed preservation for better cultivation of crops.

It was nothing but the empowerment of dalit women as they were no more depended on anyother person.

Talking about this, Saruppamma said that it is more than 10 years now that she is able to preserve and collect more than 45 varieties of seeds, and due to the success she got in her work other people from her neighboring villages have started listening to her worlds more than anyone else.

She also cleared that she never uses any kind of hybrid seeds, never uses the pesticides and other chemicals for her crops only uses organic materials for the better growth of her crops, other than thinking for crop growth, she also makes sure that local farmers in her locality also uses those kind of organic materials for the better cultivation .

Saruappamma’s success story can be attributed to its unique approach to delivering its services. The company uses trained volunteers to deliver the seed banks to farmers’ villages.

This helps to reduce the overhead costs associated with operating a mobile seed bank, such as hiring personnel and purchasing vehicles.

Additionally, Saruappamma partners with local schools to provide classes on agricultural techniques to village children.

This not only educates the children about the importance of sustainable agriculture, but also builds relationships between Saruappamma and the local community.

The business model for mobile seed banks like Saruappamma is unique and innovative. By providing farmers in remote areas with access to certified organic seeds and crops.

Saruappamma is helping to improve the quality of life for the villagers. Additionally, by partnering with local schools, Saruappamma is providing children in rural areas with important education opportunities.

Saruappamma’s Journey to Entrepreneurism

Saruappamma, the mobile seed bank, has been a huge success story. The company was started in 2016 by Saruappamma and her husband.

At first, they just wanted to create a way for people in rural areas to access quality seeds, but their journey quickly turned into something much bigger.

Today, Saruappamma is a thriving business with over 10,000 customers and a team of over 50 employees.

The key to Saruappamma’s success is their commitment to customer service. They always strive to provide the best possible experience for their customers, no matter what the situation.

This commitment has paid off big time; Saruappamma is one of the fastest growing businesses in India.

Thanks to their dedication to customer service and their focus on quality products, Saruappamma has become a major player in the Indian seed industry.

Their success story shows that even small businesses can still achieve great things if they put their heart into it and focus on customer satisfaction first.

Saruappamma’s success story starts with the founders’ personal connections to the farming community. Jeevan and Srinivasan grew up on farms in India, and knew first-hand the challenges faced by small farmers.

They recognized that rural communities lacked access to reliable sources of information and quality seed, and decided to create a mobile seed bank that could help address these problems.

Today, Saruappamma operates in 10 Indian states and has helped more than 2 million farmers grow crops.

The company’s seeds are available at an affordable price – just Rs 50 per packet – making them accessible to all farmers, regardless of their socio-economic status.

Saruappamma also offers training and support to small farmers who want to develop their own seed businesses.

Saruappamma’s mission is to make a positive impact on the lives of rural communities across India by providing access to reliable information.

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