Interview with Sasha Revankar, Founder & CEO of One Minute Saree®

Sasha Revankar

An exclusive interview with Sasha Revankar, Woman Entrepreneur, Founder & CEO of One Minute Saree®

In the realm of contemporary fashion that seamlessly blends tradition with modernity, Sasha Revankar stands as a visionary force behind the revolutionary brand, One Minute Saree. As the Founder and CEO of this avant-garde label, Sasha has redefined the narrative surrounding the timeless and iconic Indian garment – the “saree.”

Her creative ingenuity has breathed new life into this cultural emblem, introducing a modern silhouette that transcends borders and resonates with diverse personalities and cultures worldwide. One Minute Saree is more than just a fashion brand; it’s a celebration of tradition, a fusion of elegance, and a testament to the global appeal of the saree in today’s dynamic and multicultural landscape.

In this exclusive interview, we delve into Sasha’s journey, inspirations, and the transformative power of fashion in bridging the gap between tradition and contemporary style.

Can you share the inspiration behind the creation of One Minute Saree® and how your vision for infusing modern allure into the traditional saree came about?

Sasha Revankar: The inspiration for One Minute Saree® quite simply came through personal experience and necessity.  Being brought up in the US we rarely had opportunities to dress up in our traditional festivewear, but when we did I loved to go all out and the saree has always struck me as one of the most beautiful and personalized outfit.

I recall seeing women in India wearing sarees every day, even running to catch a crowded bus, and felt in awe how these women were able to drape a saree so elegantly and effortlessly. After several frustrating experiences of wearing a saree, I came to know many women in India get their sarees pre-stitched from tailors, and it was my “a-ha” moment. 

In the States we don’t have local tailors that can do this, so I thought I need to make this product available to everyone, everywhere… if the saree were just a bit easier to wear, I felt many more women would be keen to wear one. 

So, we introduced a product wherein the saree keeps its natural grace but is easy to drape and also has an in-built petticoat and the option for a custom blouse, so you really don’t have to go all over the place for the required accessories also.

One Minute Saree is positioned as a brand that seamlessly blends tradition and modernity. How do you navigate the delicate balance between preserving the cultural essence of the saree while making it relevant to a global audience?

Sasha Revankar: The saree itself is an art form and in my experience it’s appreciated around the world, so it has not been that much of a challenge.  However, it is important to present things in a way that is understandable to all customers, including Western audiences.  Sometimes it’s a matter of just simplifying things, like curating collections specific to an occasion. 

To a foreign customer we may refer to the saree blouse as a “top” for example.  There are subtle differences in the mindset and what customers are looking for so we have slightly different content for our International website vs. our India website.

As the visionary behind the brand, could you highlight some key challenges you faced in introducing a modern twist to the iconic saree and how you overcame them?

Sasha Revankar: As I see myself as a prime demographic for One Minute Saree® I sought to make a brand that I could personally appreciate.  One of the major challenges is in our ordering process and limiting the number of measurements to improve the buying process while still delivering a tailor-made product with limited information. 

Saree fitting can get complicated, especially since the pallu is the most important piece and that can vary greatly depending on one’s waist and height.  There were several other challenges, including sourcing sarees with consistently good quality for the pricepoint, and keeping up with the trends as well as the quality of our production.  Soon after we launched we decided to manufacture in-house since this was the only way we could control the quality of our sarees.

Operating from New Jersey, USA, how do you perceive the global reception of One Minute Saree and what strategies have you employed to capture the hearts of women worldwide?

Sasha Revankar: I feel our brand is widely appreciated – from India, to USA, to Europe, people I have encountered are very familiar with sarees and we have gotten appreciation from old and young, Indians and Non-Indians.

The fashion industry is dynamic and ever-evolving. How do you ensure that One Minute Saree stays ahead of trends while remaining true to its unique identity?

Sasha Revankar: While we do strive to keep up with trends, we are also a company that keeps up with tradition!  We will always have our traditional staples to offer, but we are also constantly innovating and experimenting.  Aside from what’s trending on media, we scour markets to see what’s new and attractive to us. We are mostly a female-run organization so many of the ideas come internally from our team.

Can you share any exciting upcoming projects or collaborations that One Minute Saree has in the pipeline?

Sasha Revankar: We are very excited to launch a new concept in 2023, the Sarong Saree.  We have an amazing collection that can be worn as beachwear / resortwear or partywear.  The concept of this collection was to take DNA form the saree but transform it into something you can wear in non-traditional settings.  Every style is purely wrap and go so it’s absolutely hassle-free as well.

What advice do you have for aspiring entrepreneurs, especially those looking to venture into the intersection of traditional and modern fashion?

Sasha Revankar: I would tell aspiring entrepreneurs to go for it!  Now is the time I feel that there is a focal point around the world with the 1st generation diaspora and their children coming of age.  There is a huge reception and appreciation for tradition with a modern flair. Find your niche and bring your personal touch, from my experience there is a very eager and engaged audience.

What is your success tips for women entrepreneurs

Sasha Revankar: Some tips for female entrepreneurs, no matter your age, married or single, with kids or not is to have your pillars of support, you will need them.  Persevere and don’t get discouraged easily – your determination is the key ingredient.  There’s no set path, you can make your own path.

It may not be possible to do / have everything, but it is definitely possible to have what you want, so prioritize your time accordingly.

In our insightful conversation with Sasha Revankar, the mastermind behind One Minute Saree, we’ve uncovered a fascinating narrative of innovation, cultural appreciation, and the boundless potential of fashion to connect people across the globe.

By infusing the iconic “saree” with unparalleled ease and comfort, Sasha has not only created a versatile fashion choice for every occasion but has also transcended cultural boundaries. One Minute Saree is a testament to the evolving nature of fashion, where tradition meets modernity, and cultural expressions find a harmonious balance.

As we conclude our conversation, it’s evident that Sasha’s dedication to reinvigorate tradition in a contemporary context has not only elevated the saree to new heights but has also fostered a sense of inclusivity and admiration for diverse cultures. The journey of One Minute Saree is not just a fashion evolution; it’s a cultural celebration that resonates globally.

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