Satish Patel, Entrepreneur, CEO and Founder of Analytix Solutions

Satish Patel,CEO and Founder of Analytix Solutions

Satish Patel, Entrepreneur, CEO and Founder of Analytix Solutions

At Sugermint, our aim is to bring to our entrepreneurs community some of the inspiring stories from the entrepreneurial ecosystem.

As part of this endeavour, we invited yet another passionate entrepreneur Satish Patel, Entrepreneur, CEO and Founder of Analytix Solutions interview with us.

This is the story of Satish Patel, Entrepreneur & CEO and Founder of Analytix Solutions, a multi-divisional outsourcing solutions provider specializing in technology-enabled and value-driven solutions that help businesses succeed by focusing on growth and profitability.

Who is Satish Patel

Raised in India, Mr. Patel is now based out of the US. Nevertheless, he prioritizes connections with his country and the people, creating opportunities to empower Indians through business and philanthropic activities.

Before founding Analytix Solutions, Satish was the CEO and President of Sunbelt Business Sales & Acquisitions (an M&A firm). Earlier, he was part of multiple successful ventures that public companies later acquired.

He was recently awarded the “National Best Employer Award 2021” and “Business Leader of the Year Award 2021” during the 29th edition of the World HRD Congress. Under his leadership, the company has won numerous awards.

Some of these include the “Best Brand in Gujarat” award at the Gujarat Brand Leadership Awards 2020 by CMO Asia, the “Best BPO/KPO” award from the Gujarat Electronics and Software Industries Association (GESIA) for the year 2019, to state a few.


For over 20 years, Mr. Patel’s passion has been providing business solutions concerning finance, information technology, and internal operations to mid-sized businesses.

His ability to see the big picture, provide critical insights, and translate them into the processes required to succeed, empowers his clients to be profitable.

“My experiences as an entrepreneur and the first-hand knowledge of the unique challenges startups and small businesses face are what led me to establish Analytix Solutions.

It is extremely gratifying for me that this quest for excellence through unique and innovative services and offerings has enabled scores of businesses to transform challenges into growth opportunities,” says Mr. Patel.

What Analytix Solutions offers?

Analytix is a single source, integrated solutions provider delivering high-quality services consistently, cost-effectively, and collaboratively.

Analytix’s cross-disciplinary domain expertise includes Accounting & Finance, Healthcare Solutions, IT, Data Management and AV.

With our expertise in the five domains, we serve industries ranging from restaurant, dental, hotel, HME/DME, indoor sporting facilities, AV, eCommerce, to franchise, retail, professional services, and startup businesses.

We offer industry-specific solutions with Insight360, which combines accounting services and financial and operational tools with a customizable reporting portal.

The reports can provide industry-specific metrics, benchmarks, and KPIs. Industry-specific applications and tools automate traditionally time-consuming tasks, integrating them into the reports for informed decision-making.

Analytix Solutions also provides a comprehensive scheduling tool, Appoint360, to help DME/HMEs build and drive operational efficiencies.

Appoint360 has been developed on a cloud platform, providing HIPAA-compliant data security with a separate database for all clients.

Key features include patient self-scheduling, telehealth, information on clinician availability, an efficient booking process, etc.

Uniqueness about Analytix Solutions

Under Mr. Patel’s leadership, Analytix Solutions has expanded to six divisions, including Accounting and Finance, Healthcare/Medical Billing, IT Solutions, Data Management, Audio Visual/CAD Services, and Virtual Administrative Services.

The firm works with businesses of all sizes and segments, helping them navigate obstacles in a rapidly evolving competitive market and giving them the agility and insights to react to market conditions quickly.

Analytix is unique because the goal is to encompass an all-in-one solution and not just focused on one industry.

What made Satish choose this type of business?

Satish has been an entrepreneur and CPA, providing business solutions for startups and small to mid-sized businesses concerning finance, information technology, and internal operations.

It was natural for him to open an accounting and finance company, but when he saw his clients’ other needs, he thought, “why not expand our offerings for them.” And slowly, each division of Analytix was born.

Mission at the outset

Starting with just a handful of employees when Mr. Patel founded Analytix Solutions in 2006, the firm is now 550+ strong, with offices in Massachusetts, Florida, Texas in the US, and Ahmedabad in India.

Analytix Solutions is a top company to work for, growing 30% on average a year and holding a client retention rate of 90%. As part of the mission, Analytix Solutions strives to be the best provider for clients and give jobs to so many people across the globe.


Today, Analytix Solutions has around 500 employee. Since its inception, the company has focused on empowering business owners and building profitability.

We aim to be a leading solution provider of high-caliber business and back-office services to small to mid-size businesses by providing innovative, customized services and creating value for all stakeholders.

Al this, without losing sight of values such as growth, accountability and ownership, and respect and integrity.

Customer Base

Most of our base is built from referrals, which means that Analytix doesn’t just do a good job; they go above and beyond.

Some failures, and learned from Mistakes

Satish tends not to focus on failures. Instead, he uses them as opportunities to grow, adapt or change. This tendency has taught him to try new things, which has ultimately led to new divisions within the company, and more to come!

Greatest inspiration

One of the greatest inspirations is the employees, Satish has had over the years. Employees empowerment and satisfaction drives my energy.

Advice to Entrepreneurs

Don’t get discouraged. Everyone starts the same way but handling what life throws at you turns you into a successful business person.

Helps community or society

Analytix Solutions believes that formal CSR activities boost employee morale and lead to greater productivity.

Hence, it regularly encourages employees and involves itself in various welfare activities like health and education of underprivileged children and donations to NGOs.

The firm has formed small groups within the organization to participate in welfare activities for bringing hope to the lives of disadvantaged communities.

During the pandemic, Analytix Solutions used virtual means such as the Impact app to achieve fitness goals and raise more than Rs. 3 lakh for social causes.

The firm also distributed food packets, hand sanitizers, and masks in rural and slum pockets around the city.

Apart from this, the company has set up Analytix Academy which grooms the career of potential talents who wish to make their career in the KPO/ITES sector.

Right from fresh graduates to mid-senior level professionals are upskilled, trained at various industry-level requirements including imparting soft skills training which helps the KPO/ITES sector get the best talent.


We hope you find the inspiring story of Satish Patel useful and inspiring through your entrepreneurial journey and will keep you inspired.

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