Scams to consider for When Buying Used Cars

Used Car

There are things that you should look out for especially when you are buying used cars in reno, so let’s go over some common scams and how to avoid them:

Odometer Fraud

What It Is

Odometer tampering is one where a seller recycles the digits of the car’s odometer to present the vehicle as having used fewer miles than what is true.

How to Avoid It

Match the number of miles logged with that of the vehicle odometer as this report will give the band the distance traveled by the car at different time intervals and thus can indicate the existence of difference.

Title Washing

What It Is

Title washing is the process of hailing a car with a salvage or damaged title in another state where this record will not be reflected. They later claim that the car has a clear title.

How to Avoid It

Perform a VIN check as much as you can, as these reports can display other data, like whether the car has been registered in more than one state, which is not good. It is also necessary to pay attention to the exterior, identifying any signs of repair that can suggest previous damage.


What It Is

Curbstoning is a practice where those involved in vehicle sales practice are not licensed, and they sell their vehicles without a dealership license by presenting themselves as individuals selling cars. This category of sellers commonly sells cars with various issues that are not immediately noticeable.

How to Avoid It

Avoid those people who are not ready and willing to transact within their homes or those people who are dealing in many cars. Demand to glance at the title of the car and make sure that the title belongs to the seller. Check the ID of the car owner to validate ownership of the car.

Fake Escrows

What It Is

In this con, the seller could ask for payment through a third party, believing that you will be safe if you pay through an escrow service before you get the car. However, the escrow service organization is fake; once a buyer transfers the money to the seller, both of them vanish.

How to Avoid It

It is by using only well-established and most popular escrow service providers. It is good that you have suggested it and you should do your homework about the escrow company that you are willing to service you. Cast nine – never send cash through wire transfer to people or companies that you have no dealings with.


Having said that, there are a lot of other scams around, for these people will go to any length at times to get their quick fixes. Hunting them is now your duty but this time round, to ensure that you do not become part of their prey the next course of action is to report them if you get to know them.

Pay close attention to any red flags in the report, such as multiple owners, frequent repairs, or major accidents.

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