Scientific Study Hacks to Clear Competitive Exams

Competitive Exams

Every candidate knows perfectly what to study and when to study. Isn’t it true that this thing is taught to us in school?

But, do teachers or school authorities teach us how to study? It’s astonishing that we’re never taught how to ‘learn’ successfully throughout our school years.

Every day, new research on education, teaching skills, and learning methods is undertaken, which we may utilize to learn scientific methods for note taking, textbook reading, memorization, and effective reviewing, which will be useful for cracking various tough competitive exams.

Let us tell you that this article is loaded with scientific hacks to study the difficult topics of the exam. We hope that these hacks can actually help you to channel through tough phases of the exam. 

It is noticed that Indian youth has a blazing craze for banking, SSC, railways and defence exams.

For which exam are you preparing hard? Is it the bank exam? If yes, then choose to join a reputable institute that can provide bank coaching in Ludhiana. Joining a coaching institute can actually help you only if you use some strategic ways to study for the exam. Do you want to know about the best possible ways to study for the exam? If yes, then read the following points meticulously. 

Go through the following points to know scientific hacks for clearing competitive exams:

If you have strong intentions to ace competitive exams, then make sure you use these scientific hacks. We can assure you that these hacks are very easy to follow. 

Ivav Pavlov’s classical conditioning 

Pavlov’s classical conditioning experiment caused dogs to salivate as soon as the bell rang, indicating that they were about to be fed.

The idea goes like this: if you study the same topic at the same hour and in the same location, your brain will establish the connection and train itself accordingly.

Simply watch the clock over a period of time, and you will be in the mood to study the subject in less than 10 minutes.

This method works regardless of whether you like or dislike the topic. And make no mistake: for the competitive entry examinations you’re aiming for, this is a requirement.

It is advisable to study at the same time everyday as it promotes effective learning while preparing for any competitive exam. 

Short study sessions are better 

Always remember short study sessions will work magically in comparison to long strenuous hours. Our brain is customized to study regularly for 2 hours.

So, it is essential to take a short break after studying continuously for 2 hours. However, make sure you are completely indulged in your studies during these 2 hours, nothing should distract you.

Afterwards, take a short break to refresh your mind and regain your focus. This is an effective way to study for various topics of the exam. For sure it can make your exam preparation very easy and interesting. 

Avoid studying when you feel sleepy 

Do you push yourself to study when you feel sleepy? If yes, then this is the worst way to study for an exam.

It is advisable to take a power nap when you feel sleepy. Also, make one thing very clear in your mind that it is very important to relish quality sleep during the preparation phase. So, you can prefer to sleep for at least 7 hours in a day. 

There are some candidates who feel sleepy after having lunch. Are you amongst them? If yes, then take a nap for 10-15 minutes in the afternoon. You can regain the energy to prepare effectively for the exam. 

Smart work is better than hard work 

While preparing for competitive exams, you should not count the number of hours you spend before books. Instead, you should count the hours you can focus properly while studying.

So, use your time optimally while preparing for the exam. It is advisable to start your preparation with challenging subjects to keep yourself fully focused.

Choose to study easy subjects when you feel lazy. This is how you can grasp a better understanding of each and every subject of the competitive exam.

Schedule different subjects one after another 

It is a good idea to study different subjects one after another instead of clubbing similar subjects: For example: It is not wise to study reasoning ability right after quantitative aptitude.

Choose to sandwich English or general awareness in between.  This is the best possible way to have in-depth understanding of all the three subjects.

So, while making a timetable, schedule different subjects after one another. Believe it or not, this is an effective way to study each and every subject of the competitive exam. So, plan a fruitful study strategy. 

Use effective reading method 

OK4R is an effective reading method devised by Dr. Walter Pauk. It is a powerful reading technique through which you can retain enough information in your head. Here is how you can use this method while studying for the exam:

  • O for overview: When you first open the topic, have a thorough reading of headings, sub-headings, introductory paragraph and summary at the end of chapter. 
  • K for key ideas: Now you have to look for key ideas by reading the initial lines of every paragraph. See the diagrams and flowcharts carefully. 
  • R1 for reading the topic very carefully: It’s the time to read each and every word of the chapter very carefully from starting till end. Read every explanation to have a thorough understanding of the subject. 
  • R2 for recall: After reading the topic, you need to close the book and recall the concepts you studied in the chapter. It can help you in retaining concepts perfectly. 
  • R3 for reflect: It is the time to correlate the topic you studied with the topics you have already learnt. 
  • R4 for revision: After having proper understanding of concepts, you can choose to do revision at least once in  a week. The time to time revision can actually help you to save information in your head forever. 

It is quite obvious to feel stressed while preparing for exams. But, it is important to ward off every tension and worry that can deplete your mental health.

Try to keep your chin up while preparing for the exam. This is how you can improve your performance in the exam.

We would advise you to accompany yourself with positive people and pay no heed to those you demotivate you. This is how you can keep yourself cool and calm. 

Are you looking for splendid guidance to clear the SSC exam? If yes, then join an ideal institute that can provide you SSC coaching in Ludhiana.


These are some of the scientific hacks you can use to ace the toughest competitive exam in India.

Keep your spirit high and be ready to give your 100% if you have made up your mind to clear the exam in a single go. 

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