Selling Photos Online: Best business idea for stock photographer

Selling Photos Online

Are you a stock photographer? Want to become a stock photographer and start your own stock photography business through selling photos online?.

This is one of the best business idea for entrepreneurs and startups. Here is the complete business idea that might be helpful to you as well.

Media is proving a lot of business; you have to check which business suits you or what you are interested in? If you have an interest in photography and you can take unique photographs. You can become a Stock photographer. 

This is a great way to earn extra money. To become a stock photographer, you can start your extra earning business.

It’s is not like that! You had clicked a photo from your mobile and you become a stock photographer, No. You should know the about the quality of the picture, which type of picture is needed, Its size, pixel etc. 

When you work as a stock photographer people will pay you a fee when they use your photographs or images.

If you have the right training and perfect equipment, try to find out which type of images of photo agencies are looking for. Try those types of photographs to sell your work. If you got the right way, you can make your photograph skill pay.


There is not much investment to become a stock photographer. You have to invest up to 1 lakh. You don’t need any shop for this, can be started from home. 

If you start from home your investment will be less. You don’t need to give rent and other charges. 

Let’s talk about what you need to become a stock photographer?

Getting the right equipment and experience You should know the right equipment by which you can get high-resolution pictures.

Get a quality camera 

You should have a modern digital camera with a minimum of 12 megapixels for stock photography. You can adjust the setting accordingly.

Go for “SLR” or “DSLR” camera, which is a digital single-lens reflex camera, and have a traditional optic lenses images sensor. These cameras’ lenses are generally changeable and you can control your shots.

Check before you buy a camera, you need better equipment to get good photographs. Because good equipment needed less editing and fewer efforts.

If your camera is not focusing and produces a lot of dust and noise, you have to check a better one.

Get the right lenses

For high-quality stock photos, you have to need high-quality lenses that capture crisp, high-quality stock photos. You can also go for the wide-angle lens (for landscape and large-scale subjects) and a telephoto lens (close-ups, portraits, scenes).

Don’t experiment with cheap lenses, because cheap lenses use cheap glass that can easily distort your images. You may know that lenses play a vital role in taking a picture, it gives a quality to a picture.

  1. Buy useful accessories-For taking a still picture a tripod is essential. At the time of the shooting, if you are not getting a good picture in natural light. You can go with a tripod that will help you to give a blurless and clear picture. 
  2. Get Training in photography- You need to be professional if you are planning for a stock photographer. You don’t need any degree but you should know all the camera adjustment, angles and light needed for the shoot.
  3. If you had taken a degree in from school or centre then it is good. Because when you study about the photography, you know all the angles and places, where you can get the right-click.
  4. Getting the right Software: After clicking any picture or photograph you need to edit it, for this, you should know software-related it.
  5. Mostly for editing in professional-grade we use Adobe Photoshop. Other photo-management software is Adobe Lightroom, ACDSee Pro, StudioLine Photo, and PhotoDirector. These are all application software and you need to give only one time or monthly fee to buy them.
  6. You can also go for free software like GIMP or Pixar, but they don’t provide all functions, for all you have to buy them.
  7. Try to store your pictures in a backup program, so that anytime your computer crashes don’t have the risk of loss of your images. You can also save it in an online store or library.

Learn how to use photo-editing software

Yes, you need to learn editing software, because many we need to correct the picture or need to edit something, for that, you need to learn that. 

This is not a difficult task. There are many online videos where you can learn this software step by step. Tutorials are also given with the software. Get Cheap Canvas Prints, Custom Wall Art, Photo Tiles at Prints4sure.

Taking and editing Pictures

Taking pictures from different angles and what to put and what to delete can be done in editing. Before editing, we have to take a picture without blurry. Here are few things, that you should go for

Use a tripod for stationary shots-

Many times, it happens when we are going to take a perfect click, the little move of hand can blur the click. For this you have to go for a tripod, by this, you can focus on crispness.

  1.  Take well-composed pictures- Stock photos generally aren’t “snapshots”. They are the picture by the trained photographer. It’s not only that you have to take a picture from a mobile camera, but it should also be with a professional camera with professional work. Take your time, set your lens, frame, camera and …click!
  2. Take high-resolution photos- Your camera should be a high-resolution camera so that you can get the most pixels per inch possible.
  3. Different agencies need different MB pictures. Some require 300dpi and can be enlarged to form 24-48MB with good quality.

Select only your best from each shoot

At the time of the shooting, we take many pictures, to get the best picture. Just select few high-quality pictures. Because the buyer only needs one or two photos from each scene that you shoot. So, pick 2 or 3 pictures from your best pictures, to add to your portfolio.

Keep in mind that all pictures are not the same, should be taken from different angles and frame so that all look different.

How to sell your photos – Selling Photos Online

This is the main question, that how to sell the picture. Before you took a picture, you have in mind, that what type of pictures are most in-demand and from where to start?

For example training companies use pictures of people learning ( EG Acuity Training ) so it they are your customers take the types of photos that they will use.

Pick commercially viable subjects- 

First, check which type of pictures are selling the most. Check the subjects that are most in-demand and downloaded from the stock agencies.

  • let’s take an example if you saw that most people in the pictures are selling most. Take pictures and human scenes or taking portraits.

Be aware of rights

When any agency purchase photos, they are buying a license and can use it in any way. Because they are paying money so they have a license to use it anyway.

There are 3 options for licensing your photos 1. Public domain 2. Royalty-free (RF), and 3. rights-managed (RM). So, know the designation in which you want to go for images.

  1. Public domain photos can be used in any context-free of charge. So, if you want to sell your photos, don’t go for the public domain. 
  2. You should know that companies always need a photo that is royalty-free or rights-reserved. If any customer of your buys your photos he can use them many times as they want to.

Submit your photos to stock agencies

Before you sell your photos, first check which agency has a lot of traffic. Like Corbis, Shutterstock or Alarmy.

The next thing that you have in mind before selling is your photo check their rates. Pay schedule and licensing policies work for you.

Don’t get disheartened when your photos are rejected, you can try elsewhere.

Generate picture through description and keywords

The best way to upload your picture is, give thought to your pictures. The more keywords you use for a photo, the more likely people are to find it interesting. 

So, you can easily be a stock photographer with less investment.

How do you get started in stock photography?

Start uploading images that you have clicked. Upload images to a service provider. Contact the agencies that are buying stock photos.

Do you need a license to do stock photography?

Stock photography is the way by which you get recognition as an awesome photographer. It all depends on the stock photography service you provide. You may able to sell images in bulk to a customer by meeting parameters. Required 1000 units to license your image.

How does a good stock photo make you money?

You can make money by selling your photos to agencies who buy photos as Shutterstock or companies hire you to for different photography jobs.

Why are more businesses relying on stock photography?

Many businesses are lying on stock photography because to clear any content you need a related photograph that a stock photographer can give you.

Can anyone do photography by his phone and can edit by mobile software?

You can use it but you have to reach the result by giving good quality pictures. If your quality is low or less than the average image you will not get the work again. If the customer is satisfied with your clicks, the company will revert you.

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