What is SEO in Digital Marketing? – Search Engine Optimization

SEO in digital marketing

The digital presence is vital for any business; everyone wants to have their website on the net and that users find it easily.

To achieve visibility on the internet, there are different techniques; this article will talk about SEO; in addition, we will give you tips and advice to optimize the search engines.

What is SEO?

It is an abbreviation of the English “Search Engine Optimization,” which in Spanish could be translated as “Search Engine Optimization,” which refers to the process of improving the visibility of a website page in the organic results of the different search engines.

This strategy carried out by SEO services provider will make your website more visible and have greater authority in search engines; carrying out a successful Search Engine Optimization strategy will help more people find your company’s website and thus attract more potential clients.

The idea is to make your website appear in the first search engine results since the number of visits increases.

If it is possible to offer a correct service or product with a well-designed page that communicates appropriately, these visits will be transformed into sales.

Search engine optimization is broken into two main branches; On-Page and Off-Page

On-Page SEO

It refers to everything you can do on your website to improve your positions in Google. This includes knowing what keyword to choose, how to structure your website, the loading speed of your site, internal linking, etc.

These circumstances are the most technical of Search Engine Optimization, but it is also where the most significant responsibility for an SEO strategy lies.

Off-Page SEO

It refers to everything that does not depend strictly on you, which is not “within” your website.

Here we mainly talk about inbound links (numbers of websites or blogs that link to your content), those shared on social networks, etc.

Some SEO Features

  • It has no direct cost
  • It is durable, results in the medium and long term
  • Constant increase
  • It covers all search engines
  • It takes work, effort, and dedication to see results
  • Give visibility to your product, service, and brand
  • Provides value to the user and inspires confidence

How is it achieved?

Following the Google algorithm, since it is the most used search engine globally, you must always be attentive and updated with its news since it is constantly updated, but the intention is always the same; offer a better experience and results to users.

SEO tips and advice to optimize search engines

Quality content

It is useless to make an effort to improve the SEO positioning of the web in search engines if the user does not find anything relevant to him.

The content must be original, of quality, and valuable for the people who consult them; you will build a long-term audience by generating quality content. T

he better your publications are, your positioning will improve, and you will become a reliable source.

Informational content about how to do things that gives advice or answers questions is better positioned.

An example of quality content is the Andes Flowers News section, where they first recognized their target audience.

From there, they generate content to maintain an ongoing relationship with their clients and develop visits to their new website.


Keyword research is one of the first SEO tasks.

Remember that if many people search that keyword, it will be difficult to position yourself with it.

On the other hand, if you are searching for more specific content that distinguishes you from the numerous competition, you will have more opportunities to come out in the first positions of Google.


It is the first thing they will read, so they must be unique and contain pertinent and exact descriptions of your type of business. Headlines are the starting point for identifying content, the more specific, the better.


Do not leave the URL that appears by default; when you upload a post to your blog, a URL full of numbers and symbols is automatically generated; it is better to change it for a short, descriptive, and ideally one that includes the keyword.

Social Networks

Research what networks your target audience is on, create a profile and share your content to connect with more people.

Publish regularly and make the social media buttons visible on your website so that they can share the post.

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