Shark Tank India Season 2: 89% Winners are from Non-IIT, IIM Background, 40% Pitchers are Women

Shark Tank India Season 2

Shark Tank India Season 2: 89% Winners are from Non-IIT, IIM Background, 40% Pitchers are Women

Shark Tank India Season 2 is revealing interesting trends regarding the changing entrepreneurial spirit of India. Speaking to ET Now, the show’s judges revealed that 40% of the business owners who pitched their ideas about sharks were women.

As many as 89% of the deals have gone to people doing business from non-IIT and non-IIM heritage. Also, in the show so far, the judges of Shark Tank India have awarded funds to business owners in the age group of 18 to 86 years.

Shark Tank India judges Vinita Singh, Co-Founder and CEO of Sugar Cosmetics; Piyush Bansal, Co-Founder and CEO of; And Amit Jain, CEO and co-founder of CarDekho Group highlighted other key trends seen during Season 2 of the business reality TV show.

Highlighting an interesting theme, Jain said he found entrepreneurs who built businesses under constraints to be more innovative than those who had the luxury of VC money.

Jain said he heard interesting pitches from “two groups” of entrepreneurs: the first set from elite colleges and the other from “grass roots founders”, who built businesses from their homes under constraints.

He found entrepreneurs in the second group to be more innovative because they were building businesses under constraints, “who also did a good job” but were wasting a lot of VC money, compared to elite firms.

Innovation has now reached a grassroots level; People are looking at things around them, seeing problems and looking for real-world solutions, he added.

Vinita Singh gave the example of a startup that saw the problem of erratic water supply in some parts of India and developed a water faucet that whistled every time water was released by the municipality.

“Sitting in metros like Delhi, Mumbai or Jaipur, we didn’t even realize that there was such a problem. All the entrepreneurs from the elite colleges were busy solving the problems of customers like us,” she added.

She further added that 40% of the entrepreneurs on the show were women and 89% of the deals done on the show so far went to non-IIT, IIM companies. In addition, funding is provided to entrepreneurs aged 18 to 86 years.

Shark Tank India is a popular reality television show that provides a platform for entrepreneurs to showcase their business ideas and potentially secure funding from a panel of investors known as “sharks”.

Based on the American series Shark Tank, the show has gained a lot of popularity among viewers in India and around the world.

You can watch Shark Tank season 2 episodes on Sony TV from Monday to Friday at 10 PM. Viewers can also watch Shark Tank India 2’s episodes on Youtube and

Sharks for Shark Tank India are successful business leaders and entrepreneurs who are willing to invest their money in new and innovative business ideas.

Season 1 of the show is available to watch online on streaming platforms like MX Player, where full episodes can be streamed. To register for Shark Tank India, entrepreneurs can visit the official website and submit their business ideas. The show usually airs on weekends in prime time slots.

The show has managed to garner high TRP (Television Rating Points) and the first episode of season 2, which aired on January 2, 2023, was highly anticipated and well received by the viewers. The show has also gained popularity for its memes, featuring funny moments from the show and interesting pitches presented.

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