Sheena Jones Hinduja, Women Entrepreneur & Founder of Blackbox

Sheena Jones Hinduja

Interview with Sheena Jones Hinduja, Women Entrepreneur & Founder of Blackbox

Sheena Jones Hinduja is a prominent entrepreneur in the fitness industry in India. With a strong background in working for large corporations such as ITC, AB InBev, and Target, Sheena has extensive experience in corporate strategy and human resource management. However, her passion for fitness led her to pursue a career in the wellness industry.

In 2015, Sheena partnered with celebrity trainers Namrata and Samir Purohit to launch The Pilates Studio in Mumbai, which later expanded to Bangalore.

The Pilates Studio offers specialized Stott Pilates training, and it quickly became a popular destination for fitness enthusiasts in the area.

Sheena’s latest venture, Blackbx, is a unique fitness studio in Bangalore that aims to revolutionize the fitness landscape with its innovative approach to exercise.

With high-energy workouts and cutting-edge equipment, Blackbx is poised to become a leading fitness center in the city.

Despite being a mother of three children, Sheena continues to drive innovation in the Bangalore fitness scene through her various fitness centers and concepts. She is committed to promoting a healthy lifestyle and making fitness accessible to everyone.

Sheena holds a degree from Christ University and a master’s degree in Human Resource Management from the University of Sydney in Australia.

Her education, combined with her extensive corporate and fitness experience, has helped her become a successful entrepreneur in the wellness industry.

Could you share your experience as a female founder in the fitness industry and what motivated you to establish Blackbx?

Sheena Jones Hinduja: Right from a young age, I was always into sports and fitness. I started my fitness journey by playing basketball for my school team.

Fast-forward a few years to 2012, I had the opportunity to spend a few years in California, where I witnessed firsthand the innovations taking place in the fitness industry, particularly in group class formats.

When I returned to India and after the birth of my three children, I struggled to find engaging and motivating group workout sessions.

I wanted to create a space where people can challenge themselves, feel like they belong to a community, and also have fun while they meet their fitness goals.

A place that is more than a workout studio, a place where people inspire and motivate each other to find their strength and be their best!

I partnered with Sameer and Namrita Purohit to launch The Pilates Studio in Bangalore and recently launched The Blackbox studio, a first-of-its-kind interval-training studio.

Please provide a brief overview of Blackbx, its area of expertise, and the services it provides

Sheena Jones Hinduja: BlackBx is a 50-minute fitness class that combines interval cardio and strength training exercises in a fun and energetic group setting led by an instructor.

We have created a community space where people can bond post their workout and work out of there for a few hours.

We also have a café that takes care of your pre- and post-workout needs and a retail space that has an exclusive collection of homegrown sports brands and products.

What is the key unique selling proposition (USP) of Blackbx?

Sheena Jones Hinduja: We are a one-stop shop for everything fitness. We take care of your fitness goals with a great group workout, connect you with like-minded people, fulfill your nutrition needs, and also give you some time for retail therapy.

SHOP, SIP & SWEAT! Our music plays an important role in the workout we plan for the day, and each playlist is curated based on the workout.

In terms of innovation and distinct offerings, how does Blackbx differentiate itself from other fitness centers?

Sheena Jones Hinduja: Unlike a regular gym, we focus on group workout classes that are customized to meet the needs of people of different fitness levels.

We combine the best of cardio and strength to give a complete wholesome workout where a person can burn up to 800 calories in 50 minutes.

The setting is almost like a nightclub with mood lighting and great music, which encourages people to party hard and work out harder.

What specific obstacles did you encounter in the fitness industry, and how did you overcome them?

Sheena Jones Hinduja: The cyclical nature of the industry, high attrition rates, and unwillingness of banks to lend startup capital to female founders were some of the challenges that I had to face.

How does Blackbx prioritize inclusivity and diversity in its fitness programs and facilities?

Sheena Jones Hinduja: We are one of the few workout studios that have 75% women trainers with varied backgrounds, from Zumba instructors to dance trainers. As a female founder, this is something I am extremely passionate about.

What inspired you to become an entrepreneur?

Sheena Jones Hinduja: My entrepreneurship journey is inspired and driven by my husband Gaurav Hinduja, who is the founder of Axio, a Bangalore-based fintech startup.

He plays a huge role in what I do. I wanted to create products and fitness spaces that make a difference and fill in the white space in the fitness industry.

A space that motivates you and also creates a sense of community. I believe that everyone has the potential to give their 100%, one just needs the means to do it. To create a space that motivates you and inspires you to do the best.

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